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Thursday, August 19, 2010

UPDATE: Police Involved In Alleged "Hala Pickford" Assault At Silent Movie Screening

At the Theda Bara screening last night, (which Katie claimed for weeks she would not attend) sources confirm there was indeed a physical altercation, involving an alleged assault by Katie on a female movie goer, resulting in police involvement.  A Silent Movie Theater employee verified that there was an altercation, but could not comment on its' nature, as he was not a witness.  He said "There were definitely two customers that did not get along."  He also said that Katie made claims that the other customer was trying to take her picture, and that she was merely trying to take the camera away.  Ms. Birchard also let the theater management know that there were people in the venue that had allegedly made death threats to her, as well as violating alleged restraining orders by being there as well.  The theater employee tells us that it was Ms. Birchard whom called the police, which she confirms on her blog.  Theater employees tell us they had "...never seen any situation like this at a film screening before."

According to other witnesses to the alleged event, the other female movie goer did not have a "Big Blue 80's Camera," as Katie claims, but a small cell phone with a blue case.  Witnesses also tell us that the other movie goer was texting or web surfing with her head down, waiting in line at the snack bar, when Katie stormed up and allegedly began assaulting the woman,  trying to take her cell phone and creating a large scene.  They claim that the other woman was never attempting to snap any pictures of Ms. Birchard and caught her by surprise.  We are told by theater employees that after the first film let out, prior to the second screening, Katie was told it was okay to go home, that no one was going to follow her, and she left.  

Pictures and video of the altercation are said to exist, but as of yet we have not received any.  We hope that if the alleged assault did occur, that such pictures or videos do exist, as it would serve as hard evidence that Katie had physically violated another theater patron without cause or provocation.  Such would be a crime in the State of California, possibly resulting in probation or jail time.

We do not condone physical violence of any kind towards Katie, and have stated such as a permanent part of our blog.  We also do not condone physical violence from Katie.  Such acts are inexcusable and deplorable.

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The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team

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