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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hala Pickford Publicly Admits To Being A Hooker?

Now, we aren't quite sure what the significance is, as we've always suspected it was the truth, but for some reason or another, Hala Pickford has decided to upload her very own theme song to The Rudolph Valentino Society page.  That's right folks, The song, "Hooker" has been added as a permanent part of her very professional erratic website.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, "...but that song is very inappropriate, and uses the "fuck" word in nearly every stanza."  You might also be asking what her being a hooker has to do with Rudolph Valentino. or a prestigious society "focused" on his life.  We aren't sure how to explain it either, especially since this is the very same page in which she begs for money and membership dues on.  I know I'd surely never plunk down my last dime to support a website that focuses on these kinds of things!  When push comes to shove, it's clearly all about "Hala Pickford" and not the facade she puts up in pathetic attempts to hide that.

For your reading enjoyment, we have decided to post the lyrics to the song here:

[Chorus 2x]
And you ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' your fuckin' soul

Back up! They want you, I swear
You got no worries, you got no cares
All you got is motherfuckers who will jock you
Yeah, you got money in your pocket
And you shoot up the ground like a rocket
You move so fast, lord you can't stop it
There you are in the club swingin'
And I'm just standin' there, standin' there laughin'
All the things people have you believin'
I feel sorry for your ass is out of season
Maybe you should think of cuttin' down drinkin'
Cause you look like a fat rat sinkin'
I coulda helped you, but you had to act out
You don't have a fuckin' clue what I'm about

[Chorus 2x]
And you ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' your fuckin' soul

I saw it comin' through the line like a full back
You're a crack slack, a fuckin' rap back (yeah)
Don't react, you're not fact
Don't give a fuck, yes, like that
What you gonna do now that you ain't got nothin'
Look around honey, you been frontin'
Everybody knows that you're a fraud! (And I'm making records!)
My salutations, no hesitations
No reservation, just cancellation
And if I blow it then I blow it
Cause I'm a poet and I know it

[Chorus 2x]
And you ain't nothin' but a hooker
Sellin' your fuckin' soul

[Repeat until fade]
You wanna try me
Don't you know-

Until next time,

The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

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  1. Where is this song exactly? I went on as soon as you posted this and couldn't find it. Just searched again and nothing. Any chance of a link or something?