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Thursday, September 9, 2010

What We Can Expect From "Hala Pickford" Tomorrow After Multiple Court Hearings

We are officially down to the wire, folks.  In less than 24 hours, Katie Lynn Birchard will make the first of several court appearances tomorrow, with additional court appearances the following week as well  So, what can we expect from Katie in the aftermath of it all?

* BLOGGING; lots of blogging.  Regardless of the outcome of the hearings, Katie will be posting her "spin" on things, regardless of what really happens.  You can expect a huge "I WON!" blog on her sites, regardless of how small or non-existant her purported "victory" really is.  A perfect example of this, is when she was fighting Tra*y Terh*ne.  Merely hours after the hearing, in which she was denied everything she asked for, she put up a celebratory blog, in which she claimed to have a "stayaway order" in place, among other thing, all of which were untrue.  Ms. Birchard still maintains her claim to have this imaginary "stayaway order," however, such an order does not and never has existed.

* EXCUSES; lots of excuses.  When things don't go her way, Ms. Birchard will make excuse after excuse, claiming that everyone and their brothers mother-in-law screwed her with their money, buried her with their legal counsel and the like.  She will never admit failure, due to her own shortcomings or fault.  She will blame the "group of ten," the "monsters that call themselves men," Tracy, Zachary, David, Stella, Bob, Jeffry, Donna and others for conspiring against her, & the court system for their incompetence in not being able to see "it."  She will blame the police detectives for not doing their job and claim that everyone is out to get her to slander her "good name."

* HATE; lots of hate.  As per her usual habits, we fully expect Ms. Birchard to continue her tirade against the multitude of persons and groups that she currently targets.  We even expect her to add names to her "hit list." We expect her rants to assume their usual hateful, homophobic, delusional tone, filled with lies, half-truths and character-assassination attempts.  We're guessing she'll make sure to call all of her male enemies homosexual slurs, labeling the rest "kookies," "monsters," "conmen," and her favorite, "mentally ill."

What can you expect from us?  You can expect an in-depth, accurate report on all of Ms. Birchard's appearances tomorrow, including witness statements, court minutes and documents pertaining to these cases.  You can expect eye-witness accounts of all the drama and reactions inside the court room,  with a detailed account of all goings on.  We are hoping that the judge has her committed for a full psychiatric evaluation  We believe her to be a paranoid schizophrenic and would love to see her get the psychological counseling that we believe her to so desperately need.

We look forward to bringing you all the details tomorrow.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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