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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" FRAUD! - Posts Non-Existant Address On Official Court Documents

In her latest attempt to thwart justice, Katie Lynn Birchard has fraudulently filled out legal court documents, indicating that she can be reached at an address that doesn't even exist.  This has been independently verified through the USPS and via public records.  In said court documents, they instruct the petitioner to include a "mailing address" if they wish not to give their home address.  This is done, so that the petitioner can be serviced with official court documents in response to their filings.  Katie has not provided a proper mailing address nor the address where she can be serviced with such documents.  That way, she can once again, plead ignorance to hearings, orders, etc.  Formal complaints of such fraud have been submitted to the Burbank Courts, as well as in all legal response papers.  

Ms. Birchard's response will be predictable, probably to state that she was scared for her life and couldn't possibly post any sort of address she could be reached at.  She consistently claims to fear bodily harm, yet she shows up, without any sort of security to all sorts of public events; some hosted by the people she supposedly fears.  She even goes as far as to publicly snicker at, wave to and provoke the people that have supposedly "conspired" to kill her.  It's all preposterous.

Katie is once again, trying to play the court and everyone around her for fools, making up her own "laws" and "rules" as she goes along.  We don't think for one second that a judge will buy all of the bullshit she has attempted to concoct for her latest charade.  We hope she learns that the court legal system is not a circus, and that she has to abide by the same laws and rules as the rest of society.

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