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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dear Ms. Birchard-Pickford-Kitty-Kuromi-Mundi...

Dearest Katie Lynn,

We have recently learned that you would "appreciate" our Expose' of you to be removed completely. We are willing to honor that pending the following conditions: 

PLEASE NOTE: These conditions are to be completed in their entirety and are NON Negotiable. Do NOT waste your time with a "you first" or similar response. It will be ignored and we will resume posting.  We would also like to acknowledge that we are making these requests in a public setting, so that we may be held accountable for following through with our end of the agreement.
You have 72 hours to complete the following and in the meantime, pending your acceptance, we will suspend writing on this blog. If we do not hear from you within 24 hours regarding your 100% cooperation in these matters, we will immediately resume our Expose' of you and continue to boycott your projects, person and associates. Thank you for your understanding.

You must immediately delete the "Boycott Bret" & "The Fraud Files" blogs that you own and operate. This must be a complete deletion. In addition to the deletion of the actual blogs themselves, immediately after deletion, you must also request that Google remove the cache files of the aforementioned blogs.

Any other blogs that you operate that contain libelous or defamatory information on the following people/organizations must be cleansed of such information immediately. This includes, but is not limited to your "Forget The Talkies" and "Perpetual Flappers" blogs. Upon completion, there should be NO reference, WHATSOEVER, to any derogatory situations. The slate shall be clean, and your blogs shall be used for their advertised purpose... To talk about silent film, style, etc.

You must remove any & ALL public mention of the following:  Tracy Terhune, David Bret, Cinecon Classic Film Festival, its' volunteers & employees, Zachary Jaydon, (...and ALL other names you refer to "him" as, as well as any projects he has been or is currently associated with) Bob Birchard, Stella Grace, Donna Hill, Close To Home, Fredreica Merrivale, Hugh Neely, "Daughters of Naldi," and any other persons or organizations that you seek to humiliate, defame or expose in a public setting. We are not asking for the removal of personal opinions, i.e. tasteful amazon.com book reviews, etc, again, provided they are in "Professional Taste" and do not include comments of a hateful, homophobic or excessively negative nature and do not intend to specifically defame the character of any specific person, organization or project.
You must send written requests (AND include a CC to us on EACH) to any and ALL owners of other blogs that you have forwarded inappropriate information to, requesting that they remove information sourced from you or your blogs immediately. This includes gleefan.com, as well as any persons you have reached out to in the silent film community or any others to repost inappropriate information on the aforementioned persons/projects/organizations.

If you respond within 24 hours, stating you're accepting the terms and conditions in their entirety, or making specific negotiations towards a FULL RESOLUTION with ALL parties, we will cease to post any further information pertaining to your person, character or projects.  If you complete the requests made above within 72 hours, or have specific cause to justify differently, we will then remove our Expose' completely, including immediate cache deletion, as well as petitioning all others with similar public works mentioning your name or projects to do the same immediately.

If at any time in the future, you resume or repost your hateful, homophobic, defamatory rants, we will again boycott your person and projects, as well as requesting that the general public do the same. I think that it's best that we all forget these series of unfortunate events, and avoid contact with, or the mentioning of one another altogether. I think ALL parties will be much happier this way.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. We look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard (AKA "Hala Pickford) Team

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