Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" has an ACTIVE Arrest Warrant, and in conjunction with Felony Charges, is WANTED in the State of California. There is currently a FIVE-THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for information leading to her arrest. Birchard should be considered Armed and Dangerous. If you spot Katie Lynn Birchard, immediately call 911. Do NOT approach her.

Have You Been A Victim Of Evelyn Zumaya, Katie Lynn Birchard, Hala Pickford, Hala Kitty?

Send us your story at: EXPOSEKatieLynnBirchard@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1921 PVG Publishing - Authors Beware! Your Book Promos Will Be Littered With Libel & Hate!

Perspective, current and former "1921 PVG Publishing" authors:

Would you want your official book promotion to look something like this? -
"So the Vilma Banky biography is officially out.  You can buy it through 1921 PVG Publishing or Amazon.com (or any other good retailer.)  Rachel Schildgen will be writing an article on Banky's infamous wedding dresses soon, but I was so excited I had to put this up (and  to think the little liars of the world just wrote today how my publishing company is going under and my books aren't ever coming out!  The best defense is to just keep on living and doing what I'm doing.  The reason they are so insidious is they say things that sound 'true enough'...but are pure bullshit.  Of course both conmen have made a career of it.)" - "Hala Pickford"

Someone, please tell us how that is professional book release promotion?  We would have even thought that "Hala" could do better than that mess.  Someone get this girl a publicist, STAT.  To break this down further, "Hala" implies that any retailer that doesn't carry this book by Rachel Schildgen isn't a good retailer.  She also manages to pull her "New Release" into her current legal troubles, forcing anyone interested in Rachel Schildgen or her work to investigate further to determine the "...pure bullshit" Katie is referring to.  She manages to call unidentified people "little liars of the world," her favorite "conmen" and more.

We feel bad for all the authors that are being taken for a ride by this mess that Katie calls a business.  We know that the authors are investing their own hard-earned money to make their projects a reality, and it's a shame that it's wasted on half-assed, hate filled, irrelevant "promotion" on one of "Hala Pickford's" blogs.  The "Official" 1921 PVG Publishing website still has the book listed as "Coming Soon"  for a Fall, 2010 release.

Authors, you are judged by the company you keep, and "Hala Pickford" isn't very good company at all.  I can just imagine how horrified I would be if I was Rachel Schildgen, and I Googled my name and found all of the links to "Hala Pickford," Katie Lynn Birchard and all of her legal tirades, tied to it.  That must be unnerving and upsetting.  If you want your professional name to remain free and clear of legal tirades, hate, homophobia, fraud and misfortune, forget "Forget The Talkies," and forget "1921 PVG Publishing"

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Monday, August 30, 2010

Malignant Narcissism - "Hala Pickford" Allegedly Keeps Fraudulant Company; Psychological Issues Abound

Below are several excerpts from "Malignant Narcissism."  Helen, the blog owner, has also had her fair share of experiences with Katie Lynn Birchard and her "friends."  What is so interesting about this is that to begin with, Helen was a supporter of "Hala."  She also allegedly has rock-solid proof that Evelyn Zumaya is a liar.  Helen has since ceased all contact with both individuals, citing their "psychological issues."  She has also gone to the Los Angeles Police Department, seeking assistance.  She's not the only one.

If you'd like to read the entire blog entry, click HERE.  Below are excerpts.

"Hala Pickford has finally publicly come out as the "mastermind" behind the Boycott David Bret blog. She is now using it as yet another outlet for her exercises in self pity.

...I am very sad to say she is bringing most of it upon herself. She doesn't seem to realise that her comments and actions actually hurt others. When anyone reacts to her, she claims harassment.

...Hala Pickford must have been the individual pretending to be me on Amazon, posting a fake review, purely to piss off David Bret.

Now, everyone knows David Bret has a bit of a temper on him. Hala also claims she fears for her life because of this man.

So why would she do something that she believes would put me in danger? If he is as dangerous as she claims he is, surely that would mean I would then receive (alleged) death threats and be constantly attacked online?

As far as I am concerned, this is a deliberate malicious act, intended to cause me physical and emotional harm.

Therefore, Hala is not the only one who can go to the police. I have contacted the LAPD and have asked for assistance. I am also consulting with a lawyer in Southern California who is willing to represent me. Of course, I love LA so I am happy to fly out and play a central role in my case.

This is a very sad time.

I actually quite liked Hala and I felt sorry for her, at least to begin with. Then she started taking things to extremes and her close association with Evelyn Zumaya (someone who I have concrete evidence is a liar) meant that I had to break off all contact. I can't get dragged down by other people's psychological issues.

