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Friday, September 17, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA, Hala Pickford) Loses Defamation Lawsuit In Burbank Courthouse; $100,000.00 Judgement Granted To Tracy Terhune


September 17th, 2010

The Honorable Judge William D. Stewart ruled in a Burbank, California courthouse in favor of Mr. Tracy Terhune, awarding him $100,000.00 (One-Hundred-Thousand Dollars) plus all court costs after finding that Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford," was guilty of unmerited Defamation of Character.  The judgment comes in the wake of a more than year long character assassination campaign by Ms. Birchard, in which she deliberately & knowingly misled readers, making outrageous claims that Terhune was "mentally ill," "cracked out," "defrauding" his audience, "threatening her life" and more.  She has frequently used hateful and homophobic outbursts in her attacks against Terhune & others.  Birchard uses search engines such as Google and Yahoo to forward her fraud and lies, harassing her many victims mercilessly and without provocation.

Ms. Birchard recently filed a motion to have the original order overturned.  Judge Stewart struck down her motion and ruled in favor of Mr. Terhune.  The Honorable Judge also made mention in court that her lack of appearance today had no basis on his ruling, as her appearance was not mandatory.   His decision to reject her motion was posted before today's hearings began.  In the 7-day period, Judge Stewart also dismissed multiple frivolous restraining orders filed by Ms. Birchard, some as far away as Orlando, Florida and the United Kingdom.

In addition, Judge Stewart ordered Katie Lynn Birchard to remove all references, both direct and indirect, that refer to Mr. Terhune from her numerous hate blogs and gossip websites, including her "Forget The Talkies," "Boycott David Bret" & Rudolph Valentino pieces.  She must remove all references to Terhune or face a contempt of court charge, punishable by possible fines & jail time.  Birchard is also prohibited from any future mention of Terhune either directly, or indirectly.

We would like to congratulate Tracy Terhune & his entire legal team on a well-deserved victory!

Until next time,
The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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