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Monday, December 13, 2010

Evelyn Zumaya: “Hala Pickford Is Physically & Mentally Ill...

Valentino “Kooky” and former friend and confidant of Ms “Hala Pickford” has been spreading the news around the Silent Film Community that “Hala” is indeed “Physically & Mentally Ill.” (Oh, really?)

Evelyn has been telling anyone whom will listen about her frustrations with “Hala,” telling our insider that she became increasingly needy, calling her constantly for rides to and from different places, as “Pickford” has no vehicle and could not afford to so much as pay for gas. “Hala” also asked Zumaya for loans of money, as well as other favours. Zumaya became increasingly aware, as time went on, that “Hala” was dragging Zumaya's own name into the mud as well as her own. Keep in mind that this is all coming from a woman whom let her own father pass away unattended, while she defended “Pickford” in one of her many court proceedings, recounting events she knew nothing about and using “Hala” to further her own hateful agenda. When she was finished using “Pickford” to further said agenda, Zumaya dumped her, refusing to speak to her and ignoring her incessant phone calls. We think Zumaya is just as self-serving and shady as “Pickford.” Sounds like “Two Birds Of A Feather” to us!
...Even the CRAZY call “Hala Pickford” crazy!

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