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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Is "Hala Pickford's" Reign Of Terror Finally Coming To An End?

In less than 48 hours, Katie Lynn Birchard will make the first of several court appearances; all on Friday, and all in front of the same judge.  In our opinion, the judge is already on to her crazy antics. lies and what we  believe is fraud.  He has already seen her multiple times, and made a comment at her last court hearing regarding her numerous appearances.  The following week, Ms. Birchard will see the same judge, yet again, in which he will settle the final details of Tra*y Terh*ne's $100,000.00 lawsuit against Ms. Birchard for Defamation of Character.

We are hoping beyond all hope that the judge will put an end to all of this and that Katie will finally realize that she can not continue down this path of self-destruction, spreading hate, lies, alleged fraud, homophobia, scandal and character assassination throughout dozens of groups and individuals.  We hope this will finally end her decade-long internet scandal against good and upstanding citizens.

The witness statements, rebuttals and evidences are stacked sky-high against Katie.  Her police inquiries have all been closed.  We will be posting the details of the conclusion of that tirade next week.  Thank you to the many that are standing up and speaking out against this hateful individual.  As always, your privacy and anonymity is respected.

We will be keeping you posted throughout Friday's court hearings as to the outcomes of her frivilous restraining orders.  We also have much more to tell you regarding several ongoing investigations into "Hala's" alleged assault on a female movie-goer and perjuring herself on official court documents.  Next week, we will bring you the truth as to the conclusion of her being sued and what the Honorable Judge really has to say.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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