She then has to start taking things to extremes again. I am not surprised there is so much bad feeling."
This is yet another bridge burned by Ms. "Pickford."  There are so many other stories to recount that are very similar to this.  We will keep you posted.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Saturday, August 28, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Scoreboard

"StayAway" Order against Tra*y Terh*ne - Lost

Tr*cy Ter*une Vs. Katie Lynn Birchard ($100,000 + Punative Damages, Defamation Of Character Lawsuit Against) - Lost (Concludes September  17th, 2010 - Burbank, California Courthouse)

"Hala" - 0
Tracy - 2

Burbank Police Investigation Against David Bret - Dismissed
UK Police Investigation Against David Bret - Dismissed

"Hala" - 0
David - 2

Restraining Order Against David Bret - Denied

"Hala" - 0
David - 2

Restraining Order Against Zachary Jaydon - Denied

"Hala" - 0
Zachary - 2

This will soon need updating.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Quote Of The Day - "Love Makes The World Go 'Round"

"Make Love, Not War, They Say. It's Easy To Recite. But, It Don't Mean A Damn, Unless We're Gonna Fight." - Madonna, "Love Makes The World Go 'Round" (1986)

It's strange how a relatively unknown pop song can ring so true, 25 years later.  Peace is an easy thing to wish for, but very difficult to actually achieve.  It's only through standing up for what's right and true that this can be truly achieved.  Sometimes you have to fight.  We may be in the middle of a drama-filled situation as of recent, but all will be quiet and peace & justice will prevail.  We will continue to fight for what's right and what's true until that happens.  The truth will come to light very soon.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Friday, August 27, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard - Back In Court Again, & Again, & Again, & Again

Since turning the Burbank Police Department and Burbank Courthouse into a 3-ring circus, Katie has been admonished multiple times.  She has been admonished by judges, police officers, detectives and more.  They have, on public record, told her that her blogs are inappropriate and that she should remove them, but she refuses.  Ms. Birchard has been denied her ridiculous restraining order against Tra*y Terh*ne, as well as having her frivolous legal complaint against David Bret tossed out completely.

Tra*y Terh*ne has already won a default judgment against Katie.  Ms. Birchard is now trying to get the ruling reversed.   Ms. Birchard will be making no less than 4 court appearances on or before Friday, September 16th, to supply her burden of proof, (which doesn't exist) and to defend her inappropriate actions.  This is, to assume that she'll even show up.  She makes a habit of making excuses and creating her own rules.  She claims to have missed her court appearance with Mr. Terh*ne due to the fear of death, yet she feels fine going to Silent Film Screenings, at which she knows he will be present.  We'd be afraid to squeeze Ms. Birchard too hard, as shit would assumingly ooze from every orifice.

The unfortunate fact for Katie is that the Burbank Court system is very small and the same judge will be hearing all 4 cases, almost back-to-back.  She can not pull the wool over his eyes, as she has tried to do with other officials and officers.  By the end of her fourth case, we can only imagine what his ruling will entail.  We are hoping for a Court Ordered Psychological Examination, but not getting our hopes up.  We think this would be the best case scenario for all parties involved, including Katie.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Burbank Police Toss Out Katie Lynn Birchard's Frivolous Complaint Against David Bret

The Burbank Police Department has just confirmed that Katie Lynn Birchard's frivolous legal complaint against Mr. David Bret has been closed.  Detective Mitchell Ross states in his report that Mr. Bret has done nothing criminal and that the UK is not interested in pursuing the matter.  Additional details to follow.

David Bret - 1
"Hala Pickford" - 0


The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things That Go Without Saying - a'la "Hala Pickford"

Katie Lynn Birchard has finally lost it. She's overstepped the line so many times, that now, she can't even see that such a line even exists.  Ms. Birchard constantly tries to lump the entire world into one big hate-group, alleging that everyone is conspiring to destroy or kill her.  In addition to the specific mention of more than a dozen people she claims are out to get her, she also refers to others as "The Group of Ten," "Monsters," "Kookies," etc.  Her latest rant includes false and libelous accusations that we are all releasing her family's personal information and directing people to send them "bombs or something to explode in the mail."  Her accusations would constitute the commission of Federal Crimes, felonious in nature, and are libelous and completely false.  Keep in mind that nothing on The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard blog has ever advocated or solicited violence of any kind. We spent an hour, scouring the internet for facts to substantiate such accusations, but they are nowhere to be found.

I spoke to a family member, whom is a Psychiatrist with a Doctorate Degree, and had him analyze some of her writings.  He suggested that Ms. Birchard exhibits strong signs of Paranoid Schizophrenia.  Out of the 10 symptoms listed for the disease below, Katie has publicly exhibited 8 on a regular basis.

Signs and symptoms of paranoid schizophrenia may include:
  • Auditory hallucinations, such as hearing voices
  • Delusions, such as believing a co-worker wants to poison you
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Aloofness
  • Violence
  • Verbal confrontations
  • Patronizing manner
  • Suicidal thoughts and behavior
  • Positive symptoms that indicate the presence of unusual thoughts and perceptions that often involve a loss of contact with reality.

