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Friday, August 27, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard - Back In Court Again, & Again, & Again, & Again

Since turning the Burbank Police Department and Burbank Courthouse into a 3-ring circus, Katie has been admonished multiple times.  She has been admonished by judges, police officers, detectives and more.  They have, on public record, told her that her blogs are inappropriate and that she should remove them, but she refuses.  Ms. Birchard has been denied her ridiculous restraining order against Tra*y Terh*ne, as well as having her frivolous legal complaint against David Bret tossed out completely.

Tra*y Terh*ne has already won a default judgment against Katie.  Ms. Birchard is now trying to get the ruling reversed.   Ms. Birchard will be making no less than 4 court appearances on or before Friday, September 16th, to supply her burden of proof, (which doesn't exist) and to defend her inappropriate actions.  This is, to assume that she'll even show up.  She makes a habit of making excuses and creating her own rules.  She claims to have missed her court appearance with Mr. Terh*ne due to the fear of death, yet she feels fine going to Silent Film Screenings, at which she knows he will be present.  We'd be afraid to squeeze Ms. Birchard too hard, as shit would assumingly ooze from every orifice.

The unfortunate fact for Katie is that the Burbank Court system is very small and the same judge will be hearing all 4 cases, almost back-to-back.  She can not pull the wool over his eyes, as she has tried to do with other officials and officers.  By the end of her fourth case, we can only imagine what his ruling will entail.  We are hoping for a Court Ordered Psychological Examination, but not getting our hopes up.  We think this would be the best case scenario for all parties involved, including Katie.

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The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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