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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why "Hala Pickford" (Katie Lynn Birchard) SHOULD NEVER Say Another Woman Looks Like A Drag Queen...

We have officially heard it all, ladies and gentleman.  Katie Lynn Birchard has resorted to calling a certain woman's appearance "haggy," commenting that she "looks like a drag queen who has not yet managed to master the art of looking like a woman..."  She also goes on to say the very same woman "has frizzy badly bleached blonde hair, makeup that shames a blind man, and tends to dress like an Iowan at Disney World. Frumpy and terrifying all around" Excuse us, but isn't Katie herself from Iowa?  Maybe she's really pissed because said woman stole the outfit that SHE planned to wear to DisneyWorld, herself?  We have PERSONALLY seen Ms. Birchard walking around with more feathers and boa's than ANY queen in New York.

As such, we find Ms. Birchard's comments splendidly ironic for a multitude of reasons, but instead of talking about it further, we would like to SHOW you some examples instead:

EXHIBIT I - Katie Lynn Birchard Out On The Town!

Please take notice of the make-up. Someone tell us how she could EVER tell another person that they look like a drag queen?

EXHIBIT II -  "Hala Kitty" Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Record Label Owner, Extraordinaire!

We don't mean to be critical, but we have seen this EXACT outfit at the drag shop in Los Angeles.


Is it just us, or do Katie's tits look like they were hand crafted by Dr. Kleenex?  Never mind the horrendous Box Blonde Bleach job and bad roots.

We believe that her newest lashing out is merely in response to the fact that there are people at EVERY court hearing, prepared to bring you the real truth about her.  She hates the fact that she can't hide behind what she claims to be fact on her blog.  At each and every court hearing, more and more people show up in support of exposing the truth.  She seems to think the court system is some secret club that only she and her victims are entitled to attend where she attempts to slander them further.  For a heads up to those who may not know;  COURT IS A PUBLIC FORUM, unless a judge sees fit to grant a closed hearing.  Each and everything word spoken, as well as all documents submitted become public record, and as such, are available to anyone.  Closed hearings are rarely granted.

So there you have it, folks.  Keep in mind the above opinions are our own, but if our suspicions are correct, most would come to the same conclusion.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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