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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage "Hala Kitty" Track Discovered! (Hala Pickford)

By now, you're probably being serenaded tortured by the sweet sounds of "Hala Kitty" from the player at the bottom of our page.  "Hala Pickford" has always been a phenomenal  terrible, wanna-be performer. Here, again the proof is in the "pudding." Her Global flop, "I Kissed Ben (Bledsoe)" and others were so terrible, that when she submitted them for consideration to participate in the 2007 Florida Music Festival, the selection committee actually wanted her to perform; all as a joke, of course.  In 2007, the Orlando Sentinel ran this piece, publicly humiliating the wanna-be popstress and sending her into a public fit on several of her blogs. We thought we'd let you all read and listen for yourself. You be the judge. Please leave your opinions in the comments!


The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

"As a part of this year’s selection committee for the Florida Music Festival, I recently perused hundreds of submissions from hopeful artists. Amid all the night soil that’s to be expected from any cattle call, I happened upon something special. Now, everyone knows about Orlando’s platinum lineage of pop stars. It’s a source of pride … blink, blink … really. But I’m on to the next great white hope. Her name? Hala Kitty. I’ve experienced the glory but all the words in my well-guarded dictionary wouldn’t be able to capture it. Just go... listen for yourself... and succumb. From production values to sheer vocal display, this is just pure awesomeness. Though I voted for her, consider this my formal plea to the festival’s organizers to put her in. Guys, I’m thinkin’ entertainment gold..."

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