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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hala Pickford's "Perpetual Crapper" - The Girl's Guide to recreating the looks and fashions of 1909-1931

Ladies and Gentleman.  After MONTHS of delays, we are starting to wonder if this book is EVER going to see the printers ink.  In 2009, we were promised that if we pre-ordered this MASTERPIECE shite, we would get an instructional DVD as an added bonus, giving us a visual how-to.  The most "amazeballs" part of this, is that the video would star Ms. "Hala Pickford" herself!  Even though the book was due to release on April 3rd, 2010 the powers that be at 1921 PVG Publishing have yet to resolve the book delay nearly 8 months later.  Today, however is your lucky day! We have obtained several of the fantastic photos that will be featured in the book that will teach you how to look like a Vamp Tramp, Sheba Clown or Flapper Lunatic! (Someone get this superstar creature some Crest Whitening Strips, STAT!)

These EXCLUSIVE photos come from the following 2 chapters:

*Make up 

Feast your eyes on these babies, and by feast your eyes, we mean, try not to projectile vomit all over your computer screen. It's really hard to clean up. Don't forget to Pre-Order!  If you can't wait, be sure to contact 1921 PVG Publishing at the number at the top of this blog. You're sure to reach "Hala" herself.  That is, if she's out of bed to answer the line!


The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

I AM Ms. "Hala Pickford."


Honey, your nail polish looks like Stevie Wonder applied it.

This is my "Oh" face.

Could we please get a "How-To" Hold Up Saggy Knockers" DVD as well?

Smile for the camera! No, "Hala" You can't EAT the lipstick!

If this is what women in the early 1900's looked like, no wonder Rudy was gay.

Is this supposed to be the Tragic ending?

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