Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" has an ACTIVE Arrest Warrant, and in conjunction with Felony Charges, is WANTED in the State of California. There is currently a FIVE-THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for information leading to her arrest. Birchard should be considered Armed and Dangerous. If you spot Katie Lynn Birchard, immediately call 911. Do NOT approach her.

Have You Been A Victim Of Evelyn Zumaya, Katie Lynn Birchard, Hala Pickford, Hala Kitty?

Send us your story at: EXPOSEKatieLynnBirchard@gmail.com

Friday, December 31, 2010

The Art Deco Society Of Los Angeles Deems Hala Pickford "Unreliable"

We were recently contacted by a member of the Los Angeles Art Deco Society whom let us know that we were right on target with our assessment of  "Hala Pickford."  Our Art Deco insider tells us that "Hala" started showing up at meetings and became a member of the Society, presenting herself as a "mover-and-shaker."  The insider tells us that "Hala" volunteered for multiple projects only to bail on her commitment to each one at the last minute, claiming she "didn't have money for gas," thought it was "too far to drive" or that it was "too early in the morning."  Our insider tells us that "Hala" was completely unreliable and whenever she would volunteer for a project, they would smile and get someone else as well, knowing that she would be a no-show.

Our insider alleges that the society became aware of "Hala's" legal wranglings in mid-2010 and have decided that it is best to separate themselves as much as possible from Ms. "Pickford." Like many others, the Los Angeles Art Deco Society is afraid to confront "Hala" in any way for fear that she will use fraud and character assassination techniques to attempt to destroy the Societies credibility.  As is typical, more and more people are distancing themselves from "Hala," perceiving her to be mentally unstable, and because no one seems to want to be tied to her in any way.

We will continue to keep you posted as details emerge.

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hala Pickford Viciously Attacks Nita Naldi Biographers

While most of "Hala Pickford's" websites, blogs and fan-fictions sit dormant and unattended for weeks or even months at a time, don't believe for a second that Pickford isn't showing her ugly face somewhere behind-the-scenes.  Her latest attack viciously targets renowned Nita Naldi biographers and their website, (www.NitaNaldi.com) which has set the Gold-Standard in preserving the memory and accurate biography of the famed silent-film actress.

As per her usual Modus Operandi, "Hala Pickford" has made every attempt to capitalize on the massive success and attention of real artistic craftsmanship, claiming that it has somehow been "stolen" from her.  Upon the launch of the definitive Naldi site, "Pickford" began a libelous tirade on the Nitrateville Silent-Film forums accusing the Naldi biographers of "...ripping off" Pickford's work.  These tirades were almost immediately eradicated from the forum, and a stern message was privately sent to Pickford, warning her that this kind of behaviour would not be tolerated.

After the dismal failure of Pickford's attempts to slander the good names of the www.NitaNaldi.com biographers in respected Silent-Film forums, she upped the ante by publicly harassing them on her own blogs/websites as well as filing a fraudulent DMCA Complaint with the web-hosting company for NitaNaldi.com, the official Nita Naldi website, over the Christmas Holiday.  "Pickford" falsely accused the Nita Naldi biographers of intellectual property theft and demanded the immediate removal of the website.  Please note that less than 24 hours after receiving Pickford's phony complaint, the web-hosting company officially dismissed it.  Below is an excerpt from the laughable "complaint" Pickford filed:
"They stole this stuff in their biography (LINK REMOVED) filmography (LINK REMOVED) and then went to great lengths to put up a copyright claim: (LINK REMOVED) I was perturbed enough, but the copyright page sent me over the edge."
What makes Hala Pickford's false accusations against the Naldi biographers so interesting is that Pickford herself has long been publicly accused of Copyright Theft for her allegedly illegal reproduction of the book, Rudolph Valentino: A Wife's Memories of an Icon, originally written by Rudolph Valentino's second wife, Natacha Rambova.  In Pickford's complaint, she sources the aforementioned book as her "stolen stuff."  Keep in mind that this is the very book Pickford is accused of stealing herself and admits to reproducing.  Pickford has contended that the book is public domain, therefore not falling under copyright restrictions, but upon further investigation, it was discovered that the books' copyright is not public domain, but owned by Ann Wollen, an elderly cousin of Natacha Rambova and that the book is indeed under copyright protection.

It has not been lost to us, how quickly Pickford's asinine and laughable accusations were so quickly and officially dismissed based upon nothing but a cursory glance at both websites.  Less than 24 hours after receiving Pickford's complaint, she received a letter back with the following:  DENIED. 
www.NitaNaldi.com is a well-sourced tribute to Nita Naldi, beautifully written and thoughtfully laid out, whereas Hala Pickford's webpage on Naldi is littered with spelling and grammatical errors, clumsy layout and incomplete/inaccurate information.  It's very easy to see who's ripping off who.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spotted! Hala Pickford - Is She Finally Paying Her $100,000 Court-Ordered Judgement To Tracy Terhune?

One of our Los Angeles readers sent us this picture of what is believed to be Hala Pickford withdrawing money from a local bank.  Is Hala cashing one of grammas "welfare" checks or could she really be withdrawing money to begin to pay off her court-ordered judgement of over $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) to Valentino authority, Tracy Terhune?  

Our insider tells us, "...though I couldn't be positive that it was (sic) Picford, she was dressed in similar fashion to Hala and had her jelly roll belly and cottage cheese thighs on full display."  We'll admit, it looks a LOT like "Hala" to us!  A special thanks to Shelly for this colourful picture, and keep 'em comin'!


The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Oh, excuse me. I thought this was the weigh station.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why All Authors Should Avoid 1921 PVG Publishing & Hala Pickford At Any Cost

We've gotten a lot of feedback from frustrated authors, particularly Silent-Film authors that have reached out to or been sought out by "Hala Pickford."  Some of these authors have expressed frustration that "Hala" at 1921 PVG Publishing is one of the only ones giving Silent Film books any sort of treatment and they feel that if they don't get published with her, there's no where else to go. (In our next post, we will tell you exactly how to easily go about getting your book published without using "Hala Pickford" or 1921 PVG Publishing.)

On the flip-token, we've been in contact with several authors whom signed publishing deals with 1921 PVG Publishing and "Hala Pickford."  They have used words such as "mortified," "disgusted," and "fraud" to describe their experiences, and of the people we've talked to, none have had anything positive to say about their experiences with "Hala" or 1921 PVG Publishing.  There are dozens of reasons to avoid 1921 PVG Publishing and "Hala Pickford" at all costs, but here is our Top 10  Reasons To Avoid 1921 PVG Publishing:

1.)  1921 PVG Publishing is not a legitimate business.  Upon searching the entire State of California for a business license for them or any of "Hala's" other business entities, no such record could be found.  We have personally alerted the State of California Attorney General to make them aware of such.

2.)  "Hala Pickford" does not exist.  This is one of her many aliases that have been used for fraudulent and often illegal activities.  Her full legal name is Katie Lynn Birchard and upon searching the State of Florida, State of California, State of Iowa and other places she's been known to inhabit, no record can be found of any legitimate business licenses registered to either Katie or any of her many aliases.