The delusional content (the beliefs) of the person with paranoid schizophrenia is marked by grandiosity, or persecution, or both. Onset can be fairly rapid but may be difficult for others to recognize it for what it is. Anger, irritation or argumentative behavior may be the most prominent features, as is extreme jealousy. 

They may see or hear things that don’t exist, speak in strange or confusing ways, believe that others are trying to harm them, or feel like they’re being constantly watched. With such a blurred line between the real and the imaginary, they usually lash out, without cause and thus have many enemies.  They also pose a physical risk to both themselves and others that they perceive to be a threat to them. 

In light of her recent rant, we'd like to present a few of our own things that go without saying:

*Katie Lynn Birchard is indeed being sued for $100,000 plus any punitive damages determined to be appropriate by the court.  She has attempted to file a motion to lift default judgment against her.  The said motion will be heard in Burbank, California on September 16th.  Other lawsuits are pending and will come to light in the coming days and weeks.

*Tra*y Terh*ne has not threatened Katie Lynn Birchard with violence of any kind, nor solicited the assistance from others to do so.

*Katie Lynn Birchard does not have a stayaway order against Tra*y Terh*ne.  Judge Dederick is quoted as saying the following to Ms. Birchard at the hearing:

"I think when you... talk about his obsessive behavior, it seems that you should turn the mirror around and look in it yourself... With respect to the remaining orders, there is absolutely no basis for granting any of those orders.  NO STAYAWAY ORDERS ARE APPROPRIATE; NONE OF THE PERSONAL CONTACT ORDERS, with the exception of the one involving contact between the two of you."

*Katie Lynn Birchard has not been physically or otherwise harassed at any public event, and according to many witnesses, physically assaulted a female movie-goer at a recent Theda Bara screening in Hollywood.

*Katie Lynn Birchard claims to fear the threat of violence and death from multiple persons, yet consistently shows up to events, without any escort whatsoever, and provokes the persons she claims to fear, knowing that said people will also be in attendance.  She waves and snickers to those persons allegedly conspiring to kill her, in public settings, yet she claims to sleep with pepper spray under her pillow and an axe at her bedside.  She is either mighty foolish or full of shit.  Which do you think it is?

*No one has shown up to any public court preceding with an intent to harass Katie Lynn Birchard; nor to report back to any website or organization.  Ms. Birchard has created a circus of epic proportions, and the entire Silent Film Community is turning out to watch the spectacle.  The only way to separate fact from fiction, is to attend such hearings so they can be accurately reported, and not falsified through one of Ms. Birchard's websites or blogs.

*As far as we know, Katie Lynn Birchard is not a psychic and has no way of legally knowing what is being searched via Google, unless she has hacked into the computer of said individuals.

*Someone, claiming to be Kevin Birchard and insinuating that he was Katie's father, sent homophobic and harassing emails and comments to several people in recent days.  We felt that it was alarming enough to warrant a mention here.

*A temporary restraining order is not a "full-blown" restraining order.  Such temporary orders are granted when a person claims to have experienced physical violence and are standard to protect the general public.  The burden of proof now lies in Katie's hands, and she must now prove such accusations on September 10th in Burbank, California.

*According to Katie Lynn Birchard, her career list has been at one time, or is currently the following:
- Screenwriter
- Actress
- Publisher
- Singer
- Songwriter
- Producer
- Author
- Silent Film Authority
- Record Label Owner
- Publishing Company Owner

She claims to be doing very well with her endeavors, but in the same sentence, claims to be totally broke, with no car, and also asking the court to waive all of her legal fees, due to inability to pay.

We will let everyone make their own conclusions on the preceding.  Enough has been said.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

"Hala Pickford" - Quote Of The Day

"I will keep publishing, I will keep writing, I'll keep being young and hot, and they can suck on jail bars if they don't like it." - Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford"

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Quote Of The Day

"I'm a little tickled as they asked me to write a piece on the history of the [The Motion Picture] home and the silent stars involved.  So I did.  And naturally it was so long and awesome they had to split it into two pieces, as neither side could decide what to cut out.  They gave me a little banner and everything."  - Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford"

Did anyone else just throw up in their mouths a little? Of course it was "long and awesome."  I wonder if "they" have any idea what kind of reputation they are giving themselves by association alone.  I also wonder how soon "they" will become one of the "kookies" that Katie so loves to refer to in her "love letters" after they discover her habits and patterns?

PVG Publishing - Authors Allegedly Want Out!

