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Thursday, July 22, 2010

We Missed You!

Yes, it's true... For about 30 minutes this blog was completely offline. Utterly destroyed at the push of a button. Katie Lynn Birchard attempted to con us by telling us she'd delete her rubbish if we'd extinguish this blog. We thought, in the best interest of all the parties involved, that we would delete everything; give everyone a chance to get back to 'normal."

Long story short... Katie (AKA "Hala Pickford") lied through her teeth. She deleted bits and pieces of what she felt like deleting and basically told us to fuck off on the rest of the deal. ...SO HERE WE ARE AGAIN! ...AND WE WON'T BE SO EASILY FOOLED NEXT TIME!

According to another one of Katie's victims, the Burbank Police Detective that they have been in contact warned them to not delete anything or agree to anything until she had met the terms of her end of the deal, as she's been known to be shady in the past. WOW. What a surprise. Katie wouldn't follow through. That's fine though! We are back and better than ever!

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  1. She is Ugly on the inside and Ugly on the outside.