3.)  In 2010, Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A., "Hala Pickford" was sued in the State of California for $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) Plus All Applicable Court Costs for Defamation of Character for her blatant and willful Character Assassination attempts against renowned Rudolph Valentino author, Tracy Terhune.  Mr. Terhune was awarded the judgment in a slam-dunk lawsuit, in which presiding Judge William Stewart stated that the case against Birchard was backed by "clear and convincing evidence." Because "Hala" has no license to do business or valid corporation or L.L.C., any monies possibly owed to you as an author can be seized by the State of California to pay the judgment against her, first and foremost.  Also note that not even bankruptcy will eliminate this debt. It must be paid to go away.  Even if your book sells, you risk never seeing a penny of the profits owed to you.

4.)  "Hala Pickford" uses a "Print-On-Demand" service (www.LightningSource.com) for all of her 1921 PVG Publishing works, including her own.  She has set herself up as a "middle man," taking your hard earned money and because her English skills are that of a 6 year old, (she admits herself to dropping out of High School) her editing skills are null.  The most common complaint by readers is that the authors (other than herself) are decent, but the editing is terrible.

5.)  "Hala Pickford" has libeled and slandered nearly every major player in the Silent Film industry.  She has been boycotted by a vast list of people and using 1921 PVG Publishing to publish your book is "career suicide."  "Hala Pickford" is a social pariah whom no one in the Silent Film Industry takes seriously. Why risk having your book sit idle in a print-on-demand warehouse without any customer base, when you could do it yourself and have better luck?

6.)  1921 PVG Publishing has a running track record of missing deadlines, and pushing release dates back, sometimes months at a time.  Her "beauty" book has been pushed back for over a year, with a now unknown release date in 2011.  Two of the 1921 PVG Publishing authors have had books pushed back for over 3 months, with a supposed December, 2010 release date, however, as of today, no official date or sign of ordering info can be found.

7.)  1921 PVG Publishing is in dire financial times, recently having its' website shut down for a lack of web-hosting payment.  How are your customers going to feel when they go to order your book and see a non-payment error message on the publishing site that's supposed to represent you as an author?

8.)  "Hala Pickford" uses your work to further her own hateful agenda.  (See Google.com for further clarification.) When writing the official press release for author Rachel A. Schildgen, "Hala" included references to her own legal troubles and scandals, eliminating and professional connotations, making Ms. Schidgen look as unprofessional as "Pickford."  After spending months or even years writing and researching your book, how would you feel to see scandal included in the official press release from your own publisher?

9.)  "Hala Pickford" and her 1921 PVG Publishing projects are regularly boycotted and removed from circulation and events. The Los Angeles Visionaries Association removed her in 2010 and asked her to cease all contact and to refrain from attending any L.A.V.A. meetings or events. because of her "controversial and inappropriate" behavior.  In addition, "Pickford" allegedly assaulted a prominent Silent-Film attendee this summer; an altercation in which the police were brought in, resulting in a  subsequent restraining order being issued against "Pickford."  "Hala" was ordered to cease any and all contact with the victim, as well as to cease any public mention of the woman, either directly or indirectly, but has violated the order many times since.  Is this the kind of woman you want to rely on to move your career forward?

10.)  The 1921 PVG Publishing website is nothing more than a glorified blog template behind a website URL.  The header looks like it was designed by a blind man, and "Hala" regularly uses words like "Masterpieces," "You people..." and "Kooky" on the site.  She consistantly references herself and her works for authority, and as the least respected and unwanted member of the silent-film community, we can assure you that connecting your name with hers will cause you nothing but headaches.

In our next post, we will outline in detail, how to eliminate shoddy publishers and middle men like "Hala Pickford" and 1921 PVG Publishing, and put you in contact with the people/organizations that can really help move your career forward in a positive direction.

Until then,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Thursday, December 23, 2010

A "Love Letter" To Con Artist & Fraudster, "Hala Pickford"

The authors at the Boycott "Hala Pickford" blog have posted a well-written, to-the-point "Love Letter" to Ms. "Hala Pickford."

 Please see the excerpt below and click on the above link for the entire piece.
"You are an evil, manipulating, nasty and prejudiced person who has attempted--but FAILED--to poison the reputations of so many people: Zachary Jaydon, Donna Hill, Tracy Terhune, David Bret, Stella, Jeanne Bret, Marianne Faithfull, The Malignant Narcissism Lady, Dusty Springfield, Marlene Dietrich, Gracie Fields and far too many others to mention.

The difference between ALL of us and you, however, is that WE have all triumphed in our many endeavours, primarily because we are ALL decent, well-respected people--whereas you will never be regarded as anything other than an international pariah and a FAILURE, both as a professional and as a human being. You may attack us as often as you wish, and with whatever identity you so choose. Nothing will alter the fact that WE are somebody, while you will never progress beyond the station of nonentity...

...May you live this way until you are very, very old and have had the opportunity to experience was unhappiness is really like. And then and ONLY then may your soul be dispatched to hell and your worthless carcass be committed to an unmarked grave." 

Until We Meet Again,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hala Pickford's "Perpetual Crapper" - The Girl's Guide to recreating the looks and fashions of 1909-1931

Ladies and Gentleman.  After MONTHS of delays, we are starting to wonder if this book is EVER going to see the printers ink.  In 2009, we were promised that if we pre-ordered this MASTERPIECE shite, we would get an instructional DVD as an added bonus, giving us a visual how-to.  The most "amazeballs" part of this, is that the video would star Ms. "Hala Pickford" herself!  Even though the book was due to release on April 3rd, 2010 the powers that be at 1921 PVG Publishing have yet to resolve the book delay nearly 8 months later.  Today, however is your lucky day! We have obtained several of the fantastic photos that will be featured in the book that will teach you how to look like a Vamp Tramp, Sheba Clown or Flapper Lunatic! (Someone get this superstar creature some Crest Whitening Strips, STAT!)

These EXCLUSIVE photos come from the following 2 chapters:

*Make up 

Feast your eyes on these babies, and by feast your eyes, we mean, try not to projectile vomit all over your computer screen. It's really hard to clean up. Don't forget to Pre-Order!  If you can't wait, be sure to contact 1921 PVG Publishing at the number at the top of this blog. You're sure to reach "Hala" herself.  That is, if she's out of bed to answer the line!


The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

I AM Ms. "Hala Pickford."


Honey, your nail polish looks like Stevie Wonder applied it.

This is my "Oh" face.

Could we please get a "How-To" Hold Up Saggy Knockers" DVD as well?

Smile for the camera! No, "Hala" You can't EAT the lipstick!

If this is what women in the early 1900's looked like, no wonder Rudy was gay.

Is this supposed to be the Tragic ending?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Evelyn Zumaya: “Hala Pickford Is Physically & Mentally Ill...

Valentino “Kooky” and former friend and confidant of Ms “Hala Pickford” has been spreading the news around the Silent Film Community that “Hala” is indeed “Physically & Mentally Ill.” (Oh, really?)

Evelyn has been telling anyone whom will listen about her frustrations with “Hala,” telling our insider that she became increasingly needy, calling her constantly for rides to and from different places, as “Pickford” has no vehicle and could not afford to so much as pay for gas. “Hala” also asked Zumaya for loans of money, as well as other favours. Zumaya became increasingly aware, as time went on, that “Hala” was dragging Zumaya's own name into the mud as well as her own. Keep in mind that this is all coming from a woman whom let her own father pass away unattended, while she defended “Pickford” in one of her many court proceedings, recounting events she knew nothing about and using “Hala” to further her own hateful agenda. When she was finished using “Pickford” to further said agenda, Zumaya dumped her, refusing to speak to her and ignoring her incessant phone calls. We think Zumaya is just as self-serving and shady as “Pickford.” Sounds like “Two Birds Of A Feather” to us!
...Even the CRAZY call “Hala Pickford” crazy!

