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Monday, June 20, 2011

Rudolph Valentino Cultists, Hala Pickford & Evelyn Zumaya Create Fake Death Threats To Garner Publicity

Katie Lynn Birchard, A.K.A, "Hala Pickford" is at it again;  This time she's teamed  up with fellow Valentino cultist, Evelyn Zumaya, creating her newest publicity sheet, falsely claiming that both she & Zumaya are in hiding because of "frivolous lawsuits" & "death threats"  Besides being completely laughable, the accusations couldn't be farther from the truth.

Because no one is taking Birchard seriously as an author, publisher, singer/songwriter, screenwriter, blogger or record label CEO, she's resorted to such desperate measures as this in a futile attempt to gain some sort of professional notoriety.  Even more laughable is the fact that just a short time ago, her cohort & fellow cultist, Evelyn Zumaya was confiding in close friends that Birchard was both "...physically & mentally ill and that she'd be dead within 1 year if she didn't seek immediate professional counseling."

The "frivolous lawsuits" that Birchard refers to are in no way frivolous. Birchard was successfully sued by a famed Valentino author for more than $100,000 (One-Hundred Thousand Dollars) for libel & defamation of character in what was described by The Honorable Judge as a "slam dunk" case against Birchard & awarded an appropriate judgement, based on "clear and convincing evidence."  The author was also granted a permanent injunction against Birchard in which the judge clearly bars Birchard from having any contact with him as well as permanently and lawfully banning Birchard from making any mention of him either directly or indirectly in print or in any of her hate blogs or websites.  Birchard currently has a bench warrant for her arrest, issued by the same Judge in Burbank, California for "Faliure To Appear" in her contempt of court case for blatant violations of the aforementioned order.  Birchard is hiding from the law; not hiding from would be killers as she's suggested.  Zumaya is merely using Birchard as a tool to gain attention for herself, as she admittedly shopped her most recent project to other publishers for over a decade before settling for Birchard & her sham of a publishing company. 

According to Birchard's most recent press release, Zumaya is also in hiding, however Zumaya has made her location known to other reputable Valentino authors, and has begun to torment and taunt them, sending confrontational emails & recent photos of herself in a futile attempt to garner personal attention.

Katie Lynn Birchard has once again proven that she'll go to any lengths to seek out attention. Like a small child, her immaturity causes her to feel that any attention is good attention. She fails to realize that this is not the case. At age 62, Zumaya by now should have developed the social and professional skills to avoid situations like this. Zumaya is publicly claiming that Birchard's massive weight gain, bladder infections and such are due to "harassment."  According to Web M.D., the most common cause of hefty weight gain is the over consumption of food and bladder infections are generally caused by a dirty "downstairs."  Their suggestions for the avoidance of such include dieting, excersize and better genital cleansing habits, including the use of condoms, douching & regular bathing.

You know what they say about "Birds of a feather..."

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  1. One wishes, on behalf of the "naysayers" and "cultists" that Kevin Birchard, this evil woman's father, might have worn a condom 24 years and ten months ago.