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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - The Los Angeles Visionaries Association

"For a lover of silent film, there is nothing silent about Hala Pickford!" - Los Angeles Visionaries Association (L.A.V.A.)

Boy, that statement could not ring more true. There is indeed, nothing silent about "Hala Pickford."   Ms. Birchard is about as silent as a category 5 hurricane.  L.A.V.A.'s mission statement goes on to say: 

"LAVA is a loose-knit consortium of like-minded creative souls based in Los Angeles. Events listed on the LAVA calendar are hosted by their respective organizers, and LAVA assumes no responsibility or liability for anything wonderful or otherwise that should happen to attendees. LAVA membership is discretionary, and good will and good works our only requirements."
We would love to know who's discretion led to her membership?  L.A.V.A. sounds like a fantastic organization, full of intelligent, well meaning, professional adults, but Katie Lynn Birchard has no business being included in that categorization.  The last thing Katie Lynn Birchard needs is another platform in which she can potentially turn into her own personal soap-box of hate, lies, homophobia, libel, slander, frivolous lawsuits, fraud and the like.

According to L.A.V.A.'s website, Hala has been a member for about 5 weeks.  In that 5 weeks, she has not shown any signs of good will or good works.  In that same five week period, she allegedly assaulted a female movie goer, in front of many witnesses, in which the police were called.  She than lied to the police, claiming she had a "stayaway" order from Tra*y Terh*ne, an uninvolved party, asking for his removal from the theater.  When the police asked her to provide proof of such order, she could not.  She later told the police that Tra*y had never approached her.  She was eventually suggested to leave the venue by the police and theater staff, according to theater employees and witnesses.  A formal investigation into the alleged assault and her subsequent activities is ongoing.

Also, during this same 5 week period, Hala has perjured herself on multiple official sworn court documents, in which she provides a non-existent address, and false details on not one, but two restraining orders, claiming that she is being threatened with death and fears for her life.  The individuals she claims to fear will kill her live approximately 3,000 miles and 5,500 miles away from her.  She boasts on one of her many blogs that her publishing company is doing very well, but on all official court documentation, claims to have no money, and asks for all court-fees to be waved.  This is nothing more than fraud, if you ask us.

In the same 5 week period, Katie Lynn Birchard has relentlessly attacked dozens of groups and individuals. without merit.  She has again, recently targeted Cinecon after they allowed her courtesy entrance to the 2009 Cinecon event, free of charge.  She has gone on a spree of vicious attacks against their volunteers, employees and associated members.  Katie makes untrue accusations against the prestigious organization regularly and without provocation or reason.

In the same 5 week period, Katie has thrown out homophobic and hateful comments and accusations about world-renowned authors and Silent Film authorities.  She has libelously attacked this group of upstanding individuals and attempted to assassinate their character and credibility because they do not agree with her views.

In closing, Katie Lynn Birchard has no place belonging to an organization like The Los Angeles Visionaries Association.  She hasn't changed her patterns or hateful behavior since becoming a member, and her list of good deeds and good will is about as long as a shaved public hair.  It is our personal belief that when they discover her current debacle and past behavior that they will remove her from their membership list.  We also believe that when they do so, Katie will begin to relentlessly attack and libel them as well.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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  1. Thanks for all of this. I was pointed to this site by another LAVA member. Hala neglected to show up at our recent meeting, citing that she was being stalked. I was told that they aren't asking her back again. I'll be sure to point this out to the powers that be and to other LAVA members.