With Warm Regards,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Friday, December 10, 2010

“Hala Pickford” - “Trimmed Down”

No, no... Hala Pickford is still as large as ever. No, we aren't talking about her physical size or her ego. We're talking about her Blogs fraud, lies, hate, homophobia.

As part of his slam-dunk lawsuit, in which he was awarded $100,000.00 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) plus all applicable court costs, renowned Valentino Authority, & Board of Directors member for the Hollywood Heritage organization, Tracy Terhune, was also given a permanent order protecting himself from the hateful wrath of Ms. “Pickford,” including a court order demanding that she immediately eradicate all defamatory material directly or indirectly mentioning Mr. Terhune. After more than a month of  her refusal to obey the court order, Google Inc. and GoDaddy were forced to go into her blogs and websites and forcefully removed more than 50 posts, totaling almost 58,000 words. The aforementioned court order against Ms. “Pickford” also instructed her to post nothing further defaming Mr. Terhune. As was expected, she has also violated this portion of the order and has posted further hateful rants against Mr. Terhune, in addition to re-posting things previously removed by Google Inc.  Mr. Terhune's court order awarded him permanent and complete protection from this sociopath and her "colourful" comments.  Google Inc. is now in the midst of a large-scale investigation into whether or not to completely and permanently shut down all of the websites/blogs that Ms. "Pickford" operates.

We'll be sure to keep you posted.

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

Monday, September 20, 2010

Over 25,000 Visitors - Katie Lynn Birchard's Fraud & Lies EXPOSED

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard site hit a landmark 25,000 visitors yesterday.  That's 25,000 people that know the truth behind her many aliases, her lies, fraud, hate, homophobia & scandal.  That's 25,000 people that know how she operates, whom she victimizes, and how she creates scandal wherever she goes.  To all that visit this site regularly, thank you for spreading the word and thank you to Google for creating a place where truth can be spoken freely.  We have placed a counter at the bottom of the page for everyone interested.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" tries to scam Google and Blogger.com

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" is up to her old tricks again, trying to silence any and all information that shows she's a fraud.  Her latest ploy is to try to claim that she has restraining orders against anyone she believes to be posting the truth about her online, by filing false DMCA complaints and claiming to Google and Blogger.com that she has infinite restraining orders against anyone who dares defy her.  They of course, refuse to do anything, because the "proof" she provides is garbage.

Click HERE to see what she's been up to.

Katie also posted THIS, attempting to solicit help, claiming that the "horrific man in the UK" is impersonating her.  For reference, we are posting the definition of "impersonation" here:

imposture: pretending to be another person
Now, we aren't rocket scientists, but of all the links she provided, none of them are impersonating her.  Of course, in order to do that, we'd have to eat 60,000 calories a day in cupcakes and rice, as well as completely lose sight of reality.  This seems too time consuming to us, so we'll stick to bringing you the facts.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Katie Lynn Birchard - Outlandish Claims Abound

Katie Lynn Birchard is at it again, playing a victim and forgetting that there is something called "hard evidence."  She claims this time that David Bret is insisting that different people mail her family a "bomb," and that she hasn't lost her $100,000.00 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) lawsuit against Tracy Terhune.  Once again, Katie Lynn Birchard has lied through her disgusting teeth.  She is quoted as saying:
"David Bret has accused me of impersonating my own father, or a man he thinks is my father. He then posted the man's home address, family's names, phone number, etc and told people to mail him a bomb.  For good measure he then emailed the man about how I had lost to Terhune for '$100,000' which is untrue..."
Now, it's interesting that she claims that she will get her day in court, as she finds herself so important that she thinks her opinions actually matter there.  They don't.  She's already had her "day in court," and she lost miserably each and every step of the way.  We already know that writing English isn't her strong point, but apparently, she can't read English very well either, or she'd be able to look up her case file, just as we did and see that Tracy prevailed each and every step of the way.  She doesn't have a chubby leg to stand on.  It's over.  She lost.  That defeat will follow her around for the rest of her life, or until she comes up with more than $100,000.00. (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars)  She will be held accountable and her personal and 1921 PVG Publishing accounts will be audited regularly to make sure she is broke as she claims.  She also claims that her latest release is doing well.  We know someone (Terhune) whom will be very happy to hear this, as he will be able to more quickly recoup his judgment against her.  If she has 5 pennies to scratch her ass with, Terhune will be taking at least a couple of those.  She's going to have to cut back on the cupcakes if she ever hopes to have this debt paid off.  Not even bankruptcy can save her from owing this.

As you can plainly see, Katie once again tries to make her reality real, and it's as made up as Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Thankfully, "Hala Pickford's" lies & fraud are starting to hit Google like a ton of bricks.
Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Grade "A" Proof That Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" Is A Liar & A Fraud

We knew it was too good to last forever.  After ignoring her blogs for close to two weeks, Katie Lynn Birchard, in her usual fashion, presented her case bullshit on her blog like a stark-raving lunatic.  It must be difficult to present yourself as eloquent when you drop out of a backwoods Iowa high school to run off to Orlando to become the next Spice Girls backup singer.

Ms. Birchard states in her latest rant:

"I'd never touch anyone, let alone physically or mentally harm someone."

Ms. Birchard also made claims that several others had put a female "cohort" up to "accosting" her, when in reality, she was the one who physically assaulted St*lla Gr*ce at the Silent Movie Theater.  If there are any doubts to the accuracy of this claim, you can easily look up the battery report that Ms. Grace filed  against Katie the very next day.  A temporary restraining order was immediately granted to protect Ms. Grace from Katie Lynn Birchard, as Ms. Birchard claims to sleep with an axe next to her bed, and to carry mace with her.  No one is sure when she will completely lose it and attempt to silence her victims permanently.  As unhinged as Katie seems to be on her blogs, this is multiplied exponentially when you must deal with her in person.  There are a number of people that fear for their safety due to her sociopathic behavior.

Katie also claims that she never provided a non-existent or false address on her sworn court documents.  Below you will find several instances of this from the official court documents filed by her, as well as her signature promising, under the penalty of perjury, that the information was the truth.  It was not.  The address that she provided does not even exist.  This was verified by the United States Postal Service as well as by the Sheriffs office, which tried to serve her a restraining order at this fake address.  The Sheriffs report on this is also provided for your examination.

Address Variation #1 Provided By Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA "Hala Pickford")

Address Variation #2 Provided By Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA "Hala Pickford")

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford's" Signature, Stating The Address Provided Was True & Correct
Official Sheriffs Documentation That Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" Provided A Fake Address

As you can plainly see from Official Court Documents, signed by Katie herself, she is a liar and a fraud.  You can also verify this from official Sheriffs correspondence.  Once again, who is to be believed; Katie and her infamous claims that everyone is out to get her, or credible witnesses and court documents?  We'll let you decide.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Sunday, September 19, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Missing In Action


Since losing nearly a half-dozen cases in a Burbank, California Courthouse last week alone, Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" has been no where to be found.  She has not, however, as of yet, complied with her court ordered removal of the Libel, Hate, Lies, Fraud & Homophobia from her many websites.  She has less than 30 days to comply with all court orders, or be in contempt of court, in which she could face possible arrest and jail time.  We haven't counted, but if she removes all of the court forbidden references on her websites, there will be very little left.  It would probably be best to just delete them altogether, as it would take years to sort the bad from the good bad.