According to a close friend of an unnamed PVG Publishing author, the publisher and the name "Hala Pickford" have become so toxic, that the author allegedly wants out of her arrangement with the company.  The author is allegedly "horrified" at the discovery of Katie Lynn Birchard's behavior and the unprofessional way the company is run.  Story Developing.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" FRAUD! - Posts Non-Existant Address On Official Court Documents

In her latest attempt to thwart justice, Katie Lynn Birchard has fraudulently filled out legal court documents, indicating that she can be reached at an address that doesn't even exist.  This has been independently verified through the USPS and via public records.  In said court documents, they instruct the petitioner to include a "mailing address" if they wish not to give their home address.  This is done, so that the petitioner can be serviced with official court documents in response to their filings.  Katie has not provided a proper mailing address nor the address where she can be serviced with such documents.  That way, she can once again, plead ignorance to hearings, orders, etc.  Formal complaints of such fraud have been submitted to the Burbank Courts, as well as in all legal response papers.  

Ms. Birchard's response will be predictable, probably to state that she was scared for her life and couldn't possibly post any sort of address she could be reached at.  She consistently claims to fear bodily harm, yet she shows up, without any sort of security to all sorts of public events; some hosted by the people she supposedly fears.  She even goes as far as to publicly snicker at, wave to and provoke the people that have supposedly "conspired" to kill her.  It's all preposterous.

Katie is once again, trying to play the court and everyone around her for fools, making up her own "laws" and "rules" as she goes along.  We don't think for one second that a judge will buy all of the bullshit she has attempted to concoct for her latest charade.  We hope she learns that the court legal system is not a circus, and that she has to abide by the same laws and rules as the rest of society.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Monday, August 23, 2010

Rampant Homophobia Passed From Father (Kevin Birchard) To Daughter (Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford")

On Saturday, August 21st, a spree of emails were received, purportedly from Kevin Birchard, Katie Lynn's father.  These emails came from an IP address in Iowa, just minutes from where Katie Lynn's family have been reported to live.  I strongly suspect that these emails are indeed from Kevin Birchard.  They are riddled with the same spelling and grammatical errors that we've come to expect from Katie, and his hate-filled and homophobic comments explain where she picked it up.  I understand a father trying to stand up for their daughter, but Mr. Birchard should be ashamed of himself.  Maybe in Iowa, it's fine to teach your children that intolerance and hate are acceptable, but out in the real world, we all know different.  How dare you throw your "shame shames" around, while in the same breath exhibiting disgusting and unacceptable behavior.

On August 21st, I received the following, purportedly from Kevin Birchard.
"Tra*y Terh*ne has constantly stalked and harrassed my daughter for months. He is the kind of person who sues everyone who pisses him off. This is a 60 some year old man who picks on the young people. Shame on you , Mr. Terh*ne , YOU SHOULD KNOW BETTER. Now do the right thing and stop harrassing my daughter. Put an end to this ridiculous lawsuit. Even the courts in California are not going to entertain your bullshit lawsuit here. You ought to be ashamed of yourself!!"
Apparently Mr. Birchard has never met his daughter.  Either that, or he knows nothing of her real antics and real-life behavior.  Katie Lynn Birchard (Under the guise of "Hala Pickford") has been harassing, defaming and stalking Tracy and many others for years.  Tra*y does NOT have a history of bringing frivolous lawsuits against people. He should probably ask his daughter how many frivolous restraining orders she has thrown around in every direction of the compass.  He should also ask his daughter why she has allowed this to go on for many years, when this could have been easily resolved by her removing her uneducated, hate filled rants from the internet.  He should probably ask her why it's fine for her to post untrue and shitty things about people as if it's her job, but when anyone publicly calls her out on her bullshit, she turns the Burbank Court House into fucking circus, attempting to file restraint after restraint, begging for her legal fees to be waved, claiming that she's a scared child with no job, no money and failing health;  all of which she attributes to others, instead of standing up like a real woman and accepting responsibility for her own fuck ups.  That's reality, Mr. Birchard, and we are betting that the California Court System will side with us on this one.

Mr. Birchard also sent the following two emails, from the same IP address, in the same 24 hour period.
"Your foul mouthed and hateful comments are not appriciated by this parent. Please remove your distastfull remarks and copied websites of my daughter.How old are you,,,, you should be ashamed of yourself.  Do the right thing, or I\'ll take legal action against your sorry ass!!
               kevin birchard"

"REal smart Asshole.  It is stupid fuckers like you that give the internet a bad name.  Rot in hell and die yourrself you gay son of a bitch...
  oh yea,  why don't you take your gay lover Jayden with ya!!!  LOl!!!!"

We can not imagine that these did not indeed come from Kevin Birchard.  He exhibits the EXACT same antics as his daughter, calling the kettle black at every opportunity.  His first email asks for the removal of the website, calling it "foul-mouthed" but in the next breath, starts talking with a foul-mouth, making threats and throwing around hateful and homophobic slurs.

The Birchard's will all soon see how the California Justice System really works.  Katie Lynn has multiple court appearances coming up in the next two weeks and we will hopefully be closing the "Hala Pickford" chapter in all of our lives very soon.  I'd venture to guess that we won't be her last victims, but we certainly will be the first to stand up and show her that not everyone will take her shit lying down.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Hala Pickford" & The Rampant Case Of Homophobia & Denial

SOMEONE please buy this woman a copy of Microsoft Word, so that she can run a spelling and grammar check before posting her blogs.  For someone who claims to be a "professional" author, you'd think that it wouldn't look like a 5 year old on an IBM typewriter put her blog together. 

