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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Evelyn Zumaya Claims Father Michael Morris Assisted With Affairs Valentino "Forewarning" - Morris Denies Writing Anything With Zumaya

Evelyn Zumaya touted that a "Valentino authority" assisted in the writing of the "Forewarning" to her Internationally-banned book Affairs Valentino.  We did a brief investigation into the identity of the "authority," whom was identified as Father Michael Morris. Due to irrefutable proof, Zumaya was forced to admit that it was indeed Morris. We contacted Morris for clarification of this accusation, and Morris stated the following:

"...rest assured Her book is completely her own and I did not write any of it," going on to say, "Your email came to me as a total surprise. And I am confounded that anyone would suggest that I wrote any of Affairs Valentino. I am all for free expression in the literary world and oppose censorship of free ideas. But I reiterate that I wrote not one word of her book.So you can share that with your group as you wish.
Michael Morris"
Once again, Evelyn Zumaya has been caught in a big lie, and is stuck with a book that has been banned from all major retailers, due to libelous content.

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The Expose Katie Lynn Birchard & Evelyn Zumaya Team