For some reason, we don't think that Miss Birchard is smart enough to accept that what she was doing was illegal and immoral, even though the court has already decided that it was such.  We think she's up to more of the same.  Every time you think she's done posting lies and fraud, the proverbial diarrhea explodes from her mouth again.  We aren't getting our hopes up that she's finally learned her lesson.

...and for God's sake, if you ever find the above picture on your milk carton, do not drink it.  The milk inside would naturally have curdled immediately after being packaged.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Friday, September 17, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA, Hala Pickford) Loses Defamation Lawsuit In Burbank Courthouse; $100,000.00 Judgement Granted To Tracy Terhune


September 17th, 2010

The Honorable Judge William D. Stewart ruled in a Burbank, California courthouse in favor of Mr. Tracy Terhune, awarding him $100,000.00 (One-Hundred-Thousand Dollars) plus all court costs after finding that Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford," was guilty of unmerited Defamation of Character.  The judgment comes in the wake of a more than year long character assassination campaign by Ms. Birchard, in which she deliberately & knowingly misled readers, making outrageous claims that Terhune was "mentally ill," "cracked out," "defrauding" his audience, "threatening her life" and more.  She has frequently used hateful and homophobic outbursts in her attacks against Terhune & others.  Birchard uses search engines such as Google and Yahoo to forward her fraud and lies, harassing her many victims mercilessly and without provocation.

Ms. Birchard recently filed a motion to have the original order overturned.  Judge Stewart struck down her motion and ruled in favor of Mr. Terhune.  The Honorable Judge also made mention in court that her lack of appearance today had no basis on his ruling, as her appearance was not mandatory.   His decision to reject her motion was posted before today's hearings began.  In the 7-day period, Judge Stewart also dismissed multiple frivolous restraining orders filed by Ms. Birchard, some as far away as Orlando, Florida and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Judge Stewart ordered Katie Lynn Birchard to remove all references, both direct and indirect, that refer to Mr. Terhune from her numerous hate blogs and gossip websites, including her "Forget The Talkies," "Boycott David Bret" & Rudolph Valentino pieces.  She must remove all references to Terhune or face a contempt of court charge, punishable by possible fines & jail time.  Birchard is also prohibited from any future mention of Terhune either directly, or indirectly.

We would like to congratulate Tracy Terhune & his entire legal team on a well-deserved victory!

Until next time,
The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard - Sobs, Laughs & Fraud At The Burbank Court House

Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Publisher, Screenwriter, Author, Producer, Musician, Record Label Owner, Preservationist, Bullshit Artist, Katie Lynn Birchard was in court yesterday, for multiple hearings. As was expected, Birchard rambled endlessly about "conspiracy theories," and all the "monsters" out to get her.  She began sobbing at one point, in an attempt to gain sympathy from the judge.  She conveniently skipped over all parts of the case involving her blatant lies on official sworn court documents, her fraud tactics and character assassination techniques, and the fact that she has run multiple hate blogs for years.  Her stories changed throughout the court hearing, as even she couldn't keep her lies straight.

After completing her full court day, Katie literally skipped from the court room, waving to the judge, laughing and exclaimed "See you next week for the next one!"  To Katie, this is all just a game.  Birchard has no friends, no job or career, and an abominable reputation.  She lives solely off the money her grandmother sends to her month to month.  In her manic depressive state, she admittedly sleeps for days at a time.   1pm is an early rise time for her. With no job or aspirations, Katie can spend 24 hours a day slandering individuals and groups with no remorse or second thought.  She feels like physically assaulting people without provocation is alright because Katie has nothing to lose.

Thankfully, people are fighting back; legally and in court.  We have seen no less than 5 new websites pop up in the past 36 hours, all dedicated to exposing Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" for the fraud she truly is.  Winning a battle and winning a war are two entirely different things.  More and more people are fighting back everyday.  It's only a matter of time before she is legally shut down for good.  Until then, we will all stand vigilant and fight for what is right.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Friday, September 10, 2010

David Bret Prevails! - Katie Lynn Birchard's Frivolous Restraining Order Thrown Out!

As was expected, Katie Lynn Birchard's frivolous and unmerited restraining order against David Bret was thrown out in a Burbank, California court room today.  The hearing of her case against Bret lasted less than 5 minutes.  Katie Lynn Birchard has lost her hearings against Bret every step of the way.  Neither police departments on either side of the pond take Ms. Birchard's ravings seriously, and the American Court System have tossed out her case entirely.

Bret assures us that he will not be taking his site down and plans to open several additional sites in the coming weeks, further detailing Katie Lynn Birchard's neurotic behavior and allegedly fraudulent activities.

Katie - 0
David - 3

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

UPDATE: Battery Charges Filed Against Katie Lynn Birchard

On Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, Katie Lynn Birchard physically assaulted Ms. St*lla Gr*ce at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles during a rare Theda Bara screening.  Ms. Birchard was unprovoked, and Ms. Grace was caught completely off guard by the violent altercation.  Ms. Birchard was raving like a lunatic in front of a group of people, grabbing Ms. Grace's hand, saying she was "going to break it."  She also attempted several times to remove Ms. Grace's cell phone, so that Ms. Grace could not call for help.

Ms. Grace filed formal battery charges with the Burbank Police Department the following day.  Grace was immediately issued a restraining order against Katie Lynn Birchard.  Law enforcement officials attempted to serve Birchard at a non-existant address that Birchard herself had provided to the Burbank Courthouse.  The order was then modified to reflect her true address, and sent for reservice.  The Sheriff's department attempted, again unsuccessfully to serve Ms. Birchard with the restraining order, but Birchard barricaded herself inside her home, and refused to answer the door for law enforcement.  Another uninvolved party also attempted to serve Birchard with the order, but again she refused to come to the door.  She later called the police to report that someone was "yelling in her windows."  She admitted to being home when the orders were attempted to be served.  She was labeled an "evader" by the Sheriff's office.  Birchard was finally served with the order of restraint at the Burbank Courthouse today, as she waited to make her first of three appearances for various cases, including the case stemming from the above assault.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Thursday, September 9, 2010

"Hala Pickford" Thrown Out Of The Los Angeles Visionaries Association Due To Neurotic & Inappropriate Behavior

The Los Angeles Visionaries Association (L.A.V.A.) has asked Katie Lynn Birchard ("Hala Pickford") to stay away from all L.A.V.A. functions, and have removed her as a member because of her controversial and inappropriate behavior.  A letter was sent to Ms. Birchard informing her of the associations decision, which was permanent.

Ms. Birchard blamed the removal on everyone else, as expected.  Katie Lynn Birchard still refuses to take any responsibility for her actions.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

What We Can Expect From "Hala Pickford" Tomorrow After Multiple Court Hearings

We are officially down to the wire, folks.  In less than 24 hours, Katie Lynn Birchard will make the first of several court appearances tomorrow, with additional court appearances the following week as well  So, what can we expect from Katie in the aftermath of it all?

* BLOGGING; lots of blogging.  Regardless of the outcome of the hearings, Katie will be posting her "spin" on things, regardless of what really happens.  You can expect a huge "I WON!" blog on her sites, regardless of how small or non-existant her purported "victory" really is.  A perfect example of this, is when she was fighting Tra*y Terh*ne.  Merely hours after the hearing, in which she was denied everything she asked for, she put up a celebratory blog, in which she claimed to have a "stayaway order" in place, among other thing, all of which were untrue.  Ms. Birchard still maintains her claim to have this imaginary "stayaway order," however, such an order does not and never has existed.

