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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" - A Timeline Of Libel & Hate

Dear Readers,

Since "Hala Pickford" has such mental issues & frequent nervous breakdowns, causing her to forget her own name, let alone a time line of events, we thought we'd refresh the memories of our readers, in case there were some confusions about what happened when.  You see, during one of her famous meltdowns, "Pickford" warped her psyche into once again believing that she is the victim and astonishingly believes that she hasn't brought any of this upon herself.
For your consideration, below is a time line of events leading up to where we are today. You're free to draw your own conclusions, but we think it's painfully obvious just who started her own "shitstorm." It's unfortunate for her that she didn't bring an umbrella.

12/19/2000  -  Katie Lynn Birchard, under the guise "Kaja Mundy" began to publicly harass and victimize *NSYNC fans in chat rooms and forums dedicated to supporting the band.  This is the first publicly documented set of incidents in a long list of debacles in which Birchard creates aliases to libel and harass people under a veil of anonymity.

Spring, 2007 - Katie Lynn Birchard, under the guise "Hala Kitty" begins an incessant character assassination rampage against Zachary Jaydon on her blog titled, "The Popstress Proclamations."  The blog was purportedly intended to expose the world to international pop music, however, quickly became Birchard's exclusive outlet to libel Mr. Jaydon.  Rumors have circulated that "Hala" expressed a romantic interest in Jaydon and was turned away, prompting the libelous postings that have continued for nearly 4 years.

October, 2009  -  Katie Lynn Birchard, under the guise of "Hala Pickford" continues her targeting of www.NitaNaldi.com creators, including Donna Hill. A day later, renowned, Valentino author and authority, Tracy Terhune came to the defense of Ms. Hill prompting Birchard to go on a tirade against them both which continues even until today.

December 26, 2009  -  Tracy Terhune posts a 1 page expose' of "Hala Pickford," publicly exposing her as Katie Lynn Birchard to the silent-film community.  Birchard, "livid" and embarrassed that she has been publicly exposed files multiple DMCA complaints against the website in the hopes that it will be  shut-down and go unnoticed.  The silent-film community did take notice and subsequently rallied in support of Terhune, a long-standing member.

February, 2010  -  Katie Lynn Birchard files her first of nearly a half-dozen requests for a legal order of restraint against various individuals, starting with Tracy Terhune in a Burbank, California Courthouse.  Although she brags that she had received a temporary restraining order against Terhune, such an order was never given and a copy of the official court documents will be posted here soon.  The court documents were explicitly stamped "NO TEMPORARY ORDERS ISSUED PENDING FULL HEARING."  It was stamped a total of 4 times in bright red font.

April 12, 2010  -  Birchard's complaint against Terhune was denied and dismissed without prejudice.  Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" was never granted a restraining order involving Mr. Terhune, although she has tried to insinuate that she has many times.  At the same hearing, Birchard was subsequently served with a $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) lawsuit by Terhune's legal team.  Terhune was suing Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" for Libel and Defamation of Character.

April 21st, 2010  -  Katie Lynn Birchard anonymously creates and begins posting on the "Boycott David Bret" blog, which quickly turns into her flagship blog of hate and malice directed towards not only David Brett, but Zachary Jaydon, Tracy Terhune, The Silent Treatment (TST), Bob Birchard, Stella Grace, Hugh Munro Neely, Cinecon, www.NitaNaldi.com & its' creators, Donna Hill, www.Nitrateville.com, The Silent Movie Theatre, The Pickford Institute, Hollywood Heritage, & far too many more to mention.  She was "livid" when she was "outed" as the author of the website, and has posted nearly 250,000 words to date, including several posts which were forcefully removed by Google, as they violated numerous court orders and orders of protection against her.

August, 2010  -  

  -  Katie Lynn Birchard continues to file restraining orders, this time targeting UK author, David Bret, in which she criminally falsified court documents and signed said documents under the penalty of perjury.

  -   Battery charges are filed against Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" for allegedly assaulting Stella Grace at a silent-film screening in Hollywood.  Several witnesses confirmed to us that Birchard violently attacked Ms. Grace and attempted to destroy her mobile phone, which Birchard later claimed was a "big blue 80's camera."  Birchard herself also summoned the police and unsuccessfully attempted to have Tracy Terhune arrested for what remains unclear.  Ms. Birchard was interviewed by the police at the event and was asked by law enforcement officials to immediately leave the venue.

  -  Katie Lynn Birchard files yet another request for a legal order of restraint, this time against well-respected head of Cinecon volunteers, Stella Grace.

