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Thursday, August 19, 2010

"Hala Pickford" & The Rampant Case Of Homophobia & Denial

SOMEONE please buy this woman a copy of Microsoft Word, so that she can run a spelling and grammar check before posting her blogs.  For someone who claims to be a "professional" author, you'd think that it wouldn't look like a 5 year old on an IBM typewriter put her blog together. 

Katie Lynn Birchard's latest blog entry rant is a whopping 3400+ word defense of why she isn't homophobic.  That's over 19,000 keystrokes, folks, and in the midst of her defense bullshit, she not only lied through her teeth, but proved to us, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that she was indeed homophobic; hateful to the core.

She claims that her current legal situations, her lashing out, her hateful blogs & blog posts, her health problems, and all other associated problems in her life are due to the fact that she defended Valentino's sexuality.


Keep in mind that she's been posting these hate blogs and comments for the better part of 10 years; long before anyone had ever heard of a "Hala Pickford."  Katie also has this foul habit of lumping people/groups together, claiming they share a specific opinion and what have you, when in fact, she has no idea what their views on a specific topic really are.  She's not psychic, (unless this is yet another of her hidden talents) and as much as we'd all love to sit down with her to chat over tea & biscuits, none of us are sharing intimate parts of our life with this woman.

In numerous emails, Katie has accused Zachary Jaydon, David Bret, Tra*y Terh*ne & others of being "Boyfriends," "Lovers," and the like, when in fact, none of these people have ever laid eyes on the other.   Katie speculates about the sexuality of others as much as any person or group have ever speculated about Valentino's, calling the kettle black to the point of insanity.  In her latest blog entry, Birchard writes:

"Today marks 84 years since Rudolph Valentino died.  I currently have two court dates, two police investigations, and some more legal action to take...all because I stood up for the facts regarding him.  Me, someone easily labeled a liberal hippy type, pegged with such horrific words, taken down with vows of 'that homophobic bitch who does she think she is?'  I've had my professional name, my legal name, my business, and my work slandered and defamed by this sick sick people...all gay men on a fundie agenda.  All gay men shaming the GLBT with their actions."

I am not sure where she gets her information, but unless she's assuming all of those around her are gay because they refuse to fuck her fat arse, I'm not sure where she'd come up with such conclusions.  At least some of these men are married, with children, and none have come out publicly to state they were LGBT or otherwise.  How she can justify this behavior is beyond our wildest imagination.  She claims to be pissed that others are trying to pigeon-hole Valentino as a homosexual, when there is no evidence of such, yet she throws around accusations that every one of her enemies is a rampant gay man on a "fundie agenda."  No one is out to get her because she defended Rudolph Valentino's honor.  She can say she loves gays, has gay family members, etc, but until she stops making rampant homophobic & hateful comments, she is going to continue to be labeled as a homophobic, hateful bitch.  The only one shaming the LGBT community here is Ms. Birchard.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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