Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford" has an ACTIVE Arrest Warrant, and in conjunction with Felony Charges, is WANTED in the State of California. There is currently a FIVE-THOUSAND DOLLAR REWARD for information leading to her arrest. Birchard should be considered Armed and Dangerous. If you spot Katie Lynn Birchard, immediately call 911. Do NOT approach her.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Felony Charges Filed Against "Hala Pickford" For Fraudulent Conveyance Of Assets & Holdings

Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, Katie Lynn Birchard a.k.a. “Hala Pickford” awakes to find herself named in new Civil legal charges. To date, Birchard has managed to skate by with only Misdemeanor criminal charges for skipping required court hearings and Contempt, but according to official court records, felony charges were filed against Ms. Birchard on June 24th, 2011 for fraudulent transfer. Also named in the charges/complaint are The Rudolph Valentino Society & Publishing L.L.C., both of which she controls.

(Case # EC056195 at the Glendale, California Courthouse)
(Click Case Summary At Page Left & Enter Case #)

The allegations were serious enough that the venue was moved from Burbank to Glendale, as they handle most crimes of Federal and Felonious nature. Thankfully, Felony warrants are extraditable in all 50 United States and a speedy extradition back to the State of California to face the charges is guaranteed if Birchard should decide to skip town.

Birchard made the critical mistake of illegally transferring known assets to an out-of-state (Wyoming) L.L.C. after a Burbank, California judge awarded a staggering $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) judgment against her for Libel in September 2010. The fraudulent transfer of aforementioned assets is a Felony in the State Of California. Birchard arrogantly admitted under oath, to the transferring of these assets at a May 6, 2010 court hearing in which she was being questioned.

Birchard continues to evade an active arrest warrant. There is currently a $500.00 (Five-Hundred Dollar) reward for ANY information leading to the arrest of Katie Lynn Birchard. If you see Birchard or become aware of her location, DO NOT approach her, as she should be considered Armed and Dangerous. Do call the Burbank, California Police Department at (818) 238-3000. You may also leave tips anonymously via this website. Again, Birchard herself has made public claims that she is armed at all times and should NOT be approached.

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