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Friday, September 10, 2010

UPDATE: Battery Charges Filed Against Katie Lynn Birchard

On Wednesday, August 18th, 2010, Katie Lynn Birchard physically assaulted Ms. St*lla Gr*ce at the Silent Movie Theater in Los Angeles during a rare Theda Bara screening.  Ms. Birchard was unprovoked, and Ms. Grace was caught completely off guard by the violent altercation.  Ms. Birchard was raving like a lunatic in front of a group of people, grabbing Ms. Grace's hand, saying she was "going to break it."  She also attempted several times to remove Ms. Grace's cell phone, so that Ms. Grace could not call for help.

Ms. Grace filed formal battery charges with the Burbank Police Department the following day.  Grace was immediately issued a restraining order against Katie Lynn Birchard.  Law enforcement officials attempted to serve Birchard at a non-existant address that Birchard herself had provided to the Burbank Courthouse.  The order was then modified to reflect her true address, and sent for reservice.  The Sheriff's department attempted, again unsuccessfully to serve Ms. Birchard with the restraining order, but Birchard barricaded herself inside her home, and refused to answer the door for law enforcement.  Another uninvolved party also attempted to serve Birchard with the order, but again she refused to come to the door.  She later called the police to report that someone was "yelling in her windows."  She admitted to being home when the orders were attempted to be served.  She was labeled an "evader" by the Sheriff's office.  Birchard was finally served with the order of restraint at the Burbank Courthouse today, as she waited to make her first of three appearances for various cases, including the case stemming from the above assault.

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