* EXCUSES; lots of excuses.  When things don't go her way, Ms. Birchard will make excuse after excuse, claiming that everyone and their brothers mother-in-law screwed her with their money, buried her with their legal counsel and the like.  She will never admit failure, due to her own shortcomings or fault.  She will blame the "group of ten," the "monsters that call themselves men," Tracy, Zachary, David, Stella, Bob, Jeffry, Donna and others for conspiring against her, & the court system for their incompetence in not being able to see "it."  She will blame the police detectives for not doing their job and claim that everyone is out to get her to slander her "good name."

* HATE; lots of hate.  As per her usual habits, we fully expect Ms. Birchard to continue her tirade against the multitude of persons and groups that she currently targets.  We even expect her to add names to her "hit list." We expect her rants to assume their usual hateful, homophobic, delusional tone, filled with lies, half-truths and character-assassination attempts.  We're guessing she'll make sure to call all of her male enemies homosexual slurs, labeling the rest "kookies," "monsters," "conmen," and her favorite, "mentally ill."

What can you expect from us?  You can expect an in-depth, accurate report on all of Ms. Birchard's appearances tomorrow, including witness statements, court minutes and documents pertaining to these cases.  You can expect eye-witness accounts of all the drama and reactions inside the court room,  with a detailed account of all goings on.  We are hoping that the judge has her committed for a full psychiatric evaluation  We believe her to be a paranoid schizophrenic and would love to see her get the psychological counseling that we believe her to so desperately need.

We look forward to bringing you all the details tomorrow.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is "Hala Pickford's" Reign Of Terror Finally Coming To An End?

In less than 48 hours, Katie Lynn Birchard will make the first of several court appearances; all on Friday, and all in front of the same judge.  In our opinion, the judge is already on to her crazy antics. lies and what we  believe is fraud.  He has already seen her multiple times, and made a comment at her last court hearing regarding her numerous appearances.  The following week, Ms. Birchard will see the same judge, yet again, in which he will settle the final details of Tra*y Terh*ne's $100,000.00 lawsuit against Ms. Birchard for Defamation of Character.

We are hoping beyond all hope that the judge will put an end to all of this and that Katie will finally realize that she can not continue down this path of self-destruction, spreading hate, lies, alleged fraud, homophobia, scandal and character assassination throughout dozens of groups and individuals.  We hope this will finally end her decade-long internet scandal against good and upstanding citizens.

The witness statements, rebuttals and evidences are stacked sky-high against Katie.  Her police inquiries have all been closed.  We will be posting the details of the conclusion of that tirade next week.  Thank you to the many that are standing up and speaking out against this hateful individual.  As always, your privacy and anonymity is respected.

We will be keeping you posted throughout Friday's court hearings as to the outcomes of her frivilous restraining orders.  We also have much more to tell you regarding several ongoing investigations into "Hala's" alleged assault on a female movie-goer and perjuring herself on official court documents.  Next week, we will bring you the truth as to the conclusion of her being sued and what the Honorable Judge really has to say.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association

"For a lover of silent film, there is nothing silent about Hala Pickford!" - Los Angeles Visionaries Association (L.A.V.A.)

Boy, that statement could not ring more true. There is indeed, nothing silent about "Hala Pickford."   Ms. Birchard is about as silent as a category 5 hurricane.  L.A.V.A.'s mission statement goes on to say: 

"LAVA is a loose-knit consortium of like-minded creative souls based in Los Angeles. Events listed on the LAVA calendar are hosted by their respective organizers, and LAVA assumes no responsibility or liability for anything wonderful or otherwise that should happen to attendees. LAVA membership is discretionary, and good will and good works our only requirements."
We would love to know who's discretion led to her membership?  L.A.V.A. sounds like a fantastic organization, full of intelligent, well meaning, professional adults, but Katie Lynn Birchard has no business being included in that categorization.  The last thing Katie Lynn Birchard needs is another platform in which she can potentially turn into her own personal soap-box of hate, lies, homophobia, libel, slander, frivolous lawsuits, fraud and the like.

According to L.A.V.A.'s website, Hala has been a member for about 5 weeks.  In that 5 weeks, she has not shown any signs of good will or good works.  In that same five week period, she allegedly assaulted a female movie goer, in front of many witnesses, in which the police were called.  She than lied to the police, claiming she had a "stayaway" order from Tra*y Terh*ne, an uninvolved party, asking for his removal from the theater.  When the police asked her to provide proof of such order, she could not.  She later told the police that Tra*y had never approached her.  She was eventually suggested to leave the venue by the police and theater staff, according to theater employees and witnesses.  A formal investigation into the alleged assault and her subsequent activities is ongoing.

Also, during this same 5 week period, Hala has perjured herself on multiple official sworn court documents, in which she provides a non-existent address, and false details on not one, but two restraining orders, claiming that she is being threatened with death and fears for her life.  The individuals she claims to fear will kill her live approximately 3,000 miles and 5,500 miles away from her.  She boasts on one of her many blogs that her publishing company is doing very well, but on all official court documentation, claims to have no money, and asks for all court-fees to be waved.  This is nothing more than fraud, if you ask us.

In the same 5 week period, Katie Lynn Birchard has relentlessly attacked dozens of groups and individuals. without merit.  She has again, recently targeted Cinecon after they allowed her courtesy entrance to the 2009 Cinecon event, free of charge.  She has gone on a spree of vicious attacks against their volunteers, employees and associated members.  Katie makes untrue accusations against the prestigious organization regularly and without provocation or reason.

In the same 5 week period, Katie has thrown out homophobic and hateful comments and accusations about world-renowned authors and Silent Film authorities.  She has libelously attacked this group of upstanding individuals and attempted to assassinate their character and credibility because they do not agree with her views.

In closing, Katie Lynn Birchard has no place belonging to an organization like The Los Angeles Visionaries Association.  She hasn't changed her patterns or hateful behavior since becoming a member, and her list of good deeds and good will is about as long as a shaved public hair.  It is our personal belief that when they discover her current debacle and past behavior that they will remove her from their membership list.  We also believe that when they do so, Katie will begin to relentlessly attack and libel them as well.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Friday, September 3, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Heterosexual Valentino Martyr or Homophobic Fraud?

Katie Lynn Birchard has, on many occasions, tried to play the victim of dozens of people, claiming that she was martyred, hung on a cross, and other religious references, all due to her proclamation that Rudolph Valentino was a heterosexual.

The truth is, Valentino's sexuality has nothing to do with Katie Lynn Birchard's legal or social situations. It never has been.  Katie has posted over 16,000 words in reference to this very topic, purporting that there is a homosexual mob out to crucify here for her declaration.  That is preposterous.  Ms. Birchard's sense of entitlement is extraordinary.  She fails to realize that no one gives two shits about her opinions or views.  The reason she is a social outcast, is because she publicly libels people, by the dozens, and subsequently runs to anyone whom will listen, claiming to be a victim.  She lies like a french rug, claiming to fear Tra*y Terh*ne so much, that she feels a need to sleep with an axe near her bed, and pepper spray under her pillow, but immediately after such claims, shows up at public events, unguarded, alone, waving, smiling and snickering at the very people she claims to fear for her life from.

