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Monday, July 19, 2010

Katie Birchard (Hala Pickford) Is Just "Too Busy" For Civility & Resolution...

Five days ago, we reached out to Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA Hala Pickford) regarding a permanent and agreeable resolution for ALL parties involved in her hateful, libelous, and gossip filled rants involving more than a dozen people. We, unfortunately, got the same things we expect from Katie Lynn; more hate, libel, homophobic slurs & stalling antics.  In response to our very public plea to Katie Lynn, she responded twenty minutes later with an arrogant email, including this rant:

"I am agreeing to remove the Fraud Files (pending I can remember the login information; I have only used it once) the Boycott Bret site, in return for the removal of your fake Expose and the Angry corner.  Per the truce via the detective I will no longer discuss either of you; as long as myself and Evelyn are not discussed (nor our work) on any of your sites or future sites.

I will not follow a whole bunch of hoops.  I will simply delete the site and account and be done with it.  If I have time I will send an email; but judging by your fanatical checkings you'll figure it out soon enough.  In return I simply expect the same in return: the angry corner and fraud files and music site gone.  An email to alert me if possible.

I will not go through FTT and piss around removing references.  I will not remove a damn thing about Terhune, he can battle me in court for it and he will not win.  In return I ask Bret remove his most recent postings about me on his regular site (including his death threat), and all further back ones (we'll say anything predating June 15th) can remain.

This is a fair and equal proposition.  You would both be wise to take it.  And as for Terhune, well, he can see how well this will look in court."
Katie Lynn Birchard CLEARLY does NOT understand the seriousness of her situation. She expects a half-assed deletion of whichever of her hate-filled rants that she so chooses to remove, depending on her "free time" and leisure.  Katie, YOU ARE going to "piss around" if you EVER expect a resolution of ANY sort from those that you have hurt with your lies.

I responded via email, by saying:

No dice.

I expect a follow-up with sites you have fed any information on the previously mentioned parties. I also don't want to hear anything about "Pending you can find..." Find it. You created it. Uncreate it.  Click the forgot your password link for any site in question. That's what they are there for.  Ego is not driving these requests. Everyone around you is in survival mode. All of us want to forget about this drama and wipe it out completely. Keep that in mind as the final goal. Without the absolute removal of ALL information, there is always something to reference it to, keeping this vicious cycle going. None of us are willing to remain in this cycle. It ALL needs to go, Katie. All of it. You jumped through hundreds of hoops to find, create and make this happen to start with. Now you'll have to jump backwards through any hoops necessary to undo what you did. You created a monster, and now it's eating you alive.

I don't think you realize the seriousness of what is happening all around you. The "truce" with the detective, as you call it, is a nice away of law enforcement documenting the issues at hand, and trying to avoid paperwork in the future.  You are being sued for 6 figures currently, as well as a gaggle of pending civil lawsuits and a criminal investigation. Whether or not you choose to believe this, that is the reality of the situation. Several others of us are in the process of filing civil and criminal complaints against you, and we all have paid attorneys taking care of us.  Without paid legal representation, (YES, that makes a HUGE difference) I don't think you stand a chance in court. When you lose your first battle, the rest will fall like dominoes, as you will have a record of such loss that will be referred to in each subsequent trial.  We are not a judge nor jury, and can't give you a definitive on what will happen in the courts, but the mere accusation will ruin your career as an author as well as is making you a laughing stock in the areas of life that you love.  You self-admittedly cry without provocation and have health issues due to this lifestyle.  I know you don't believe that there are very many that are upset with you, but in truth, there are many. Many more than 10.  

I have heard from many that if you'd merely put away your pride and bad attitude, that you could be a very valuable asset to the silent film community. I have heard this dozens of times. If you had as much passion for your craft as you do for destroying people, you would find yourself well-liked and successful. 23 is much too young to be as jaded, bitter and hateful as you are.  Start over, Katie.  If you want to be Hala Pickford, be Hala Pickford. Wipe your slate and create the Hala Pickford that people can love and not hate. Give her a chance to be all that Katie Lynn Birchard couldn't be. Create your future. Stop letting hate and bitterness create a future for you.

I think you know what it feels like to be publicly humiliated and exposed as a liar, a fraud and a joke in the communities you are trying to work in and around. Take another minute to re-read our expectations of you from the previous email. Return with an exact proposition of what you are willing to and not willing to do. Return exactly what you expect. We will try to work with you from there. You need to come closer to our end of things. You're not even in the middle yet.

Thanks for the time.
Katie Lynn responded, in part by saying:

I cannot resume this bullshit until the 26th; I have real work to do and no time for this.

I will be checking the sites as often as possible.  I expect all of us can respect a ceasefire until further discussions take place.  If one word about me or Evelyn Zumaya goes up on either of your sites between now and that time I will again end all further discussions and resume legal action instead...

So again, we will resume this on the 26th.  I will send an email on that date when I have more time to be back online.

My Response:

Dear Ms. Birchard,

After much thinking:

I don't feel as though you're taking this situation seriously at all.  Your lack of accountability here is disgusting. This "bullshit" as you so call it, has negatively affected the lives of many people, and considering your public cries for "help" from nearly constant meltdowns, fits of pain, etc, I would think you'd take this a little more seriously.  If you want your life back, take it back. Stop pussyfooting around the issues, and let's end this.

I expect consistent communication from you over the next 10 days, moving forward in the direction of a resolution.  Spare me the pity party of you being so busy with "real work," and let's get this ball rolling. I expect daily updates from you on where we stand, what you expect, and what you are doing in regards to things on our end. I will not be waiting 10 days to resume a resolution of a situation that should never have taken place to begin with.  If you can provide a legitimate excuse of why you can not make yourself available online for 10-15 minutes per day, I will consider an alternate solution.  I refuse to believe that your "real work" schedule takes up 16+ hours of your day. We all know better.

Needless to say, I have heard nothing from Katie Lynn in 5 days, which is much more time than should have been allowed to pass without some sort of moving in the right direction. Stop pussy-footing around this issue, Katie. It's not going to go away. Make a lifestyle change, Katie and make it a priority.

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