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Friday, December 31, 2010

The Art Deco Society Of Los Angeles Deems Hala Pickford "Unreliable"

We were recently contacted by a member of the Los Angeles Art Deco Society whom let us know that we were right on target with our assessment of  "Hala Pickford."  Our Art Deco insider tells us that "Hala" started showing up at meetings and became a member of the Society, presenting herself as a "mover-and-shaker."  The insider tells us that "Hala" volunteered for multiple projects only to bail on her commitment to each one at the last minute, claiming she "didn't have money for gas," thought it was "too far to drive" or that it was "too early in the morning."  Our insider tells us that "Hala" was completely unreliable and whenever she would volunteer for a project, they would smile and get someone else as well, knowing that she would be a no-show.

Our insider alleges that the society became aware of "Hala's" legal wranglings in mid-2010 and have decided that it is best to separate themselves as much as possible from Ms. "Pickford." Like many others, the Los Angeles Art Deco Society is afraid to confront "Hala" in any way for fear that she will use fraud and character assassination techniques to attempt to destroy the Societies credibility.  As is typical, more and more people are distancing themselves from "Hala," perceiving her to be mentally unstable, and because no one seems to want to be tied to her in any way.

We will continue to keep you posted as details emerge.

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

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