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Thursday, August 5, 2010

"Hala Pickford" Goes Into Hiding?

Has "Hala" finally figured out that she isn't wanted in the silent film community? According to several members, she was a "No Show" at last night's Zaza screening in Los Angeles, although, as usual, she tweeted and blogged hateful messages during the evening.  We got the following email from a theatre goer last night.  For obvious reasons, the sender wishes to remain anonymous. We are happy to respect that request. Read on for their account of the evening:

"Disappointingly, "Hala" was a big 'no show' at the Zaza screening in Los Angeles.  (She probably couldn't fit into that Swanson dress?)  Keep in mind several people there were ready and on the lookout for her.  One person had her camera with her and intended to just walk right up to her and begin snapping pictures, should she appear.  Another person planned to sit next to her and turn and just stare at her - just to let her know she's not welcome here; that we ALL know what she's really about.  Needless to say, within 10 minutes of the films conclusion, she Tweeted about the posting of her new blog entry and  once again she lashed out at Cinecon and its fantasic staff of volunteers for ludicrous reasons

At the theatre, "Hala Pickford's" PVG Publishing "Theda Bara" postcards were seen scattered all over the floor, most likely deposited there by people with good taste.  Several young people were walking all over them as they waited in line to get into the restroom. (Restrooms are one person at a time style.)  There is a ledge right next to the men 's &  women's restrooms where flyers of upcoming events are often placed. Apparently, "Hala" put some of her PVG Book postcards there.   It was hilarious to see the younger crowd (the ones she's 'reaching' out to, not the OTC) talking excitedly about the event, as they stood on "Hala's" Theda Bara poscards that were strewn all over the floor.  Not a single person so much as bent over to pick any of them up. NO ONE showed even the slightest interest in them. Later I saw an employee from behind the snack bar get a dustpan to go sweep them up and dump them in the trash!  Justice!"

Everyone seems to know that she and PVG Publishing are done in any sort of professional capacity but Katie.  Thankfully she's seeming to finally get the picture that people are done putting up with her bullshit and crazy antics.  Many people have offered to snap photos of Katie in her ill-fitting clothes at different events. We are sort of sad that she didn't show up.  Keep the info and pictures coming, folks. We are happy to respect your anonymity.

Looking Forward,
The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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