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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A Vital Lesson In America's 1st Amendment Rights

Katie Lynn Birchard seemed to have missed the gravy train when it comes to the USA 1st Amendment. You know, the whole "freedom of speech" nonsense and all of that. "Hala Pickford" clearly hasn't taken a history lesson either.

The nice thing about America is you can say whatever you want, provided it's being spoken as an opinion and not a fact. If you present a "fact" about someone, it must be factual. "Hala" presents absolute bullshit as the Gospel Truth.  It's quite obvious to most that she exaggerates, embellishes and flat out lies, but to the casual reader, stumbling upon her blog, it can make for an alarming discovery.  In our very humble opinion, "Hala Pickford" is a cunt. We believe her to by psychologically imbalanced, sexually frustrated and of a nature to butt her nose into matters that are none of her fucking business.  Granted, we can't legally present this information as fact, we DO have the information that we have gathered and based our research on that will more than likely lead you, the viewer, to the same opinion.  We have never posted any of her information that would violate the law. i.e. Social Security Number, Home Address, Personal Phone Number, Email Addresses, etc. We have only provided you, the reader, with information that can easily be found using Google, Yahoo and other search engines. We present letters featuring opinions of others that have met the bitch in person, giving you insight into how she is perceived by others.  Granted, the opinions are never favorable, that shouldn't be a reason to let her hide behind her aliases and screen names, should it? We didn't think so either.

I'm guessing that "Hala" has read the Perez Hilton blog. She's probably heard of TMZ and a slew of other blogs that frequently say things, expose things and show things via picture and video that NONE of the subjects would care for. Perez makes a habit of drawing penises and "cum" on the face of celebrities as well as exposing some of the most famous people in the world in ways that would make the Pope blush.

So we say to "Hala:" Grin and bear it, bitch. You ordered this shit storm, now roll in it.

The "Expose Katie Lynn Birchard" Team.

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