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Friday, May 6, 2011

"Hala Pickford" Shows Up 2+ Hours Late To Latest Court Hearing; Creates Mystery "LLC" In Wyoming - Allegedly To Conceal Funds, A Felony

(BREAKING)  Burbank, California
     May 6th, 2011

Katie Lynn Birchard, AKA "Hala Pickford," in her sheer arrogance, has once again decided that she calls the shots & creates the rules.  Pickford showed up nearly two-and-a-half hours late. (She must have been distracted by Rudolph Valentino's birthday celebrations & all.) Little does she know she narrowly missed a bench warrant being issued for her arrest for Contempt of Court.  During the examination, Ms. Birchard neurotically gave an eye-opening rant, providing direct insight into just how far she'll go to escape justice.

After Birchard finally stormed in with all the class of a rabid buffalo, she initially refused to cooperate with court proceedings. Her appearance was mandatory in connection with the more than $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollar) judgement issued against her in September, 2010 for Libel & Defamation of Character. She was quickly admonished by the court bailiff, and ordered to cooperate in the financial examination to determine the amount of money she must pay each month towards her ever increasing debt to Tracy Terhune.  Ms. Birchard initially revealed that she had set up an L.L.C. in the State of Wyoming and that all assets had been diverted through this mystery company and declined to give further details.

Further along in the examination, Birchard admitted on court record that she has yet to pay Mr. Terhune a penny and has no intentions to do so in the future.  Birchard also admitted midway through the examination that the mysterious "Wyoming L.L.C." that she'd supposedly set up was incomplete, and declined to give any further details including her partners and other details required by law during a financial examination.  

Ms. Birchard chooses to ignore that court ordered interest is accruing to Tracy Terhune, and in the realm of 10% per year, Birchard must pay over $1,000.00 (One-Thousand Dollars) per month just to keep up with accumulating interest charges, which doesn't begin to touch the principle amount of $100,000. (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars)  Birchard also neglects to realize that any attempt to shift money, financial records or the transfer of cash in an attempt to thwart a court-ordered financial judgement is a Felony in the State of California, punishable by fines and/or prison time.  This would include creating an L.L.C. and shifting any finances or financial interest, no matter the State.  Any future business venture between Katie Lynn Birchard or any of her aliases and with any partner must be fully disclosed to the court, and any income generated therein will be garnished by the court until her financial obligation is paid in full.

We find it interesting that Ms. Birchard can afford to pay incorporation & business startup fees, yet is too "broke" to afford to pay any legal filing fees, for legal representation, or to pay any part of her court ordered debt to Mr. Tracy Terhune.

We'll continue to keep you posted on this developing story.

The EXPOSE Katie Lynn Birchard Team


  1. This woman, as already proved many times over, will lie herself out of a straitjacket. It has also been observed that, while ORDERED to remove seditious comments about Mr Terhune, an order with which she initially complied, she has now RETURNED these comments to her "Forget The Talkies", "Perpetual Flapper" and "Boycott David Bret" blogs. These blogs were left open to public view for 24 hours, with Birchard boasting that "Mr Fluffykins" was indeed Tracy Terhune, while making lewd suggestions about him and a number of other people. She also announced that, after the 24 hours was up, she would be making these Blogs available to read by invitation only. Birchard has also tweeted this message to what few friends she has left.

  2. My question is this, when the heck is she ever going to have to pay either in jail time of cash for what she has done to Mr Terhune?
    EVERYONE knows that he is the first person to stand up to her in court, but he is not the only person she has slandered.
    Also, if she is a ill as she states how in the heck is this sad excuse for a person able to do anything else she wants to do? Except respect the court system that is.
    She is pure EVIL.