...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

Katie Lynn Birchard has publicly attacked The Cinecon Organization and a number of its volunteers and organizers, claiming she wasn't warmly welcomed because of her age.  Katie neglects to mention in her hate rants, how she lashed out at these people both publicly, and in private emails before many of them even knew who she was.  She also neglects to mention that she was given complimentary tickets to Cinecon, 2009, only to sleep through most of the event, and then cop an attitude when she showed up nearly an hour after the ticketing table closed on the final evening demanding to be admitted like she was something special.  Ms. Birchard fails to mention that she went to several Silent Film themed message boards, and trashed the entire event, its staff, volunteers, format and many other details, even after being granted complimentary access to the event.  She also viciously attacked the festival, its staff and volunteers on several of her websites;

...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

Things have gotten so out of control with Ms. Birchard lately, that the police have had to invite her to leave film screenings, because she physically assaulted another female movie-goer.  She also called the police at the same event, claiming to have a court issued restraining order against another patron, however, when the police asked her to provide proof of such, she couldn't.  She also admitted to the same police officers, that the supposed patron never approached her or communicated with her in any way at the event.  After being invited to leave, she posted a nearly 3000 word attack of patrons, organizers and others associated with the event, and now goes as far as to say that the event was of her own planning and doing, and that her ideas were stolen and used without credit.
...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

Katie Lynn Birchard has attempted to silence any opposition to her, her ideas or views by filing frivolous restraining orders, wasting thousands of dollars in tax-payer money, and turning the Burbank, California court system into a circus.  She demands that the court wave all fees and costs associated with such orders, due to her allegedly failing health, lack of a job or income and the ludicrous claims that her life is being threatened daily and hangs on the balance of this supposed Valentino Mafia.

...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

To a person of average intelligence, simple behavior modification would seem like an easy solution to these problems;  not to Katie Lynn Birchard.  Ms. Birchard will continue to play the victim, fearing death daily from this large, gay Valentino mafia.  Such monsters allegedly hide around every corner.

Our supposition:  Paranoid Schitzophrenia, mixed with one hell of a sense of entitlement and self-worth.  Thankfully, each day, more and more people realize via Google search and word of mouth, that the real victims are those that have the misfortune to meet Katie Lynn Birchard in the first place.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

RudolphValentino{dot}org - An Unworthy Cause

Katie Lynn Birchard, who goes by the fictitious name, "Hala Pickford," set up RudolphValentino{dot}org as a supposed legitimate Valentino website, dedicated to setting up a Rudolph Valentino Society, Film Festival and more.  Needless to say, like all of her projects, Katis has let her dribble piss of hate, libel, homophobia and lies spread to that project as well.  

Katie charges a $35.00 membership fee to join the society, and claims she makes no profit, stating:
ALL profits of The Rudolph Valentino Society memberships, dues, donations, and merchandise (including festival merchandise) go to the Society. 
This money helps fund current and future endeavors including the film festival, restoring films, events, and web maintenance.

NO ONE including The Founding Sheba, Volunteers, Members, and so forth profits AT ALL from this Society.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards just like other societies, including Hollywood Heritage and The Buster Keaton Society.
Web maintenance?  I hope she isn't referring to the constant flow of bullshit that regularly appears and that website, in which she claims to have a "Stayaway" order from Tra*y Terh*ne, bashing The Valentino Memorial, etc.  Would you want your $35.00 membership fee going to that kind of "website maintenance?"  We didn't either.  We have also been told by several, that they asked Katie to see the financial reports from the society, (they should be public record) but were denied access.

One thing is for sure; The Rudolph Valentino Society, run by Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A., "Hala Pickford" is not held to the highest standards, such as the other societies that she mentions.  Ms. Birchard runs that projects, like she runs all of her other projects and her life; with bitterness, hatred, homophobia, unprofessionalism and lies.

If you are genuinely interested in Rudolph Valentino, we respectfully suggest that you take a look at one of the other, more established, respectable societies.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1921 PVG Publishing - Authors Beware! Your Book Promos Will Be Littered With Libel & Hate!

Perspective, current and former "1921 PVG Publishing" authors:

Would you want your official book promotion to look something like this? -
"So the Vilma Banky biography is officially out.  You can buy it through 1921 PVG Publishing or Amazon.com (or any other good retailer.)  Rachel Schildgen will be writing an article on Banky's infamous wedding dresses soon, but I was so excited I had to put this up (and  to think the little liars of the world just wrote today how my publishing company is going under and my books aren't ever coming out!  The best defense is to just keep on living and doing what I'm doing.  The reason they are so insidious is they say things that sound 'true enough'...but are pure bullshit.  Of course both conmen have made a career of it.)" - "Hala Pickford"

Someone, please tell us how that is professional book release promotion?  We would have even thought that "Hala" could do better than that mess.  Someone get this girl a publicist, STAT.  To break this down further, "Hala" implies that any retailer that doesn't carry this book by Rachel Schildgen isn't a good retailer.  She also manages to pull her "New Release" into her current legal troubles, forcing anyone interested in Rachel Schildgen or her work to investigate further to determine the "...pure bullshit" Katie is referring to.  She manages to call unidentified people "little liars of the world," her favorite "conmen" and more.

We feel bad for all the authors that are being taken for a ride by this mess that Katie calls a business.  We know that the authors are investing their own hard-earned money to make their projects a reality, and it's a shame that it's wasted on half-assed, hate filled, irrelevant "promotion" on one of "Hala Pickford's" blogs.  The "Official" 1921 PVG Publishing website still has the book listed as "Coming Soon"  for a Fall, 2010 release.

Authors, you are judged by the company you keep, and "Hala Pickford" isn't very good company at all.  I can just imagine how horrified I would be if I was Rachel Schildgen, and I Googled my name and found all of the links to "Hala Pickford," Katie Lynn Birchard and all of her legal tirades, tied to it.  That must be unnerving and upsetting.  If you want your professional name to remain free and clear of legal tirades, hate, homophobia, fraud and misfortune, forget "Forget The Talkies," and forget "1921 PVG Publishing"

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Monday, August 30, 2010

Malignant Narcissism - "Hala Pickford" Allegedly Keeps Fraudulant Company; Psychological Issues Abound

Below are several excerpts from "Malignant Narcissism."  Helen, the blog owner, has also had her fair share of experiences with Katie Lynn Birchard and her "friends."  What is so interesting about this is that to begin with, Helen was a supporter of "Hala."  She also allegedly has rock-solid proof that Evelyn Zumaya is a liar.  Helen has since ceased all contact with both individuals, citing their "psychological issues."  She has also gone to the Los Angeles Police Department, seeking assistance.  She's not the only one.

If you'd like to read the entire blog entry, click HERE.  Below are excerpts.

"Hala Pickford has finally publicly come out as the "mastermind" behind the Boycott David Bret blog. She is now using it as yet another outlet for her exercises in self pity.

...I am very sad to say she is bringing most of it upon herself. She doesn't seem to realise that her comments and actions actually hurt others. When anyone reacts to her, she claims harassment.

...Hala Pickford must have been the individual pretending to be me on Amazon, posting a fake review, purely to piss off David Bret.

Now, everyone knows David Bret has a bit of a temper on him. Hala also claims she fears for her life because of this man.

So why would she do something that she believes would put me in danger? If he is as dangerous as she claims he is, surely that would mean I would then receive (alleged) death threats and be constantly attacked online?

As far as I am concerned, this is a deliberate malicious act, intended to cause me physical and emotional harm.

