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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Evelyn Zumaya & Hala Pickford - Cultural Freedoms, Identity Theft, Arrest Warrants & Fraud

Dear Evelyn,

When your parents welcomed you into this world 64 years ago, they never could have imagined what you, Evelyn Ann Clarkson would become some six-decades later. After failed marriages, many failed friendships and an even more pathetic "career," you hide behind a keyboard and a cheap camera, slobbering in whatever corner of the world you happen to be in, posting lies, half-truths, photos of your shoes, ridiculous videos and anything else you can, methodically attempting to game Google searches in a pathetic attempt to defame another persons legitimate works. You have even sunk as far as to give a girl, whom you admitted with your own mouth was "...both physically and mentally ill," false hope and an even more false friendship, in a vulgar attempt to further your own "career."

What legacy do you really hope to leave behind? David Bret hasn't destroyed your fathers good name, Evelyn. You have. The true height of evil is taking a proper upbringing, gentle teachings and good family values and defecating upon all of it. YOU DID THAT, EVELYN; not David Bret, not TRT96, and certainly not those that defend themselves against your defamatory and vulgar accusations.

After more than 8 decades of selfless service to their communities, God fearing respect to their family and investing everything they could to raise a God-fearing and honest daughter, I can imagine that they look down in sorrow and sadness, wondering where they went wrong. George and Elizabeth are surely rolling in their graves at the conniving monster you have become. If angels ever wept, Evelyn...

Both of your parents, Evelyn, were giving, law abiding and good people, pillars in their community and respected by all who knew them. For many years George and Elizabeth devoted their hard-earned money, time and efforts to charities like America's Second Harvest Food Bank in which they took a stand against hunger, providing food and money to the less fortunate. Until the death of Elizabeth in 2008, she faithfully gave of herself in more ways than you'll ever journey after.

The Reverend Ed Enstine fondly reflected on the lives of both of your parents in 2010 after the death of your father, George. Imagine HIS horror, had he known the kind of woman you've become. Take a hard look in the mirror Ms. Zumaya, and reflect upon your true intentions, motives and foul amounts of falsifications that you're projecting onto others.

Now, Evelyn Zumaya will claim that I am defaming her by writing this. She will claim that this blog is somehow committing identity theft and other felonious crimes. She will claim that she is the greatest thing since Valentino's birth, but not to worry. Everything written about here is court record and public fact.

Hala Pickford is running from the law, an Arrest Warrant and Felony Charges following her like a lost puppy. Both Zumaya and Pickford, (Real Name: Katie Lynn Birchard) have perpetrated heinous and calculated character assassination attempts on dozens of people, by projecting their fears, insecurities, short-comings and faults onto anyone perceived to be in a better or more respected position than they.

What's good for the goose is good for the gander, ladies. Now, I don't want to give either of you too much credit for your intelligence, so I'm going to break it down for you in the only terms you seem to understand.

FICTION: Anyone using public information, court records and Google search to research another is "stalking" and/or "harassing."

FACT: The internet is a vastly fluid, ever-changing medium, in which facts AND fiction about people can be found and easily spread to others. Just because it isn't information you'd like to be spread, does NOT make it "stalking/harassing." It means your bullshit came out in the wash and you're throwing a bitch fit. Nothing more.

FICTION: A small group of people have taken to the defamation and removal of your book because it's "the book they don't want you to read."

FACT: You published a book with a well-known con-artist, with an active arrest warrant and wrote a forewarning that had absolutely NOTHING to do with the story line of the book in a failed attempt to promote said book. It was almost immediately banned from any reputable sales venue, and has sat legally "banned" from sale for over a year.

FICTION: TRT96 is committing identity theft by owning a website with a similar title to your book.

FACT: You let said blog fall back into public domain, and it has been snapped up by a fellow Valentino fan and used for the publication of positive and well-respected Valentino projects. Not for identity theft. WHO would want an identity such as yours? Yes, let's face it, Evelyn. If it was as well-documented, well-researched and "true" like you claim it is, it wouldn't be banned from every reputable seller.

If you truly seek the respect of your peers, try a new approach ladies. Try taking the high road for once. Try seeking truth for once, and try to discontinue the mockery you make of yourselves with each blog/video posting. A woman scorned is a force to be reckoned with, they say. It's just sad that force has been directed in such an ill-received, foul manner.


The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard (and now Evelyn Zumaya) Team