Katie Lynn Birchard's latest blog entry rant is a whopping 3400+ word defense of why she isn't homophobic.  That's over 19,000 keystrokes, folks, and in the midst of her defense bullshit, she not only lied through her teeth, but proved to us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that she was indeed homophobic; hateful to the core.

She claims that her current legal situations, her lashing out, her hateful blogs & blog posts, her health problems, and all other associated problems in her life are due to the fact that she defended Valentino's sexuality.


Keep in mind that she's been posting these hate blogs and comments for the better part of 10 years; long before anyone had ever heard of a "Hala Pickford."  Katie also has this foul habit of lumping people/groups together, claiming they share a specific opinion and what have you, when in fact, she has no idea what their views on a specific topic really are.  She's not psychic, (unless this is yet another of her hidden talents) and as much as we'd all love to sit down with her to chat over tea & biscuits, none of us are sharing intimate parts of our life with this woman.

In numerous emails, Katie has accused Zachary Jaydon, David Bret, Tra*y Terh*ne & others of being "Boyfriends," "Lovers," and the like, when in fact, none of these people have ever laid eyes on the other.   Katie speculates about the sexuality of others as much as any person or group have ever speculated about Valentino's, calling the kettle black to the point of insanity.  In her latest blog entry, Birchard writes:

"Today marks 84 years since Rudolph Valentino died.  I currently have two court dates, two police investigations, and some more legal action to take...all because I stood up for the facts regarding him.  Me, someone easily labeled a liberal hippy type, pegged with such horrific words, taken down with vows of 'that homophobic bitch who does she think she is?'  I've had my professional name, my legal name, my business, and my work slandered and defamed by this sick sick people...all gay men on a fundie agenda.  All gay men shaming the GLBT with their actions."

I am not sure where she gets her information, but unless she's assuming all of those around her are gay because they refuse to fuck her fat arse, I'm not sure where she'd come up with such conclusions.  At least some of these men are married, with children, and none have come out publicly to state they were LGBT or otherwise.  How she can justify this behavior is beyond our wildest imagination.  She claims to be pissed that others are trying to pigeon-hole Valentino as a homosexual, when there is no evidence of such, yet she throws around accusations that every one of her enemies is a rampant gay man on a "fundie agenda."  No one is out to get her because she defended Rudolph Valentino's honor.  She can say she loves gays, has gay family members, etc, but until she stops making rampant homophobic & hateful comments, she is going to continue to be labeled as a homophobic, hateful bitch.  The only one shaming the LGBT community here is Ms. Birchard.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

"Hala Pickford" - Quote Of The Day

"I look good, but I am not famous. If you're going to paparazzi me for harassment sake, then you better damn well be giving me millions while doing it. I'm a private citizen and I demand to be treated as such." - Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA, "Hala Pickford")

Our thoughts:
Private citizens do not choose professions such as singer, songwriter, record label owner, author or owner/operator of a publishing company.  A person can't have it both ways.  Either you're a public figure or you aren't.

Private citizens do not create blogs dedicated to the libel and defamation of targeted citizens and groups using controversial tactics.

Private citizens do not engage in controversial public debates in various blogs and forums, including, but not limited to topics such as, Sexuality & Homo/Bisexual rights, Religion, Famous Personalities, etc.

Private citizens do not intentionally stir up said topics of scandal and make allegations targeting groups and individuals in public forums.

Private citizens do not publicly "review" books, famous personalities, movies, TV shows & associated groups/clubs, without the expectation that someone will disagree with them in the very same public forums.

Private citizens do not intentionally make a public spectacle of themselves by wearing "Loud" attire, and drawing attention to themselves by being "Loud" in general, without an expectation that they will draw attention to themselves and get some sort of "reaction."

The State of California has battled the subject of the paparazzi for decades, and news outlets such as TMZ, Perez Hilton, OK Magazine, The National Enquirer and hundreds of others have made millions snapping pictures of celebrities and non-celebrities alike.  The fact is, it's still legal.  If you enter a public forum, you can expect your picture to be taken.  That doesn't just go for Katie, but all of us as well.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

UPDATE: Police Involved In Alleged "Hala Pickford" Assault At Silent Movie Screening

At the Theda Bara screening last night, (which Katie claimed for weeks she would not attend) sources confirm there was indeed a physical altercation, involving an alleged assault by Katie on a female movie goer, resulting in police involvement.  A Silent Movie Theater employee verified that there was an altercation, but could not comment on its' nature, as he was not a witness.  He said "There were definitely two customers that did not get along."  He also said that Katie made claims that the other customer was trying to take her picture, and that she was merely trying to take the camera away.  Ms. Birchard also let the theater management know that there were people in the venue that had allegedly made death threats to her, as well as violating alleged restraining orders by being there as well.  The theater employee tells us that it was Ms. Birchard whom called the police, which she confirms on her blog.  Theater employees tell us they had "...never seen any situation like this at a film screening before."

