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Monday, September 20, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard - Outlandish Claims Abound

Katie Lynn Birchard is at it again, playing a victim and forgetting that there is something called "hard evidence."  She claims this time that David Bret is insisting that different people mail her family a "bomb," and that she hasn't lost her $100,000.00 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) lawsuit against Tracy Terhune.  Once again, Katie Lynn Birchard has lied through her disgusting teeth.  She is quoted as saying:
"David Bret has accused me of impersonating my own father, or a man he thinks is my father. He then posted the man's home address, family's names, phone number, etc and told people to mail him a bomb.  For good measure he then emailed the man about how I had lost to Terhune for '$100,000' which is untrue..."
Now, it's interesting that she claims that she will get her day in court, as she finds herself so important that she thinks her opinions actually matter there.  They don't.  She's already had her "day in court," and she lost miserably each and every step of the way.  We already know that writing English isn't her strong point, but apparently, she can't read English very well either, or she'd be able to look up her case file, just as we did and see that Tracy prevailed each and every step of the way.  She doesn't have a chubby leg to stand on.  It's over.  She lost.  That defeat will follow her around for the rest of her life, or until she comes up with more than $100,000.00. (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars)  She will be held accountable and her personal and 1921 PVG Publishing accounts will be audited regularly to make sure she is broke as she claims.  She also claims that her latest release is doing well.  We know someone (Terhune) whom will be very happy to hear this, as he will be able to more quickly recoup his judgment against her.  If she has 5 pennies to scratch her ass with, Terhune will be taking at least a couple of those.  She's going to have to cut back on the cupcakes if she ever hopes to have this debt paid off.  Not even bankruptcy can save her from owing this.

As you can plainly see, Katie once again tries to make her reality real, and it's as made up as Saturday Morning Cartoons.  Thankfully, "Hala Pickford's" lies & fraud are starting to hit Google like a ton of bricks.
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