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Friday, September 3, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Heterosexual Valentino Martyr or Homophobic Fraud?

Katie Lynn Birchard has, on many occasions, tried to play the victim of dozens of people, claiming that she was martyred, hung on a cross, and other religious references, all due to her proclamation that Rudolph Valentino was a heterosexual.

The truth is, Valentino's sexuality has nothing to do with Katie Lynn Birchard's legal or social situations. It never has been.  Katie has posted over 16,000 words in reference to this very topic, purporting that there is a homosexual mob out to crucify here for her declaration.  That is preposterous.  Ms. Birchard's sense of entitlement is extraordinary.  She fails to realize that no one gives two shits about her opinions or views.  The reason she is a social outcast, is because she publicly libels people, by the dozens, and subsequently runs to anyone whom will listen, claiming to be a victim.  She lies like a french rug, claiming to fear Tra*y Terh*ne so much, that she feels a need to sleep with an axe near her bed, and pepper spray under her pillow, but immediately after such claims, shows up at public events, unguarded, alone, waving, smiling and snickering at the very people she claims to fear for her life from.

...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

Katie Lynn Birchard has publicly attacked The Cinecon Organization and a number of its volunteers and organizers, claiming she wasn't warmly welcomed because of her age.  Katie neglects to mention in her hate rants, how she lashed out at these people both publicly, and in private emails before many of them even knew who she was.  She also neglects to mention that she was given complimentary tickets to Cinecon, 2009, only to sleep through most of the event, and then cop an attitude when she showed up nearly an hour after the ticketing table closed on the final evening demanding to be admitted like she was something special.  Ms. Birchard fails to mention that she went to several Silent Film themed message boards, and trashed the entire event, its staff, volunteers, format and many other details, even after being granted complimentary access to the event.  She also viciously attacked the festival, its staff and volunteers on several of her websites;

...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

Things have gotten so out of control with Ms. Birchard lately, that the police have had to invite her to leave film screenings, because she physically assaulted another female movie-goer.  She also called the police at the same event, claiming to have a court issued restraining order against another patron, however, when the police asked her to provide proof of such, she couldn't.  She also admitted to the same police officers, that the supposed patron never approached her or communicated with her in any way at the event.  After being invited to leave, she posted a nearly 3000 word attack of patrons, organizers and others associated with the event, and now goes as far as to say that the event was of her own planning and doing, and that her ideas were stolen and used without credit.
...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

Katie Lynn Birchard has attempted to silence any opposition to her, her ideas or views by filing frivolous restraining orders, wasting thousands of dollars in tax-payer money, and turning the Burbank, California court system into a circus.  She demands that the court wave all fees and costs associated with such orders, due to her allegedly failing health, lack of a job or income and the ludicrous claims that her life is being threatened daily and hangs on the balance of this supposed Valentino Mafia.

...but Katie Lynn Birchard can not understand why people don't care to associate with her?

To a person of average intelligence, simple behavior modification would seem like an easy solution to these problems;  not to Katie Lynn Birchard.  Ms. Birchard will continue to play the victim, fearing death daily from this large, gay Valentino mafia.  Such monsters allegedly hide around every corner.

Our supposition:  Paranoid Schitzophrenia, mixed with one hell of a sense of entitlement and self-worth.  Thankfully, each day, more and more people realize via Google search and word of mouth, that the real victims are those that have the misfortune to meet Katie Lynn Birchard in the first place.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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