According to other witnesses to the alleged event, the other female movie goer did not have a "Big Blue 80's Camera," as Katie claims, but a small cell phone with a blue case.  Witnesses also tell us that the other movie goer was texting or web surfing with her head down, waiting in line at the snack bar, when Katie stormed up and allegedly began assaulting the woman,  trying to take her cell phone and creating a large scene.  They claim that the other woman was never attempting to snap any pictures of Ms. Birchard and caught her by surprise.  We are told by theater employees that after the first film let out, prior to the second screening, Katie was told it was okay to go home, that no one was going to follow her, and she left.  

Pictures and video of the altercation are said to exist, but as of yet we have not received any.  We hope that if the alleged assault did occur, that such pictures or videos do exist, as it would serve as hard evidence that Katie had physically violated another theater patron without cause or provocation.  Such would be a crime in the State of California, possibly resulting in probation or jail time.

We do not condone physical violence of any kind towards Katie, and have stated such as a permanent part of our blog.  We also do not condone physical violence from Katie.  Such acts are inexcusable and deplorable.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Katie Lynn Birchard Allegedly Has Physical Altercation At Silent Movie Screening In West Hollywood

We have received several reports from witnesses stating that Katie Lynn Birchard was involved in a physical altercation, in which she allegedly assaulted another female movie-goer.  The incident allegedly took place at tonight's screening of a rare in Theda Bara film in West Hollywood, California.  We have reached out to theatre employees & possible witnesses for additional details. Story Developing.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard & Her Newest Attacks! (Alleged Lawsuits Abound!)

In our very humble opinion, Katie Lynn Birchard should change the title of her desperately pathetic blog to:

Boycott David Bret, Tracy Terhune, Stella Grace, Bob Birchard, Cinecon, Zachary Jaydon, Jaydon D. Paull, Skyler Morgan, Jeffry Vance, Patricia Krownwell, Joshua Christiansen, "The Group Of Ten," Donna Hill, Close To Home, Fredreica Merrivale, Hugh Neely, Daughters of Naldi, and ANYONE Else Whom DARES To Question My Thoughts Or Opinions! 

That is what her blog has indeed turned into.  In her newest entry, she threatens to sue Bob Birchard and Stella Grace for merely showing up to public court hearings, calling it "harassment."  She claims that the duo are trying to destroy her life, blah, blah, blah... We have heard the same story so many times, it would almost be more practical if she told the same story and inserted different names for each blog post.  Each post claims that yet another "Monster" is trying to ruin her life or career.  Her life and career were non-existent from the beginning, so it's a rather moot point if you ask us.

There will be people in the court room at EVERY hearing to bring you the truth about what really goes on.  We will be posting minutes for review.  Each feeble attempt at suing another individual, or seeking ludicrous restraining orders, wasting tax-payer dollars in the process, only strengthens the case against Ms. Birchard.

We will be keeping you updated very soon.

Until then,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Why "Hala Pickford" (Katie Lynn Birchard) SHOULD NEVER Say Another Woman Looks Like A Drag Queen...

We have officially heard it all, ladies and gentleman.  Katie Lynn Birchard has resorted to calling a certain woman's appearance "haggy," commenting that she "looks like a drag queen who has not yet managed to master the art of looking like a woman..."  She also goes on to say the very same woman "has frizzy badly bleached blonde hair, makeup that shames a blind man, and tends to dress like an Iowan at Disney World. Frumpy and terrifying all around" Excuse us, but isn't Katie herself from Iowa?  Maybe she's really pissed because said woman stole the outfit that SHE planned to wear to DisneyWorld, herself?  We have PERSONALLY seen Ms. Birchard walking around with more feathers and boa's than ANY queen in New York.

As such, we find Ms. Birchard's comments splendidly ironic for a multitude of reasons, but instead of talking about it further, we would like to SHOW you some examples instead:

EXHIBIT I - Katie Lynn Birchard Out On The Town!

Please take notice of the make-up. Someone tell us how she could EVER tell another person that they look like a drag queen?

EXHIBIT II -  "Hala Kitty" Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Record Label Owner, Extraordinaire!

We don't mean to be critical, but we have seen this EXACT outfit at the drag shop in Los Angeles.


Is it just us, or do Katie's tits look like they were hand crafted by Dr. Kleenex?  Never mind the horrendous Box Blonde Bleach job and bad roots.

