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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Hala Pickford" - Fraud

"Rudolph Valentino: A Wife's Memories of an Icon" - Page 220 (Excerpt) by "Hala Pickford"

As you can see, Ms. Pickford's books are riddled with the same lousy writing style bad grammar, and double standards. (All in our very humble opinions, of course.)  She was apparently upset that a number of authors have speculated that Mr. Valentino may be gay.  These other authors are referred to as "mentally ill" in the above book because of this speculation AND SPECIFICALLY MENTIONED BY NAME. Professionals don't do this. As I've said before, I've personally never caught Valentino with a cock in his mouth. I've never found a personal diary full of his rampant vagina escapades either, and considering the man has been dead for 85 years, I doubt that Perez Hilton will be putting up any "evidence" of his sexuality, one way or the other, any time soon.

In this book, "Hala" BOLDLY declares: "If no other author will say it then I will: Valentino was straight. 100% bonafide straight with no maybes..."  Well, Ms. "Pickford." Either you have some hard proof that none of the other Valentino authors have seen, or you were a VERY lucky woman in a past life.

We expect "Hala" to start whining that we are stealing her "work" and posting it here. Well, Ms. Birchard, that simply isn't the case. We checked with the copyright office and kept the words quoted below the maximum allotted, gave the book and page credit, quoted it in our "review" and gave the "author" credit. We are actually thinking of wasting the money to purchase the entire book, JUST so that we can do a page by page "review" for our readers!

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