Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" has an ACTIVE Arrest Warrant, and in conjunction with Felony Charges, is WANTED in the State of California. There is currently a FIVE-THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for information leading to her arrest. Birchard should be considered Armed and Dangerous. If you spot Katie Lynn Birchard, immediately call 911. Do NOT approach her.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

"Hala Pickford" ...Business As Usual, Despite Being A Fugitive With Active Arrest Warrant

 The following is taken from IMDB and is so well written that we decided to share it. You can find the original post by clicking HERE.  We'd also like to remind our readers that there is a Five-Hundred Dollar Reward for ANY information leading to the arrest of Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford."  If you see Birchard or become aware of her location, DO NOT approach her, as she should be considered Armed and Dangerous.  Do call the Burbank, California Police Department at (818) -238-3000.  You may also leave tips anonymously via this website. Again, Birchard herself has made public claims that she is armed at all times and should NOT be approached.

"I find it absolutely fascinating that Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" is continuing to try to hock her latest book here, all but claiming it to be the Valentino Bible when she's got an active warrant for her arrest in the State of California and is now considered a fugitive.

I also find it laughable and demonstrably false that both Birchard and her author, Evelyn Zumaya are calling this an "Authoritative Biography," which is demonstrably false. Both Birchard and Zumaya are shouting from the rooftops about supposed Valentino "Cultists" that are out to defame, harm or kill them exclusively for releasing the book. Nothing could be further from the truth.

When I stumbled upon this book, I was actually quite excited, until I read the reviews, which are nearly exclusively negative and all making the same points. I was fascinated by the fact that such a "Mind Blowing" book could have been in the making for so long without my knowledge. I'd consider myself a Rudy buff and as such, decided to check around. What I found was not only patently disgusting, but quite disturbing as well.

To put things into perspective, the book begins with a highly controversial, potentially libelous, fabricated and sensationalized "Forwarning." An absolutely hysterical (but truthful) breakdown of the "Forwarning" can be found here: http://malignantnarcissism.blogspot.com/2011/07/affairs-valentino-introduction-review.html

In the first 15 or so pages, Zumaya claims that both she and Birchard, under the alias "Hala Pickford" are in hiding because of the "Valentino Cultists" that are now threatening to kill them. False. Birchard isn't hiding from "Valentino Cultists." Birchard is hiding from the State of California because she has an active warrant for her arrest for failure to appear to answer to contempt of court allegations stemming from a defamation of character and libel case. Let's rehash this quickly. Katie Lynn Birchard, a wanted woman whom has previously released work that has been deemed libelous and defamatory wants you to believe that her newest work is any different? Of course it is.

Evelyn Zumaya makes additional claims in this "Forwarning" that her reputation has been so damaged by these "Cultists," that she has been refused rental property because these "Cultists" have put into cyber-space that she has a cocaine problem. False. More than Five Grams of Cocaine were indeed found in Zumaya's own home as recorded in public record, and said cocaine was subsequently found to be intended for distribution. A gentleman, PEDRO SALGADO PACHECO, whom Zumaya was shacked up with was sent to prison in relation to this crime. An appeal to the United States District Court for the Southern District of Texas, Case # H-00-CR-467-1 was denied. If she wasn't snorting it, it was most certainly in her home. For further clarification, this can be easily looked up and researched via Google. Unless there is another "Evelyn Zumaya" of nearly the exact age or unless Zumaya is claiming that Pedro Pacheco is one of the "Valentino Cultists," and that his prison sentence and public record are "harassment," Zumaya is being far less than truthful. You decide. I also stumbled upon this: http://exposekatielynnbirchard.blogspot.com/

There is so much highly sourced information regarding Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA, "Hala Pickford," that it seems impossible that it could be made up. You just can't make up those kinds of stories.

In nearly every review I could conjure up online, the same things were consistently reiterated. The frequently posted points include the following:

1. The information in the book is highly inflammatory, impossible to substantiate.

2. The book is of shoddy quality and falls apart before it can be completed.

3. The more than double spacing of the text makes the book larger than it needs to be, bulky and obnoxious.

4. The book seems to be a work of fan-fiction.

5. The editing is very poor.

6. The photos included in the book are severely lacking, including missing captions. In addition, the photos don't apply to the portion of the book they are inserted into. Watermarks intended for websites are also overlooked.

Every "review" of the book that have been left by Birchard or Zumaya claim that there are years of documented and sourced "impeccable research." I can not imagine why such a large group of people, from all over the web, on dozens of websites, including customers from several different sources are all saying the book is terrible. Who do you believe, a multitude of substantiated sources, Katie Birchard, a fugitive from justice with an active arrest warrant or Evelyn Zumaya, a proven liar."

Until next time,

The EXPOSE Hala Pickford Team

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  1. This is not a post, but a thank you for keeping us all informed on this vile person.
    I would love to be a fly on the wall when she reads the truth that you have posted on her.
    What a mentally ill person she truly is, but not so ill that she has no clue as to the pain she inflicts on innocent people.