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Friday, March 25, 2011

Hala Pickford Accused Of Contempt Of Court In $100,000 Lawsuit; Faces Possible Fines/Jail Time If Convicted

(BREAKING)  Burbank, California

According to official court documents obtained from the Burbank, California Superior Court, Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" is now facing pending criminal charges stemming from Contempt of Court charges filed today.

In September, 2010 Terhune was awarded $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) and a permanent injunction protecting himself and others from Birchard's online wrath & web of lies that has resulted in Google Inc. pulling dozens of her blogs per the same court order.  The aforementioned order was a result of more than 18 months of constant barrages of vicious lies and rumors authored exclusively by Birchard including falsehoods alleging that Terhune was plotting along with other silent-film authors to maim and kill her.  She has also alleged that Terhune would be "drinking her blood..." at the Valentino Memorial and claims that all of her legal troubles stem from the fact that she publicly declared that Valentino was a heterosexual.  After Google Inc. removed nearly 4 dozen posts in October, 2010 libelously referencing Terhune, Birchard maliciously reposted the very same violating material beginning in December, 2010 and it was once again deemed to violate her court order and Google Inc. removed the violating posts a second time in January, 2011.  Perhaps the most ironic of all of the recent twists in the case; it will be heard on May 6th, 2011; Rudolph Valentino's birthday.

Also filed today & to be heard on May 6th, 2011 is an "Order To Appear For Examination."  According to the official court documents, which state that "Application And Order For Appearance and Examination"  and adds "You are ordered to appear personally before the court to furnish information to aid in enforcement of a money judgment against you."  According to Burbank, California Superior Court Clerks, If Birchard misses her court date for any reason, a warrant for her arrest can be immediately issued.  This is an additional scoop of bad news for Birchard, whom has repeatedly "called in sick' for her court appearances in the past.  Pickford has also been allegedly labeled an "evader" by the Burbank, California Sheriffs Department, as she blockades herself into her residence, refusing to accept any service of legal documents.  According to sources, this is not going to be an option in this case, as the wheels have already been set in motion to have Birchard issued a "Service By Publication," a little known, but very effective way to deal with evasive individuals, refusing to accept a traditional service of court documents.

To say that Ms. Birchard's luck has run out is an understatement.  Now that the scenery has moved from civil to criminal, Ms. Birchard could find herself facing potential fines and or jail time in addition to a $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) civil judgement already decided against her.

We will continue to keep you posted as this story develops.


The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

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  1. It is about time this evil excuse for a human being is made to pay for her actions. I know for a fact that Mr. Terhune has never done any of the things that this evil person has put in print about him.
    She should rot in jail for every lie she has ever said about Mr. Terhune, and anyone else she has done the same thing to. I wish her nothing but misery for what she has done to people. She tries to ruin lives, but she is even a failure at that. Only a fool would believe this ugly person.
    An ugly person inside and out.