  -  Burbank, California Sheriffs submit official documentation that Katie Lynn Birchard has falsified official court documents and enter into record that the address that Birchard falsely provided "does not exist."  An  official investigation into perjury allegations is ongoing.

September, 2010  -  The Honorable Judge William Stewart denied Katie Lynn Birchard's request for a restraining order against UK author, David Bret and silent-film enthusiast, Stella Grace. The orders were dismissed without prejudice due to a lack of merit or evidenciary support.

-  Katie Lynn Birchard was found guilty of Libel and Defamation of Character and was ordered to pay more than $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) to Valentino authority, Tracy Terhune.   The judge based his decision exclusively on "clear and convincing evidence" that Birchard had maliciously and calculatingly attempted to destroy the character of Terhune by intentionally libeling him on her various websites and blogs. The Honorable Judge William D. Stewart additionally ordered Birchard to remove any and all libelous postings in regards to Mr. Terhune and to post nothing further.  Terhune was issued "a permanent injunction"  by the courts to protect him from Ms. Birchard and her erratic behaviour.  She continues to violate this court-order on a regular basis.

December, 2010  -  Google Inc, in compliance with a court order, forcefully removes nearly 30 libelous blog posts from Birchard's "Forget The Talkies" after Birchard refused to abide by her court-order to remove them herself.  Birchard immediately began to repost the removed blogs. 

January, 2011

   -   After the massively successful launch of www.NitaNaldi.com, Katie Lynn Birchard files a DMCA complaint against the sites' owners and web-hosting company, falsely claiming that the information on the site was stolen from her.  The complaint was thrown out immediately and no action was ever taken in Birchard's favor.

  -     Google Inc once again forcefully removes nearly 30 of Katie Lynn Birchard's reposted blogs on her "Forget The Talkies" website that violate a court-order granted to Tracy Terhune to protect him from Birchard's Libel and Slander.  According to several sources, Google Inc. is in the midst of permanently removing all of Birchard's blogs and websites for violating their Terms of Service.

February, 2011  -  Katie Lynn Birchard, under the guise "Hala Pickford" publicly admits that she has had a nervous breakdown and is now armed at all times.  Birchard claims that this is the end of her "harassers"  reign and the end of "Hala Pickford."  It will be left to the courts to decide whether this is a threat against a vast number of people including David Bret, Tracy Terhune, Stella Grace, Hugh Monroe Neely, Zachary Jaydon, Donna Hill & others.

In her latest bout of insanity, "Pickford" additionally states that she was the one assaulted at the Hollywood movie screening, however, not only is this inaccurate, but I challenge Ms. Birchard to provide any sliver of evidenciary support to back up her claim.  No police report was ever filed by Birchard to substantiate this ridiculous claim, and according to nearly a dozen witnesses, including theatre employees, Katie Lynn Birchard attacked the female movie-goer without provocation.

If you are to believe Katie Lynn Birchard, you would have to believe that dozens of decade-old industry organizations are out to get "Hala Pickford."  You'd also have to believe that another dozen individuals with no prior knowledge of Birchard, communication with her nor motive to do so have teamed up to "get" Ms. Birchard and "slander her good name."  You would have to believe that all of these individuals and organizations have joined forces exclusively to destroy her reputation, her business, her authors, and are secretly conspiring to kill her or "force" her to kill herself so that they may eliminate the guilt of her death.  You would have to believe that her passion for Rudolph Valentino's sexuality has caused such an uproar that people from California, Florida, The United Kingdom and elsewhere would all threaten to "do away" with her for merely mentioning Valentino's sexuality.

It's painfully obvious that Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford" is mentally unstable, unbalanced and suffering from long-term mental illnesses that make her "professional" operations laughable at best.  By her own admission she's suffered from nervous breakdowns and has an ongoing anxiety disorder, which makes her claim to be armed all the more disturbing.  It's also obvious that any blog or website that mentions Ms. Birchard or one of her many aliases does so EXCLUSIVELY in an attempt to clear their names and to vindicate the names of the individuals/organizations that she has worked so hard to destroy the reputations of. Her claims that people are unwarrantably targeting or harassing her are bogus at best. She has spent over 10 years using the internet as a tool to viciously attack and destroy the character of many upstanding citizens.  There have been countless offers by various parties to remove any and all reference to Katie Lynn Birchard and her many aliases if she would remove her hateful rants about aforementioned people/organizations.

Birchard has foolishly refused to abide by and arrogantly assumes that she can violate court-orders and legal orders of protection to continue her vicious misbehavings without consequence.

Until next time,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team


  1. I saw her one at a event she's absolutely scary-freeky looking. People at Nitrateville told me about this site.

  2. Fantastic journalism