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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Has Katie Lynn Birchard Really Pulled The Plug On Hala Pickford?

Katie, dearest Katie.

Must you always make these feeble attempts to compromise our intelligence by telling us that you've finally changed your fraudulent ways?  Must you always come up with new and creative ways to victimize yourself, creating imaginary situations and twisting even the most proven facts to self-loathe?  Do you, for one second, believe that you have fooled us into thinking that you're behaviour has been modified in any way to include class, professionalism, or the smallest mite of tact?  Are you indeed murdering "Hala Pickford," and taking from us all of the hate, homophobia, lies and vicious half-truths, or is this yet another attempt to publicly gain sympathy from the few members of your "audience?"

Katie Lynn Birchard, you have all the class of a diarrheal fart in a packed church house during prayer time.  In your 23 years, you have never once accomplished anything of value.  You never completed high-school. You never attempted college.  Your singing career made even the strongest of stomachs turn.  Your silent-film career was over before it started, and not because of your declaration of Rudolph Valentino's sexuality.  Your career ended when you began publicly attacking the work and character of dozens of silent-film professionals, of whom needed no self-declaration of such.  Some of these people/organizations have been around for decades, and have happily included newcomers, "youngin's" and the like.  You are no longer welcome because even after you were embraced with open arms and afforded all of the privileges such as free festival tickets, the offer of research help and honest advice on how to get your foot in the door, you so arrogantly kicked us all in the balls and told us that we were all wrong and that you knew better.  You so foolishly took on dozens of individuals with longstanding professional reputations and thought that you could "debunk" all of us without the thought of consequences. (How has that been working out for you, Katie?)

When you began to publicly attack us, both physically and on your hate blogs, did you really think that we would continue to sit idly by and remain silent?  Did you really believe that you would not someday face the consequences of your actions?  Can you honestly say now, that it was worth it?  Was your foolish arrogance worth losing any hope of financial security you might ever have had?  $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) is nothing to bawk at, Katie.  Do you realize that you most likely will never be able to pay that debt?  Do you realize that not even bankruptcy will rid you of that judgment.  Do you realize that there are dozens more with the ammunition, money and gumption to sue you for the same amount or more?  Do you realize that they would also most likely prevail, especially given the burden of proof, as well as your previous case history?

Do you remember mocking a certain individual last year, in regards to the threat of legal action, telling him to "Bring it on! It will be fun!"  Do you remember making comments that you "created this blog, full well knowing that it could go to court someday."  Do you remember how you felt when The Honorable William D. Stewart handed down that $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) judgment and awarded that amount to Tracy Terhune, whom by "clear and convincing evidence," had proven, in the eyes of the court, that you were  100% guilty of Libel and Defamation of Character beyond any reasonable doubt?  Are you so arrogant and uneducated, that you think you can continue to post defamatory content about Terhune on Google, when a judge clearly granted him a "Permanent Injunction" protecting him from your filth and lies?

Where are your supporters, Katie?  Do you realize that only 3 (Three) people in the entire world came forward to express any kind of support for you, your "Hala Pickford" alias or any of your projects?   Where are your supporters, Katie?  Not even your own authors have issued any sort of  public support for you.  Are your authors now knowledgeable about your offensive ways and scrambling to end their projects with you?  If not, where are they? Where are you, Christopher DiGrazia?  Where are you Rachel A. Schildgen? Where are you, Megan Hussey?  Where are you, Evelyn Zumaya, the very woman that let her own father die unattended, while you paraded around a Burbank courthouse unnecessarily, as you were not even invited to give testimony.  Where are your representatives at Lightning Source, Katie?  Where is Hugh Munro Neely?  Where is your imaginary boyfriend that you supposedly moved in with?

Why have the Burbank Police Detectives repeatedly declined to offer you any support?   Why have the courts in Burbank, California not offered you any assistance, and constantly shot down your ludicrous claims of "harassment?" Why have the UK Authorities declined to pursue your false claims to fear for your life?  Why can you not provide any legitimate links to any of the con-artist claims you throw out on your other hate blogs?  Why do you fail, time and time again, to provide scans or copies of court-documents supporting your claims?  You can't, because they don't exist.

Why do you claim to sleep with Mace under your pillow and an axe beside your bed, but continue to publicly taunt the very people you claim to fear?  Why do you claim to have had nervous breakdown after nervous breakdown, but refuse to change your lifestyle or situation?  Do you really believe that anyone cares whom your having sex with, what your sexuality is, or what you look like?  No one gives two shits. The fact that you are as ugly on the outside as you are inside is the real "paradox" in all of this.  Usually, someone of your physical appearance would make twice the effort to have a sparkling personality, because let's face it...  when you look like you do, picking up anyone is going to be damned near impossible without one.

For such a firm believer in "Karma," you have yet to realize that you are now reaping what you have sowed for most of your wasted life.  None of us want you to kill Katie Lynn Birchard, but by all means, we fully support you in taking  "Hala Pickford" off of life-support.  Kill "Forget The Talkies."  "Kill" all of the demons inside of you and seek some long-term psychological help. "Hala Pickford" has nothing left to live for.  She is the most loathed individual in silent-film circles and doesn't command even the smallest degree of respect.  "Hala Pickford" will never be able to make up for her past short-comings.

We all hope and pray that something good has come from the "end" of "Hala Pickford" and "Forget The Talkies," but none of us believe that she is really gone.  If Katie Lynn Birchard had really learned a lesson from "Hala Pickford," there would be no "Forget The Talkies."  There would be no "BDB" Blog.  There would be no "FF" blog. There would be no mention of "Hala Pickford's" rants anywhere anymore.  The "end" of "Hala Pickford" would have resulted in the end of all of those things as well.

We all believe "Hala Pickford" is, if nothing else, "dormant."  Katie Lynn Birchard hasn't "killed" her at all.  She's simply put her on ice for a minute, until "Pickford" is needed to do your vile, character-assasination dirty work again.  Katie Lynn Birchard doesn't have the savvy to "eliminate" her.  She's merely putting her on hold until further notice.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team


  1. WOW! Great work. Talk about telling it like it is. She's gotta be embarrassed as all hell to even show her face anywhere anymore. What a pathetic phase out.... Pickford's tenure in silent film just ended with a THUD.

  2. BRAVO! I could not have said it better.
    Her family needs to get her help now, but should have a long, long time ago.

  3. I think the most interesting part of this whole situation is the fact that Katie will not accept any form of responsibility whatsoever for her actions. She's like a drug addict whom can't even admit that there is a problem. She needs to be sanctioned and given a full mental examination immediately.

  4. The sad part about this is that Katie or Hala Pickford or whatever she goes by today won't even address a single issue pointed out. She will write some huge piece about how everyone is out to get her and pretend that none of these issues even exist.

  5. Wow. This is some serious stuff. I just spent over 4 hours reading this entire blog and hers as well. I had Google searched PVG Publishing to get more info about publishing with them, but after reading this, I've reconsidered. Can you point me in the direction of another publishing company without a similar reputation? It's clear that there is something wrong with this woman.

  6. Lulu is a good company...I published with them last year. Don't use her, whatever you do!