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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Queen Kooky, Hala Pickford - Is She Conning Authors Christopher DiGrazia & Megan Hussey?

Queen Kooky, Hala Pickford has come out of her feeding cave kitchen to give us all the "updates" she could muster up, ending her 2 month silence on her blogs trash sites.  As you would expect from Ms. "Pickford," her update is riddled with unnecessary opinions, misspellings and grammatical errors. A piece of advice for Christopher DiGrazia and Megan Hussey - RUN LIKE HELL and hope to save your work and your professional reputation. Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A. "Hala Pickford," "Hala Kitty," "Hala Kuromi," "Kaja Mundy," etc is not someone you'd want to associate your name with under any circumstances. If her lack of professionalism in promoting your current work isn't enough to convince you, Google her name, and read all about her massive list of victims, the fact that she recently lost a $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) lawsuit for libel and slander, the restraining orders for battery and other accusations as well as a plethora of other bad press that you most likely wouldn't want to be tied in with.

"Pickford" (Legal Name, Katie Lynn Birchard) brags that her "NEW" 1921 PVG Publishing website looks "spiffy," but really it still looks like the same cheaply created blog filled with fabrications and ridiculous notions that her "masterpieces... need to be on your shelves."
The nice thing about her latest blog post, is that it shows you just how truly lazy "Pickford" is when it comes to taking care of her projects or authors.  If it can't be created in Microsoft Paint or cut, copied and pasted, it  just doesn't get done. "Pickford" lacks the most basic of graphic editing skills, is inept when it comes to the editing of books, and refuses to spend even the most insignificant amount of money on getting anything professionally done.  She clearly points out on her recent post:
"Also one thing you may notice about the PVG releases is they are mostly available through Google Books as e-books, and I really like this because it didn't make me format anything (Kindle did...and it was a disaster.)"
So, instead of taking the time to properly format her books, which her authors have spent months or years crafting, she half-asses the job because she doesn't know what she's doing, or worse yet, doesn't care.  There is a fine line between doing bad business and being a con-woman. In our opinion, "Pickford" is the latter. She uses dozens of aliases to slander and libel some of the most respected authors, and event coordinators in silent film in a futile attempt to bolster her own reputation.  She consistently engages in what we'd certainly call illicit business practices and by her own admission, takes shortcuts when it's her job to give 100%. A publisher at least owes an author that amount of courtesy, given that it takes months or even years to write a book.

It's also interesting to note the 1921 PVG Publishing release schedule. Each of the 3 books listed has come out months late, including her "beauty book" which as of today is nearly a year late for release. It's currently scheduled for never Autumn, 2011.  To focus on the positive of this, at least she's narrowed her releases down to a 3-4 month time-frame!

Thankfully, Google has a massive file on Hala Pickford's devious and shady business practices.


  1. Anyone who would publish with Hala Pickford has to be either the worlds biggest fool or they havent Googled her name. And to those who would BUY a book from her: Fair Warning! A person who bought her Rambova book said their book binding fell apart while they were reading it for the first time. Very low quality.

  2. Hey, thanks for this bat-shit crazy site. Lots of fun reading it!