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Friday, September 3, 2010

RudolphValentino{dot}org - An Unworthy Cause

Katie Lynn Birchard, who goes by the fictitious name, "Hala Pickford," set up RudolphValentino{dot}org as a supposed legitimate Valentino website, dedicated to setting up a Rudolph Valentino Society, Film Festival and more.  Needless to say, like all of her projects, Katis has let her dribble piss of hate, libel, homophobia and lies spread to that project as well.  

Katie charges a $35.00 membership fee to join the society, and claims she makes no profit, stating:
ALL profits of The Rudolph Valentino Society memberships, dues, donations, and merchandise (including festival merchandise) go to the Society. 
This money helps fund current and future endeavors including the film festival, restoring films, events, and web maintenance.

NO ONE including The Founding Sheba, Volunteers, Members, and so forth profits AT ALL from this Society.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards just like other societies, including Hollywood Heritage and The Buster Keaton Society.
Web maintenance?  I hope she isn't referring to the constant flow of bullshit that regularly appears and that website, in which she claims to have a "Stayaway" order from Tra*y Terh*ne, bashing The Valentino Memorial, etc.  Would you want your $35.00 membership fee going to that kind of "website maintenance?"  We didn't either.  We have also been told by several, that they asked Katie to see the financial reports from the society, (they should be public record) but were denied access.

One thing is for sure; The Rudolph Valentino Society, run by Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A., "Hala Pickford" is not held to the highest standards, such as the other societies that she mentions.  Ms. Birchard runs that projects, like she runs all of her other projects and her life; with bitterness, hatred, homophobia, unprofessionalism and lies.

If you are genuinely interested in Rudolph Valentino, we respectfully suggest that you take a look at one of the other, more established, respectable societies.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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