We believe that her newest lashing out is merely in response to the fact that there are people at EVERY court hearing, prepared to bring you the real truth about her.  She hates the fact that she can't hide behind what she claims to be fact on her blog.  At each and every court hearing, more and more people show up in support of exposing the truth.  She seems to think the court system is some secret club that only she and her victims are entitled to attend where she attempts to slander them further.  For a heads up to those who may not know;  COURT IS A PUBLIC FORUM, unless a judge sees fit to grant a closed hearing.  Each and everything word spoken, as well as all documents submitted become public record, and as such, are available to anyone.  Closed hearings are rarely granted.

So there you have it, folks.  Keep in mind the above opinions are our own, but if our suspicions are correct, most would come to the same conclusion.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Saturday, August 14, 2010

PROOF That Katie Lynn Birchard DOES NOT Have A "Stayaway Order" Against Tra*y Terh*ne

In several recent restraining order requests, Katie Lynn Birchard perjures herself by claiming that she has a "StayAway" order against Mr. Tra*y Terh*ne.  In truth, she doesn't.  She never did.  The court even refused to issue her a temporary order while her "case" went through the California Court System.

We know this, because we have the court minutes.  In the courtroom, The Honorable Judge Dederick states the following:

"I think when you... talk about his obsessive behavior, it seems that you should turn the mirror around and look in it yourself."

Judge Dederick also goes on to say:

"With respect to the remaining orders, there is absolutely no basis for granting any of those orders.  NO STAYAWAY ORDERS ARE APPROPRIATE; NONE OF THE PERSONAL CONTACT ORDERS, with the exception of the one involving contact between the two of you."

The judge goes on to say that Tra*y could just as easily be seeking the same order, and that it was as much intended to protect him.  Katie was seeking an order of restraint, making it illegal for Tra*y Terh*ne to even attend his own functions, barring him from most silent film venues in Los Angeles, making ludicrous claims of threat and fear.

So, there you can see that Katie, yet again, twists reality to make it suit her.  She continues to tell half-truths and blatantly lie to make herself seem like the victim.  Thankfully, the Honorable Judge Dederick saw through her exaggerated claims and justice prevailed.  We will be making ALL of the court minutes for each of the public hearings available to you here for your review.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Monday, August 9, 2010

In The Courtroom With Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA, "Hala Pickford")

On Friday, Katie Lynn Birchard was in a Burbank court room, yet again. After losing her first battle with Tr*cy Terh*ne, Katie was back in court, at a hearing she wasn't even supposed to appear at, demanding the judge give her more time to prepare her case, citing health reasons, also claiming she'd "JUST RECEIVED NOTICE OF HER HEARING THE DAY BEFORE!?"  We all know that's bullshit, considering it's been plastered on every website that she reads daily.  Needless to say, she attempted to get a several month hiatus of her case, citing health reasons and needing time to prep for her "case."

When you agree to represent "yourself," you become responsible for keeping track of all of your court dates and filing motions, etc on time.  It becomes your responsibility to have a reliable mailing address provided to the plaintiff's attorneys.  If you are going to hide in the back closet of your cleaning lady's house, at least make sure she reads enough English to properly give you your mail.  If you're going to move, it's your job to leave a forwarding address, when you know you're in the middle of multiple lawsuits, retraining orders, etc. These seem like common sense life choices to us.

Ms. Birchard showed up to court wearing ridiculous clothes; very baggy, low rider jeans, ass hanging out, and an inappropriate top. She waddled into court, her chubby clutches filled with THREE canvas bags full of "evidence" and documentation on why everyone in the world is crazy but her.  We were sitting just a couple of rows behind Katie in court. The court room is very small. When she got up to use the bathroom, she noticed us, and was NOT happy.  When she got back from the bathroom, she decided to move back a few rows, tripping over her own feet and nearly falling to the floor. She finally took her seat, manically huffing and puffing. (We thought she'd have a stroke.)  Her self entitlement was astounding; making demands as if she had a right to.  The judge MOST CERTAINLY recognized her, from her recent "stay away" case, pointing it out on court record.

Long story short, she was told "no" to her request for a months long hiatus. Court is again in session for September 6th, 2010  to appear in her lawsuit with Tra*y Terh*ne, whom is suing her for $100,000.00 PLUS any punitive damages the court sees fit.  We are next in line. She should be seeing her notice to appear very soon.  She will also have to make an appearance to answer her "stop harassment request" on September 10th, 2010 at 10:30am. 

We will continue to keep you posted!

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Hala Pickford" Goes Into Hiding?

