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Sunday, July 11, 2010


My research on the REAL Katie Lynn Birchard has been exhaustive.  There have been nearly a dozen people on my team culminating hundreds of pages of information, including court documents, school records, & dozens of photos, both old and recent.  A private investigator was hired, before my involvement, so date of birth, place of birth, current and past addresses, schools attended, etc. were all accounted for, leaving the rest of the research relatively smooth sailing.  Much of the information to be quoted here in the future are from Ms. Birchard's own mouth. All of her blogs have been cataloged, meticulously, in case of deletion so that they may be referenced here.

For legal & moral reasons, as well as for the physical safety of Ms. Birchard, I will not be posting her current physical address as well as some of her more private family details here. Katie has been purportedly receiving death-threats, which she takes very seriously, admitting she's "terrified." I have read many of the so-called "death-threats," and although I believe them to be intended to annoy and frighten Ms. Birchard, I don't take them seriously.  That being said, I would also hate to be the person that leaked her location and had one of her many enemies end up violently avenging their anger on her.  On the flip side, anything that is a matter of public record, or within the realms of legal will be released here in the coming days and weeks, aside from those things that I feel may endanger her person.  This is not only to inform the general public, but to give Ms. Birchard a taste of her own medicine; to make her realize how it feels to have her life dissected and spread out in a public medium where it can be searched via Google or page link. I want her to feel what it's like to have pools of negative information associated with everything she has a passion for. I feel like this is the ONLY way that I can get her attention. Katie Lynn Birchard HAS to stop playing the victim and accept responsibility for her own actions. She's made her bed and she will lie in it. This blog is merely one of the pillows to rest her head upon.

The information here will debunk Ms. Birchard's vile and fraudulent claims against a number of people and EXPOSE The REAL Katie Lynn Birchard.  If you've been victimized by Katie Lynn, please send us an email. Your contact information and any identifiers will be kept private.

Note:  The "music" playing in the background is indeed, Katie Lynn Birchard.


  1. Who the bloody hell told her that she could sing? I've heard better sounds coming from city centre binge-drinkers puking down grates!

  2. She's a guy in drag, right?
    If I was stuck on a desert island with her and had to save the planet, I would drill a hole into the nearest palm tree!

  3. Hala Pickford is a joke in the silent film community. Everyone is in on the joke except Hala. Pittiful soul indeed. Every time she attends an event she is alone. Love your blog its nice to see TRUTH regarding Hala. "Truth" and "Hala" arent often found in the same sentence.

  4. Please check your email. I just sent you a ton of private pics of Katie from when I knew her long ago. I also sent you many details from her past. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  5. Have any of you actually read one of Hala's books? If not, I sent you an email. Respond with your physical address and I will personally purchase one for you and send it your way. There would be quite a gold mine of quotes for you to sample here.