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Sunday, January 23, 2011

10 Things You May Not Know About Hala Pickford & 1921 PVG Publishing

1.  "Hala Pickford" does NOT exist. "Hala Pickford" is one of the many aliases that Katie Lynn Birchard uses to spread hate, libel & slander, homophobia, & lies via the internet and in print.  Some of her other, more notable aliases include, "Hala Kitty," "Hala Kuromi," & "Kaja Mundy."
2.  1921 PVG Publishing is NOT a legitimate business.  1921 PVG Publishing does not operate under any legitimate business license, L.L.C. or corporation in the State of California according to a recent, exhaustive records search.  In addition, no Tax ID information or any other information can be found indicating that 1921 PVG Publishing is anything more than a tacky website and a figment of Katie Lynn Birchard's warped imagination.

3.  On September 17th, 2010, Katie Lynn Birchard lost a $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) lawsuit, in which she was deemed to have publicly libeled Rudolph Valentino Authority, Tracy Terhune. The judge ruled in favor of Terhune after "...clear and convincing evidence" was presented in the slam-dunk case against Birchard.

4.  1921 PVG Publishing has pushed back the release date of nearly 80% of its' titles more than 9 months.  Three of 1921 PVG Publishing's 2010 titles have been on hold for more than six months. One of Birchard's own titles has been promised for the better part of a year with only a TBA in 2011 release date currently listed, even after accepting pre-order payments for the aforementioned title.

5. Katie Lynn Birchard was accused of physical battery after allegedly assaulting a prominent silent-film community member at a film screening in Hollywood. A restraining order was subsequently granted to protect the victim from Birchard.

6. 1921 PVG Publishing and some of Birchard's other websites/blogs recently had their websites shut down for a lack of web-hosting services payments.

7.  Katie Lynn Birchard is a High-School dropout with no college education. This is known because of her own self-admission and also assumed because of her lack of grammatical and spelling skills in the English language.

8.  Including the 1921 PVG Publishing website, Katie Lynn Birchard owns/operates in excess of a dozen websites and blogs, many of which are created for the sole purpose of destroying the character of many prominent and well-respected people in the entertainment industry.  Many of these people "intimidate" Birchard because of their long-standing roles in specific areas of interest that interest her.  Her character assassination techniques are in an attempt to level the playing field to give her a leg up in these areas.

9.  Katie Lynn Birchard is a self-professed mega-star.  Over the past several years, she has boasted to having a plethora of professions including:  Singer ("Hala Kitty" / "Hala Kuromi"), Songwriter ("Hala Kitty"), Publisher, (1921 PVG Publishing "Owner") Author ("Hala Pickford"), Comedienne ("Hala Pickford"), Record Label Owner (O-Diamond Records), Screenwriter (?), Actress (?), Record Producer ("Hala Kitty"), Silent-Film Authority ("Hala Pickford").

10.  Katie Lynn Birchard has not held down a legitimate job in years.  The last real job in which she paid taxes and went to work was at a local mall in the Orlando, Florida area.  She lives off a small pittance of money that her grandmother, Edith sends to her each month. Her only other source of income is provided to her when she can fool someone into believing that one of her books are worth reading or that her Rudolph Valentino Society is somehow worth joining. Please join us in boycotting all of the works involving Katie Lynn Birchard and 1921 PVG Publishing.  Let's send a clear message that there is no room for her kind of business in the Silent Film Community.

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The EXPOSE "Hala Pickford" Team

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