Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" has an ACTIVE Arrest Warrant, and in conjunction with Felony Charges, is WANTED in the State of California. There is currently a FIVE-THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for information leading to her arrest. Birchard should be considered Armed and Dangerous. If you spot Katie Lynn Birchard, immediately call 911. Do NOT approach her.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

If You've Been A Victim Of "Hala Pickford"

...TELL THE COURT SYSTEM ABOUT IT! Get it on public record! The more she is exposed, the more laughable it will be when she goes to court, crying that she has been victimized by people finally fighting back after years of her hateful and illegal behavior.  If you have EVER been a victim of Katie Lynn Birchard or ANY of her aliases, including "Hala Kitty," "Hala Pickford," "Hala Kuromi," "Christina Craver," or "Kaja Mundy," PLEASE DO NOT BE AFRAID TO SPEAK OUT!

As SOON as possible, FAX a letter and any referenced proof you can find to:


Reference Number: ESO 14096

This would ideally be sent tomorrow during business hours, Pacific Standard Time, so that a Judge may review such material on Friday morning when she goes to court.  This is a Burbank Court House number, and all material becomes public record, meaning a judge will have this material for review EACH time a related issue is brought up.  We have already sent nearly 1 Dozen pages of documentation, but everyone needs to SPEAK UP!  If you'd like us to send it for you, we will happily do so.  You may send it as an attachment or direct text to our email address, which is:


Thank you to all for the continued support!

The "EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard" Team

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  1. Just wanted to say you are doing an excellent job. I do hope you eventually get round to exposing how she poses as a neutral third party and posts reviews of her own books all over the internet. Also it is interesting to see how she uses IMDB to advertise her own work by citing herself as a credible source... Of course you have not even come close to mentioning her articles about how dead people talk to her all the time (see Katya Mundy's rambling entries). Perhaps that is why she thinks she alone can infringe on copyright laws!