Therefore, Hala is not the only one who can go to the police. I have contacted the LAPD and have asked for assistance. I am also consulting with a lawyer in Southern California who is willing to represent me. Of course, I love LA so I am happy to fly out and play a central role in my case.

This is a very sad time.

I actually quite liked Hala and I felt sorry for her, at least to begin with. Then she started taking things to extremes and her close association with Evelyn Zumaya (someone who I have concrete evidence is a liar) meant that I had to break off all contact. I can't get dragged down by other people's psychological issues.

She then has to start taking things to extremes again. I am not surprised there is so much bad feeling."
This is yet another bridge burned by Ms. "Pickford."  There are so many other stories to recount that are very similar to this.  We will keep you posted.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Scoreboard

"StayAway" Order against Tra*y Terh*ne - Lost

Tr*cy Ter*une Vs. Katie Lynn Birchard ($100,000 + Punative Damages, Defamation Of Character Lawsuit Against) - Lost (Concludes September  17th, 2010 - Burbank, California Courthouse)

"Hala" - 0
Tracy - 2

Burbank Police Investigation Against David Bret - Dismissed
UK Police Investigation Against David Bret - Dismissed

"Hala" - 0
David - 2

Restraining Order Against David Bret - Denied

"Hala" - 0
David - 2

Restraining Order Against Zachary Jaydon - Denied

"Hala" - 0
Zachary - 2

This will soon need updating.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Quote Of The Day - "Love Makes The World Go 'Round"

"Make Love, Not War, They Say. It's Easy To Recite. But, It Don't Mean A Damn, Unless We're Gonna Fight." - Madonna, "Love Makes The World Go 'Round" (1986)

It's strange how a relatively unknown pop song can ring so true, 25 years later.  Peace is an easy thing to wish for, but very difficult to actually achieve.  It's only through standing up for what's right and true that this can be truly achieved.  Sometimes you have to fight.  We may be in the middle of a drama-filled situation as of recent, but all will be quiet and peace & justice will prevail.  We will continue to fight for what's right and what's true until that happens.  The truth will come to light very soon.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Friday, August 27, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard - Back In Court Again, & Again, & Again, & Again

Since turning the Burbank Police Department and Burbank Courthouse into a 3-ring circus, Katie has been admonished multiple times.  She has been admonished by judges, police officers, detectives and more.  They have, on public record, told her that her blogs are inappropriate and that she should remove them, but she refuses.  Ms. Birchard has been denied her ridiculous restraining order against Tra*y Terh*ne, as well as having her frivolous legal complaint against David Bret tossed out completely.

Tra*y Terh*ne has already won a default judgment against Katie.  Ms. Birchard is now trying to get the ruling reversed.   Ms. Birchard will be making no less than 4 court appearances on or before Friday, September 16th, to supply her burden of proof, (which doesn't exist) and to defend her inappropriate actions.  This is, to assume that she'll even show up.  She makes a habit of making excuses and creating her own rules.  She claims to have missed her court appearance with Mr. Terh*ne due to the fear of death, yet she feels fine going to Silent Film Screenings, at which she knows he will be present.  We'd be afraid to squeeze Ms. Birchard too hard, as shit would assumingly ooze from every orifice.

The unfortunate fact for Katie is that the Burbank Court system is very small and the same judge will be hearing all 4 cases, almost back-to-back.  She can not pull the wool over his eyes, as she has tried to do with other officials and officers.  By the end of her fourth case, we can only imagine what his ruling will entail.  We are hoping for a Court Ordered Psychological Examination, but not getting our hopes up.  We think this would be the best case scenario for all parties involved, including Katie.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Burbank Police Toss Out Katie Lynn Birchard's Frivolous Complaint Against David Bret

The Burbank Police Department has just confirmed that Katie Lynn Birchard's frivolous legal complaint against Mr. David Bret has been closed.  Detective Mitchell Ross states in his report that Mr. Bret has done nothing criminal and that the UK is not interested in pursuing the matter.  Additional details to follow.

David Bret - 1
"Hala Pickford" - 0


The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things That Go Without Saying - a'la "Hala Pickford"

Katie Lynn Birchard has finally lost it. She's overstepped the line so many times, that now, she can't even see that such a line even exists.  Ms. Birchard constantly tries to lump the entire world into one big hate-group, alleging that everyone is conspiring to destroy or kill her.  In addition to the specific mention of more than a dozen people she claims are out to get her, she also refers to others as "The Group of Ten," "Monsters," "Kookies," etc.  Her latest rant includes false and libelous accusations that we are all releasing her family's personal information and directing people to send them "bombs or something to explode in the mail."  Her accusations would constitute the commission of Federal Crimes, felonious in nature, and are libelous and completely false.  Keep in mind that nothing on The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard blog has ever advocated or solicited violence of any kind. We spent an hour, scouring the internet for facts to substantiate such accusations, but they are nowhere to be found.

I spoke to a family member, whom is a Psychiatrist with a Doctorate Degree, and had him analyze some of her writings.  He suggested that Ms. Birchard exhibits strong signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia.  Out of the 10 symptoms listed for the disease below, Katie has publicly exhibited 8 on a regular basis.

Signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia may include:
  • Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices
  • Delusions, such as believing a co-worker wants to poison you
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Aloofness
  • Violence
  • Verbal confrontations
  • Patronizing manner
  • Suicidal thoughts and behavior
  • Positive symptoms that indicate the presence of unusual thoughts and perceptions that often involve a loss of contact with reality.

The delusional content (the beliefs) of the person with paranoid schizophrenia is marked by grandiosity, or persecution, or both. Onset can be fairly rapid but may be difficult for others to recognize it for what it is. Anger, irritation or argumentative behavior may be the most prominent features, as is extreme jealousy. 

They may see or hear things that don’t exist, speak in strange or confusing ways, believe that others are trying to harm them, or feel like they’re being constantly watched. With such a blurred line between the real and the imaginary, they usually lash out, without cause and thus have many enemies.  They also pose a physical risk to both themselves and others that they perceive to be a threat to them. 

In light of her recent rant, we'd like to present a few of our own things that go without saying:

*Katie Lynn Birchard is indeed being sued for $100,000 plus any punitive damages determined to be appropriate by the court.  She has attempted to file a motion to lift default judgment against her.  The said motion will be heard in Burbank, California on September 16th.  Other lawsuits are pending and will come to light in the coming days and weeks.

*Tra*y Terh*ne has not threatened Katie Lynn Birchard with violence of any kind, nor solicited the assistance from others to do so.

*Katie Lynn Birchard does not have a stayaway order against Tra*y Terh*ne.  Judge Dederick is quoted as saying the following to Ms. Birchard at the hearing:

"I think when you... talk about his obsessive behavior, it seems that you should turn the mirror around and look in it yourself... With respect to the remaining orders, there is absolutely no basis for granting any of those orders.  NO STAYAWAY ORDERS ARE APPROPRIATE; NONE OF THE PERSONAL CONTACT ORDERS, with the exception of the one involving contact between the two of you."

*Katie Lynn Birchard has not been physically or otherwise harassed at any public event, and according to many witnesses, physically assaulted a female movie-goer at a recent Theda Bara screening in Hollywood.

*Katie Lynn Birchard claims to fear the threat of violence and death from multiple persons, yet consistently shows up to events, without any escort whatsoever, and provokes the persons she claims to fear, knowing that said people will also be in attendance.  She waves and snickers to those persons allegedly conspiring to kill her, in public settings, yet she claims to sleep with pepper spray under her pillow and an axe at her bedside.  She is either mighty foolish or full of shit.  Which do you think it is?

