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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Affairs Valentino -The Book No One Wants To Read!

Oh, it’s scarcely a surprise. Evelyn Zumaya has yet again refused to provide any sort of relevant documentation whatsoever for her personal fantasy gossip fan-fiction book on Ruldolph Valentino. How do you spell "pact of lies?"  How many times have you yourself been asked to come up with evidenciary support to substantiate your wildly sensationalized trash novel?  How many times have you failed to do so?  Each and ever time.  Kettle, meet Pot.  Listening to you trash David Bret's work is laughable.

Who fears being asked for sources and intelligent debate? Evelyn Zumaya, that’s who. Shady evasion and total lack of proof for most of the things she writes, all while touting her thin lil’ tome as gospel truth. Really?  I think not. I don’t’ know about you, but where I come from we call that kind of behavior ”chicken shit.” Admit it Evelyn. You write fiction. Voila.

Oh, and let your genius of a publisher "Hala Pickford" know that that the authorities are just a couple of steps behind her now.  A fantastic portrait Mugshot of her loveliness should be gracing computer screens worldwide very soon.  She won't be hiding under the bed much longer. Each time she misses a court appearance, an additional arrest warrant will be issued.  Her bond will be six-figures before long.  Not even granny Edith will be able to pull her from the legal muck.  Felony charges are a bitch.

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