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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Heartfelt And Sorrowful Apology For Evelyn Zumaya

Evelyn Zumaya has been screaming from the hilltops that she would like a public apology. For what, I'm not exactly clear on, but as I sat, pondering this odd request, it dawned on me that Evelyn, was indeed, owed not just one apology, but many. I realized that she was most correct when she said that it was due to her, and so I present to you, Evelyn Zumaya, the public apology that you so crave and demand.

Dearest Evelyn,

I apologize that you are completely unable to differentiate fact from fiction.

I apologize that you are a venomous, old woman, completely taken aback by tragic situations in your life that you, yourself have created.

I apologize that you have disillusioned yourself to believe that there are a “team” of people, hunkered down to discredit you, when, even Stevie Wonder could plainly see that you aren't the kind of woman to be taken seriously in regards to anything at all, let alone to justify a "team" of people for anything.

I apologize that not even your own husband was able to stand to be around you, divorcing you and leaving you to a lonely life of bitterness and spite.

I apologize that, by your own choosing, you were not at your dying fathers bedside to comfort him in his final hours of life, because you were too busy defending your “buddy” Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A. “Hala Pickford,” in Burbank, during one of her frivolous court hearings. I apologize, that as your father, George, took his final breath, you were completely caught up in your own hateful agenda and much, much too busy to attend to the man whom gave selflessly to you and to his community his entire life. I apologize that he had to take his dying breaths without a daughter that he did his best to raise with moral integrity, even though, there doesn't seem to be any of that left in her. For this, I most greatly apologize.

I apologize that no reputable book seller will carry your highly fictional and sensationalized account of the last few years of the life of Rudolph Valentino, and that you are not taken seriously by anyone in the Valentino community. For this, I do apologize.

I apologize that in your book of fiction, "Affairs Valentino," you felt the need to put a libelous and highly sensationalized "Forwarning," hoping to take jabs at people whom actually are respected in the Valentino community, when you, yourself are not welcome because of your own hateful  rhetoric.

I apologize that you feel the need to spend the last years of your miserable life creating dozens of laughable YouTube videos claiming that you are being bullied and harassed, when, in fact, it is you and your “buddy,” Katie Lynn Birchard that have created this entire machination from the very beginning. For this, I sincerely apologize.

I apologize that you made the horrendous business decision to allow Katie Lynn Birchard, under the guise of “Hala Pickford,” to publish your lackadaisical, and poorly edited work of fiction, “Affairs Valentino.” Teaming up with someone whom not only has an ACTIVE arrest warrant, but has also recently declared bankruptcy and fled to the state of Utah to avoid arrest, doesn't seem like the best business decision, and for your complete lack of common sense, I do apologize.

I apologize that you blatantly refuse to shoulder any of the blame for the situations you currently find yourself in. I apologize that you feel the need to put that blame on men and women you've never even met, and in doing so, create a situation that must be most miserable for yourself. For this, I do apologize.

Mostly, I apologize that, due to your own poor choice, your “Golden Years,” will be spent filled with hate, bitterness, anger, frustration and misery. Long after you're gone, the subjects of your hate-filled rants will go on living, and your work, will not even live on in memory. For this, you have my deepest apology.

Again and again, I apologize to FOR you, dearest Evelyn.

I hope this does meet with your satisfaction and expectations, in terms of an apology. I hope you do feel better. I know I sure do.

With Warmest Regards,
The Expose Katie Lynn Birchard & Evelyn Zumaya “Team”

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Evelyn Zumaya Claims Father Michael Morris Assisted With Affairs Valentino "Forewarning" - Morris Denies Writing Anything With Zumaya

Evelyn Zumaya touted that a "Valentino authority" assisted in the writing of the "Forewarning" to her Internationally-banned book Affairs Valentino.  We did a brief investigation into the identity of the "authority," whom was identified as Father Michael Morris. Due to irrefutable proof, Zumaya was forced to admit that it was indeed Morris. We contacted Morris for clarification of this accusation, and Morris stated the following:

"...rest assured Her book is completely her own and I did not write any of it," going on to say, "Your email came to me as a total surprise. And I am confounded that anyone would suggest that I wrote any of Affairs Valentino. I am all for free expression in the literary world and oppose censorship of free ideas. But I reiterate that I wrote not one word of her book.So you can share that with your group as you wish.
Michael Morris"
Once again, Evelyn Zumaya has been caught in a big lie, and is stuck with a book that has been banned from all major retailers, due to libelous content.

With Warmest Regards,
The Expose Katie Lynn Birchard & Evelyn Zumaya Team