*No one has shown up to any public court preceding with an intent to harass Katie Lynn Birchard; nor to report back to any website or organization.  Ms. Birchard has created a circus of epic proportions, and the entire Silent Film Community is turning out to watch the spectacle.  The only way to separate fact from fiction, is to attend such hearings so they can be accurately reported, and not falsified through one of Ms. Birchard's websites or blogs.

*As far as we know, Katie Lynn Birchard is not a psychic and has no way of legally knowing what is being searched via Google, unless she has hacked into the computer of said individuals.

*Someone, claiming to be Kevin Birchard and insinuating that he was Katie's father, sent homophobic and harassing emails and comments to several people in recent days.  We felt that it was alarming enough to warrant a mention here.

*A temporary restraining order is not a "full-blown" restraining order.  Such temporary orders are granted when a person claims to have experienced physical violence and are standard to protect the general public.  The burden of proof now lies in Katie's hands, and she must now prove such accusations on September 10th in Burbank, California.

*According to Katie Lynn Birchard, her career list has been at one time, or is currently the following:
- Screenwriter
- Actress
- Publisher
- Singer
- Songwriter
- Producer
- Author
- Silent Film Authority
- Record Label Owner
- Publishing Company Owner

She claims to be doing very well with her endeavors, but in the same sentence, claims to be totally broke, with no car, and also asking the court to waive all of her legal fees, due to inability to pay.

We will let everyone make their own conclusions on the preceding.  Enough has been said.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

"Hala Pickford" - Quote Of The Day

"I will keep publishing, I will keep writing, I'll keep being young and hot, and they can suck on jail bars if they don't like it." - Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Quote Of The Day

"I'm a little tickled as they asked me to write a piece on the history of the [The Motion Picture] home and the silent stars involved.  So I did.  And naturally it was so long and awesome they had to split it into two pieces, as neither side could decide what to cut out.  They gave me a little banner and everything."  - Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford"

Did anyone else just throw up in their mouths a little? Of course it was "long and awesome."  I wonder if "they" have any idea what kind of reputation they are giving themselves by association alone.  I also wonder how soon "they" will become one of the "kookies" that Katie so loves to refer to in her "love letters" after they discover her habits and patterns?

PVG Publishing - Authors Allegedly Want Out!

According to a close friend of an unnamed PVG Publishing author, the publisher and the name "Hala Pickford" have become so toxic, that the author allegedly wants out of her arrangement with the company.  The author is allegedly "horrified" at the discovery of Katie Lynn Birchard's behavior and the unprofessional way the company is run.  Story Developing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" FRAUD! - Posts Non-Existant Address On Official Court Documents

In her latest attempt to thwart justice, Katie Lynn Birchard has fraudulently filled out legal court documents, indicating that she can be reached at an address that doesn't even exist.  This has been independently verified through the USPS and via public records.  In said court documents, they instruct the petitioner to include a "mailing address" if they wish not to give their home address.  This is done, so that the petitioner can be serviced with official court documents in response to their filings.  Katie has not provided a proper mailing address nor the address where she can be serviced with such documents.  That way, she can once again, plead ignorance to hearings, orders, etc.  Formal complaints of such fraud have been submitted to the Burbank Courts, as well as in all legal response papers.  

Ms. Birchard's response will be predictable, probably to state that she was scared for her life and couldn't possibly post any sort of address she could be reached at.  She consistently claims to fear bodily harm, yet she shows up, without any sort of security to all sorts of public events; some hosted by the people she supposedly fears.  She even goes as far as to publicly snicker at, wave to and provoke the people that have supposedly "conspired" to kill her.  It's all preposterous.

Katie is once again, trying to play the court and everyone around her for fools, making up her own "laws" and "rules" as she goes along.  We don't think for one second that a judge will buy all of the bullshit she has attempted to concoct for her latest charade.  We hope she learns that the court legal system is not a circus, and that she has to abide by the same laws and rules as the rest of society.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rampant Homophobia Passed From Father (Kevin Birchard) To Daughter (Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford")

On Saturday, August 21st, a spree of emails were received, purportedly from Kevin Birchard, Katie Lynn's father.  These emails came from an IP address in Iowa, just minutes from where Katie Lynn's family have been reported to live.  I strongly suspect that these emails are indeed from Kevin Birchard.  They are riddled with the same spelling and grammatical errors that we've come to expect from Katie, and his hate-filled and homophobic comments explain where she picked it up.  I understand a father trying to stand up for their daughter, but Mr. Birchard should be ashamed of himself.  Maybe in Iowa, it's fine to teach your children that intolerance and hate are acceptable, but out in the real world, we all know different.  How dare you throw your "shame shames" around, while in the same breath exhibiting disgusting and unacceptable behavior.

On August 21st, I received the following, purportedly from Kevin Birchard.
"Tra*y Terh*ne has constantly stalked and harrassed my daughter for months. He is the kind of person who sues everyone who pisses him off. This is a 60 some year old man who picks on the young people. Shame on you , Mr. Terh*ne , YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Now do the right thing and stop harrassing my daughter. Put an end to this ridiculous lawsuit. Even the courts in California are not going to entertain your bullshit lawsuit here. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!!"
Apparently Mr. Birchard has never met his daughter.  Either that, or he knows nothing of her real antics and real-life behavior.  Katie Lynn Birchard (Under the guise of "Hala Pickford") has been harassing, defaming and stalking Tracy and many others for years.  Tra*y does NOT have a history of bringing frivolous lawsuits against people. He should probably ask his daughter how many frivolous restraining orders she has thrown around in every direction of the compass.  He should also ask his daughter why she has allowed this to go on for many years, when this could have been easily resolved by her removing her uneducated, hate filled rants from the internet.  He should probably ask her why it's fine for her to post untrue and shitty things about people as if it's her job, but when anyone publicly calls her out on her bullshit, she turns the Burbank Court House into fucking circus, attempting to file restraint after restraint, begging for her legal fees to be waved, claiming that she's a scared child with no job, no money and failing health;  all of which she attributes to others, instead of standing up like a real woman and accepting responsibility for her own fuck ups.  That's reality, Mr. Birchard, and we are betting that the California Court System will side with us on this one.

Mr. Birchard also sent the following two emails, from the same IP address, in the same 24 hour period.
"Your foul mouthed and hateful comments are not appriciated by this parent. Please remove your distastfull remarks and copied websites of my daughter.How old are you,,,, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Do the right thing, or I\'ll take legal action against your sorry ass!!
               kevin birchard"

"REal smart Asshole.  It is stupid fuckers like you that give the internet a bad name.  Rot in hell and die yourrself you gay son of a bitch...
  oh yea,  why don't you take your gay lover Jayden with ya!!!  LOl!!!!"

We can not imagine that these did not indeed come from Kevin Birchard.  He exhibits the EXACT same antics as his daughter, calling the kettle black at every opportunity.  His first email asks for the removal of the website, calling it "foul-mouthed" but in the next breath, starts talking with a foul-mouth, making threats and throwing around hateful and homophobic slurs.

The Birchard's will all soon see how the California Justice System really works.  Katie Lynn has multiple court appearances coming up in the next two weeks and we will hopefully be closing the "Hala Pickford" chapter in all of our lives very soon.  I'd venture to guess that we won't be her last victims, but we certainly will be the first to stand up and show her that not everyone will take her shit lying down.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team