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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Why All Authors Should Avoid 1921 PVG Publishing & Hala Pickford At Any Cost

We've gotten a lot of feedback from frustrated authors, particularly Silent-Film authors that have reached out to or been sought out by "Hala Pickford."  Some of these authors have expressed frustration that "Hala" at 1921 PVG Publishing is one of the only ones giving Silent Film books any sort of treatment and they feel that if they don't get published with her, there's no where else to go. (In our next post, we will tell you exactly how to easily go about getting your book published without using "Hala Pickford" or 1921 PVG Publishing.)

On the flip-token, we've been in contact with several authors whom signed publishing deals with 1921 PVG Publishing and "Hala Pickford."  They have used words such as "mortified," "disgusted," and "fraud" to describe their experiences, and of the people we've talked to, none have had anything positive to say about their experiences with "Hala" or 1921 PVG Publishing.  There are dozens of reasons to avoid 1921 PVG Publishing and "Hala Pickford" at all costs, but here is our Top 10  Reasons To Avoid 1921 PVG Publishing:

1.)  1921 PVG Publishing is not a legitimate business.  Upon searching the entire State of California for a business license for them or any of "Hala's" other business entities, no such record could be found.  We have personally alerted the State of California Attorney General to make them aware of such.

2.)  "Hala Pickford" does not exist.  This is one of her many aliases that have been used for fraudulent and often illegal activities.  Her full legal name is Katie Lynn Birchard and upon searching the State of Florida, State of California, State of Iowa and other places she's been known to inhabit, no record can be found of any legitimate business licenses registered to either Katie or any of her many aliases.

3.)  In 2010, Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A., "Hala Pickford" was sued in the State of California for $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) Plus All Applicable Court Costs for Defamation of Character for her blatant and willful Character Assassination attempts against renowned Rudolph Valentino author, Tracy Terhune.  Mr. Terhune was awarded the judgment in a slam-dunk lawsuit, in which presiding Judge William Stewart stated that the case against Birchard was backed by "clear and convincing evidence." Because "Hala" has no license to do business or valid corporation or L.L.C., any monies possibly owed to you as an author can be seized by the State of California to pay the judgment against her, first and foremost.  Also note that not even bankruptcy will eliminate this debt. It must be paid to go away.  Even if your book sells, you risk never seeing a penny of the profits owed to you.

4.)  "Hala Pickford" uses a "Print-On-Demand" service (www.LightningSource.com) for all of her 1921 PVG Publishing works, including her own.  She has set herself up as a "middle man," taking your hard earned money and because her English skills are that of a 6 year old, (she admits herself to dropping out of High School) her editing skills are null.  The most common complaint by readers is that the authors (other than herself) are decent, but the editing is terrible.

5.)  "Hala Pickford" has libeled and slandered nearly every major player in the Silent Film industry.  She has been boycotted by a vast list of people and using 1921 PVG Publishing to publish your book is "career suicide."  "Hala Pickford" is a social pariah whom no one in the Silent Film Industry takes seriously. Why risk having your book sit idle in a print-on-demand warehouse without any customer base, when you could do it yourself and have better luck?

6.)  1921 PVG Publishing has a running track record of missing deadlines, and pushing release dates back, sometimes months at a time.  Her "beauty" book has been pushed back for over a year, with a now unknown release date in 2011.  Two of the 1921 PVG Publishing authors have had books pushed back for over 3 months, with a supposed December, 2010 release date, however, as of today, no official date or sign of ordering info can be found.

7.)  1921 PVG Publishing is in dire financial times, recently having its' website shut down for a lack of web-hosting payment.  How are your customers going to feel when they go to order your book and see a non-payment error message on the publishing site that's supposed to represent you as an author?

8.)  "Hala Pickford" uses your work to further her own hateful agenda.  (See Google.com for further clarification.) When writing the official press release for author Rachel A. Schildgen, "Hala" included references to her own legal troubles and scandals, eliminating and professional connotations, making Ms. Schidgen look as unprofessional as "Pickford."  After spending months or even years writing and researching your book, how would you feel to see scandal included in the official press release from your own publisher?

9.)  "Hala Pickford" and her 1921 PVG Publishing projects are regularly boycotted and removed from circulation and events. The Los Angeles Visionaries Association removed her in 2010 and asked her to cease all contact and to refrain from attending any L.A.V.A. meetings or events. because of her "controversial and inappropriate" behavior.  In addition, "Pickford" allegedly assaulted a prominent Silent-Film attendee this summer; an altercation in which the police were brought in, resulting in a  subsequent restraining order being issued against "Pickford."  "Hala" was ordered to cease any and all contact with the victim, as well as to cease any public mention of the woman, either directly or indirectly, but has violated the order many times since.  Is this the kind of woman you want to rely on to move your career forward?

10.)  The 1921 PVG Publishing website is nothing more than a glorified blog template behind a website URL.  The header looks like it was designed by a blind man, and "Hala" regularly uses words like "Masterpieces," "You people..." and "Kooky" on the site.  She consistantly references herself and her works for authority, and as the least respected and unwanted member of the silent-film community, we can assure you that connecting your name with hers will cause you nothing but headaches.

In our next post, we will outline in detail, how to eliminate shoddy publishers and middle men like "Hala Pickford" and 1921 PVG Publishing, and put you in contact with the people/organizations that can really help move your career forward in a positive direction.

Until then,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

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