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Monday, July 19, 2010

Katie Lynn Birchard's Decade-Long History Of Hate & Lashing Out

Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA Hala Pickford, AKA Hala Kitty, AKA Hala Kuromi, AKA Kaja Mundy?) has a more than decade long history with trashing on ANYONE that disagrees with her views in a public setting. As per her current Modus Operandi, she of course, also hid behind an online alias at the tender age of 13; when she was barely 13 years old, she was lashing out at *NSYNC fans in various chat rooms and forums.  Her online alter-ego at age 13; Kaja Mundy (Queen Crazy) (christinacraver87).  This was taken word for word from a post on 12/19/2000. It is the complete post and unedited.  Please pay special attention to sections in bold.

"I am an Anti NSYNC person. Now I post this cause of some experinces on yahoo and not here so this isn't an attack on you guys! I'm a member to an anti NSYNC club there and my alias is christinacraver87. Well in this club the NSYNC fans would come in call us bad names and yell at us. Personally. Never about our beliefs just us. And so one day I went into the biggest NSYNC club and joined so I could post. I asked them to stop attacking us but in the midst I bashed NSYNC a little. Well they started attacking me personally and acted as if I had attacked them. So in the heat of things I attacked them. But then I felt bad and said sorry. And I asked them to do the same. Only 2 people of like the 10 who attacked me read it and only 1 of them said sorry! Now if this doesn't sound pathetic might I add these people were like 20 years old! Now they also attacked my age and was calling me a brat, retard, ...etc. Well this really angered me but I quit going to that club and sides I think they delted my membership. Now why am I posting this? Its because I think people my age who tell that they are my age on the computer get treated like crap. On this website some people who at first didn't like me went after my age too. One who never would make up with me said that kids shouldn't be aloud on the computer. Now the reason I don't lie about my age is many reasons actually. First I think its silly to come on the internet and pretend to be someone you're not. Also when I'm looking for band deals and such I think they need to know how old I really am. Now I do see the reason for security. Thats why I use a fake name (as I've admitted my real name is not Kaja Mundy but Katie Birchard.) Now my best reason for telling my real age is because I want to give a good rap to people my age. Some people who are now my friends on this site are like almost 40 years old and never talked to people my age. But they read a story or a poem or comment of mine and thought I was very nice. And I am. And so are a lot of people. At that yahoo club they acted like I showed I was 13 cause I acted like it. Thats what some of them said. And why is that so horrible? I admit that on this site alone I'm a ball of controversy! Heck at school, and home too! That's just my nature! Yes I can be a bit immature but who at some point isn't? And yes somethings I say I shouldn't have and I apoligize for those cause I fell bad about them. I know a lot of people my age who try to hide it. And the ones who don't are very nice. My debate here is what do you think? Do you place prejudice sometimes on a person for their beliefs? Do you look at 13 year olds and think they are a waste of time and such? Just waondering.-Kaja aka Queen Crazy"  
Identical in her present day rants, Katie refuses to accept responsibility for any of her actions, even after admitting that she's in the wrong. She gets so wrapped up in making asinine comments and accusations, that she forgets who started the problem in the first place.  Katie obviously hasn't learned, even in adult-hood, that you can't go around attacking people all the while expecting nothing in return. She focuses in the above on her age. It's not about your age, woman, it's about your inappropriate behavior, which has obviously remained unchanged a decade later.  Stop coming up with excuses for why you're being "picked on" and change your immature behavior. Stop hiding behind ridiculous online aliases and accept responsibility for YOUR actions.  You constantly accuse others of having "multiple personalities," but your AKA's read like a 60 year old career criminal. Let's modify this behavior, Katie Lynn!

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