Has "Hala" finally figured out that she isn't wanted in the silent film community? According to several members, she was a "No Show" at last night's Zaza screening in Los Angeles, although, as usual, she tweeted and blogged hateful messages during the evening.  We got the following email from a theatre goer last night.  For obvious reasons, the sender wishes to remain anonymous. We are happy to respect that request. Read on for their account of the evening:

"Disappointingly, "Hala" was a big 'no show' at the Zaza screening in Los Angeles.  (She probably couldn't fit into that Swanson dress?)  Keep in mind several people there were ready and on the lookout for her.  One person had her camera with her and intended to just walk right up to her and begin snapping pictures, should she appear.  Another person planned to sit next to her and turn and just stare at her - just to let her know she's not welcome here; that we ALL know what she's really about.  Needless to say, within 10 minutes of the films conclusion, she Tweeted about the posting of her new blog entry and  once again she lashed out at Cinecon and its fantasic staff of volunteers for ludicrous reasons

At the theatre, "Hala Pickford's" PVG Publishing "Theda Bara" postcards were seen scattered all over the floor, most likely deposited there by people with good taste.  Several young people were walking all over them as they waited in line to get into the restroom. (Restrooms are one person at a time style.)  There is a ledge right next to the men 's &  women's restrooms where flyers of upcoming events are often placed. Apparently, "Hala" put some of her PVG Book postcards there.   It was hilarious to see the younger crowd (the ones she's 'reaching' out to, not the OTC) talking excitedly about the event, as they stood on "Hala's" Theda Bara poscards that were strewn all over the floor.  Not a single person so much as bent over to pick any of them up. NO ONE showed even the slightest interest in them. Later I saw an employee from behind the snack bar get a dustpan to go sweep them up and dump them in the trash!  Justice!"

Everyone seems to know that she and PVG Publishing are done in any sort of professional capacity but Katie.  Thankfully she's seeming to finally get the picture that people are done putting up with her bullshit and crazy antics.  Many people have offered to snap photos of Katie in her ill-fitting clothes at different events. We are sort of sad that she didn't show up.  Keep the info and pictures coming, folks. We are happy to respect your anonymity.

Looking Forward,
The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

"Hala Pickford" Victim Of The Day...

Katie's latest batch of hate is directed at Cinecon and its' volunteers.  For those of you unfamiliar, Cinecon is one of the most well respected silent film entities in the world. It has been around since 1965, and is considered by many to be the premier silent film authority.  It's members are extremely well respected, and include experts and family members of some of the greatest silent film stars in history.

Katie, once again, spews her hate and bullshit in the direction of any person or entity that doesn't agree with her thoughts or views. (To sum it up short, Katie hates everyone, as no one agrees with her fucked up opinions.)  She claims that the film festival is "run by the Wicked Witch and most bitterest of old people." (Love the grammer, darling.)  She also refers to the very well respected group as "unfriendly" and "unwelcoming."  We have spoken with nearly a dozen people associated with the event and we could not disagree more. We have found each and every person to be polite, helpful and extremely gracious. They have been more than knowledgeable about silent film, and have gone out of their way to welcome anyone interested in being a part of the group; young or old.

I think what we have here is yet another case of Katie Birchard feeling unwelcome.  It's not just a feeling, Ms. Birchard. You're not welcome. You're not welcome in that circle or any other circle of people. You've yet again continued to alienate yourself by being a jaded bitch, and trying to attack a perfectly decent group of well meaning people.  I'd have them publicly commended, as they have obviously shown exemplary taste to dis-include you. As the judge said to you in court during your circus involving Tracy Terhune:  "With all due respect, take a look in the mirror."  The problem with that is, you can't. You can't stand to look at your debilitated outward, and your insides are as black as tar.

Until next time...

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"Hala Pickford" Thought Of The Day...

Tomorrow night is the Swanson screening of "Zaza" in Los Angeles.  Even though she's completely unwelcome and unwanted, Katie will probably show up. We wonder if she'll wear her eBay prize Swanson dress to the event. Will it fit, you ask? Probably not. She'll more than likely just stuff her fat arse into it and trot in all alone to the theatre, bulging in areas no one should ever have to look at in public. Don't say we didn't warn you, but if you do happen to see her, give her a "hi there" and "hello" from us!

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard (Hala Pickford) Team Receives Public Funding!

Yes, folks. You heard correctly. Over the weekend we have secured over $10,000 in donations to increase awareness of "Hala Pickford's" libelous, lying ways.  That's almost what Katie's grandma gives her in an entire YEAR!  We have purchased a massive "back linking" package, which will result in a MUCH higher Google indexing. That way, when someone searches for ANY of her many aliases, projects, companies or lies, the EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard site will come up first in search. 

We have also been tipped off, by some very knowledgeable industry professionals that Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA "Hala Pickford") Is INDEED being investigated for Copyright Infringement. Not only would this purported matter open Katie up for civil litigation, but she could also be facing CRIMINAL charges as well.   We will keep you updated on this matter as it becomes available.

We are still reading through court minutes from Katie's various escapades, and will be bringing you highlights as the week progresses, as well as posting actual court documents very soon. We are told that Katie is the "laughing stock" of the silent film community, and that MANY of the communities' most prominent and influential are reading all about Katie here.  To that, we say, "HAPPY READING!"

Thank you SO much for all of your support. This is the WORLDS forum to EXPOSE Katie for who she REALLY is. If you have anything you'd like to say here, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team